*would like to hear Clomid sucess stories*
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Amanda - March 28

i would like to hear from anyone that has tooken clomid and it has worked.. and how long you took it and if there were other medications that you took with it...looking for inspiration
Thanks everyone


Nikki - March 28

Good idea, I'd like to hear those stories too. Since I'm not ovulating, and my periods are getting more and more irregular, I was going to go to ask my doctor for clomid.
I just don't know if I should do all the test first, or see if it is just my ovulation thats the problem?


pj - March 29

Nikki. I think when you go to the doc, he/she will himself first advise tests, becoz irregular periods can be from a number of reasons...my doc gave me all kind of bloodwork..FSH , thyroid etc. and a transvaginal ultrasound to see the state of my ovaries.... only then I found out I had pcos.



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