A BIG problem While TTC
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kyes - August 3

Hay me and my partner are kinda TTC if it happens it happens if it dont well it will one day, But we are haveing an issue when in come down to the nitty gritty bit.
My partner very rearly ejeculates. He says he just gets tired and cant be bothered, so we try to make it "Quick" but that wont werk either. For awhile i started to think that maybe he wasnt attracted to me as much anymore, Then i though maybe he "plays" with it too much (not really a nice subect i no) I dont no what to to. How are we suppose to concieve if i can make him Orgasim? Any ideas? Its starting to affect the rest of our relationship.


medi12 - August 3

i cant remember where i saw the article, but if I find it , I will post it here. ... .In the meantime, research male infertility.There are several types of conditions ( besides a low sperm count) out there , and if i remember correctly, most of them are treatable.



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