a ? for all the moms & pg ladies....
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DNK - February 15

did you have symptoms before/when you found out you were pg? and if you didn't have symptoms when you found out, how far along where you when you finally did have some symptoms? also what where the symptoms you had?
AF was supposed to show up for me yesterday, but so far nothing. and i haven't had any symptoms of AF showing or any of the common pg symptoms either. any help would be greatly appreciated! (my background: i'm 22, i've been trying for over 2 yrs, i have a slightly tilted uterus, and have a regular 28-29 day cycle)


neha - February 15

my cycle these days has become irregular but does not go beyond 32 days. my last af was on 12th jan. till today nothing. slight menstrual cramps thats it. no pregnancy symptoms. i have been trying for 9 months now.


J - February 15

Hi DNK... I did have quite a few symptoms, but I also had an HCG trigger shot because I did IUI, so that may have been responsible for some of them. About a week after the IUI, my breasts became extremely sore and much heavier than usual, and I noticed that the veins on them were much darker. Also, my nipples got much darker, and small bumps developed on them. Two days before I tested, I started having AF-like cramps. I was sure that AF would start any minute. I tested positive at 13 days after the IUI, which was the day before AF was due. Good luck!


DNK - February 15

Thanks Neha, good luck and let me know whether you get a bfp or not. J, thank you as well and CONGRATULATIONS on your bfp! and i'm wishing you good luck over the next 9 months and i hope you have a chubby, healthy, happy baby!! I'm really hoping that we finally got pg, but time will tell. i would buy a pg test right now, but i'm trying to control my pg testing habit. that and i dont get paid until Friday, so i just dont have the extra $$ right now. well thanks for the help girls...wish me luck! :o)


neha - February 15

DNK, let's keep posted. are you going to test today? do you have menstrual cramps?


Ericka - February 16

Hi ladies. Every month I get the usual symptoms, boobs hurt, headache, dizzyness but the witch always shows up. This month I had all that, but I also felt a kind of pulling . I tested a couple of days later and got a positive. Good luck and i'm sending you tons of baby dust.


J - February 16

Thanks, DNK. I'm actually 29 weeks right now, so I only have a few to go. I'm due May 4, and we're having a girl. According to my ultrasound and all of my tests, she looks perfect. Good luck to you, and to Neha as well!


DNK - February 16

not pregnant, life sucks.


neha - February 16

did u test? which brand? sometimes bcoz of low hormone it dosen't get detected. try testing after 2-3 days. i will pray for u.
I will be testing tomorrow. will let u know then.
keep posted.


aish - February 16

hi frnds ,i am also in the same boat as u r my AF will come after 3 days but iam having terrible pelvic pain like she is coming right now, i think i have cyst ,as i took clomid on my last cycle that time also i had same pain...ttc 10 mths,cycle become irregular after clomid, going for 1st IUI if af shows up


DNK - February 16

The person who posted "not pregnant, life sucks" is not me. I cant believe how immature people are that they have to write fake posts (to those of you who do this: GROW UP). Anyways, no Neha I have not tested yet...I dont get paid until Friday so I'll have to wait until Saturday morning to test (only because they say that's the best time to test). I do have cramps, but still nothing yet. I dont feel like i'm pregnant though...I just dont understand why my period is this late (i'm on cd 32 right now). Well let me know what your results are today...I'm crossing fingers, arms, legs, and toes for the both of us! Thank you Ericka and CONGRATULATIONS! I usually get those same symptoms too, but this month my bbs are almost like a *numb* feeling-they're not sensitive at all really. J, you are so welcome and that's great that you're having a little girl...little girls are great because they have so many cute outfits! :o) Aish, sorry about all of the discomfort you're having. I heard that Clomid can sometimes cause cysts to grow and can be painful and can also cause things like hot flashes as well. I hope your AF doesn't show up, but in case she does-good luck on your IUI. Well girls I'll be in here a little later and I will let you know if AF has showed yet.


neha - February 16

i guess i will test today. but i am a lil scared to c bfn. will let u know later abt the results.


neha - February 16



neha - February 16

the last post " ok, tested, BFP" is not posted by me.
I did not get a chance to test. I have to buy tests while going home from office. I will let u know when i take the test.


DNK - February 16

I know what you mean about being scared to see a bfn. I've seen so many now you'd think it wouldn't phase me, but it still hurts to see it. That's kind of why I dont want to test until the weekend is over because by then I will be a week late and I've never been that late before. Like I said, if I am late it's usually only 2-3 days...so even me being 4 days late at this point (even though I could still start today) is really late for me. But I did just go through some really stressful stuff, so I'm thinking if I am late it's probably from the stress. We'll see though....i haven't started yet, but who knows when it comes to af-she comes and goes as she pleases. I dont know why that person keeps coming on here and prentending to be us...they must be very envious of us or just have the mentallity of a small child- I cant really figure it out yet. Maybe if we ignore him/her and just let eachother know if we didn't actually make a post, then they'll just go away. anyways, I'm crossing everything for us right now!! I hope we get to see a bfp this time around. :o)


d - February 16

you girls should sign up so no one can post as you.


neha - February 17

I tested today just about 1 hour back. I am Pregnant!!!!!! Frankly speaking we took a break this month and i was even drinking glass of wine everyday. I donno how we conceived. I hope DNK u get a BFP . I will pray for u and my mind says u r pregnant too. i will keep posted. let me know ur results.



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