Who has gotten Pregnant on their 3rd Clomid Cycle?!
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Mindy1 - February 26

Hey all, this is my 3rd round of Clomid and I was wondering who has gotten pregnant on their 3rd try. I need some support, so any personal stories will help too :)


tonyaandjoe - February 26

some has had excellent luck with it, but this is my 4 try and so far nothing.im still trying.


Tink - February 26

i did 4 months with just clomid and then 2 months of IUI with clomid- all great response (good follicle development) but no luck- all BFNs. i have heard of it working for folks though, but 6 months worth didn't do it for me and they don't like you on it longer than 4-6 months. good luck---i am anxiously awaiting my first IVF results!


Mindy1 - February 27

Is anyone currently on round 3?



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