a bit of advise from u ladies...Luna maybe? or any1
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Sparkle - March 22

I have been trying 2yrs or more, we have been diagnosed unexplained infertility, no reason y we shudnt conceive naturally? Had many initial investigation tests, all came bk clear. What my question is what have u guys done differently to achieve pregnancy? Was any1 like us and then achieved a pg? Please ladies my heart is breaking and i want to hear from you all....


Sparkle - March 22

anyone? ladies?


luna - March 22

Sparkle I know how you feel I'd been trying for 2 yrs as you more then likely have read. Doc put me on clomid and metformin to help me concieve because they THINK I might have pcos but they weren't sure. After my first lot of clomid I feel pg and now nearly 5wks I know it's still only early. After sex I would lay on the bed with a pillow under my bum for 30mins. Also I didn't go to the toilet until the next morning I don't no if this helped but why don't you give it ago. Also we would have sex at different times we some times did it at mad times like 2.30am. We also did it everyother day from day 10 until day 20. It may sound at bit tecnical and you do loose a bit of the fun but sometimes you have to pay a small price. Goodluck and keep us posted Loads & loads of babydust ******************************


sparkle - March 22

oh thank u so much. The medication u were on can u tell me more about it? side effects, what it does? what is pcos?


bump - March 22



luna - March 22

Sparkle clomid apperantly helps your body to release an egg each cycle and it should give you a 28 day cycle. It can apperantly cause dryness in woman when having sex I didn't have this prob but some ladies do. The BIGGEST side effect is it can cause multi-births I surpose this is o.kay if you don't mind more then one baby. I don't mind two as long as I don't have six and the baby I have is healthy. Also I've read a lot on this site that a lot of ladies have misscaraged but unfortunatley alot of ladies have these who aren't on any meds. Ask your doc about clomid you've got nothing to loose. pcos is pollycystic overiers this is cycts on your overies Ask your doc if you can be tested if you haven't already as they can apear at any time. This is done with a blood test. Hope I've been some help.Sorry for my spelling.


michelle - March 23

sparkle- i'm very similar to luna... been trying for over 3 years, had all medical tests ddone and the onlything is i do not release eggs.. clomid worked for me last year but had an eptopic, 1st cycle this time and have just found out it worked...
we had lots of sex day 10 -18.. most days or every other, i also didn;t go to the toilet after sex, maybe this helps. also try ovulation test, i ovulated day 15... goodluck... x



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