What is a good basline follicle count when preparing for IV
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Sonyamac - May 1

Hello, I am 38 1/2 and had lots of eggds when doing iui's, conceived our son that way in Oct 2005. We tried again but didn't work so moving into IVF.......when I was getting U/S done for IUI's had lots of eggs, however they ony gove lower dosages of meds. and therefore only 2-3 would grow.
I am wondering if anyone can tell me when they do the initial count for follicles when getting ready for IVF-What is a good number?


Blakey - May 1

Hi Sonymac-
It is different for everyone. Typically you will go in on day 2 or 3 for your FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) check, then you will usually start your cycle. Some women are put on birth control pills for the first few weeks of an IVF cycle, to "shut down your body" so your RE has complete control over your body. The BCP surpress everything. Not every Doc will put you on BCP, I wan't on them during my 2nd IVF cycle. Whenever you start your meds, wheather it be follisitin, or Gonal-F. I was typically on the meds. for about 5-6 days, before I had my first u/s for follicle check, but I know after talking with some of the girls from other threads, they may have gone in earlier, maybe after 3 days of stims. It varys from person to person. On day 5, my first follicle ck. I would have around 3 follicles, measuring at 10 mm- (my clinic never measured anything under 10, for it was too small)- by day 7, I would be up to 6 - 7 follicles and by day 9 or 10, I would have about 10 follicles, and would be ready to trigger, depending on the sizes, they usually like to see them between 16-20. Again, it's different for everyone. Everyone responds differently to the meds, and some women may have to be on them a little bit longer, sometimes up to 14 days of meds. while other are only on them for 8 days...depends on how you respond, and weather or not your Re will bring the dosage up higher, if your responding slow in the begining of your cycle. All the best to you with IVF!


Sonyamac - May 2

thanks Blakey, I have been reading the other forums...so sorry to hear about your loss-be strong-you have made this far! Thanks for the info.
When i was doing iui, i responded well with a low dose in 2005, only 50 for four days, now the last three time in 2007-I needed a higher dose. So, I am thinking that they will most likely start me on a higher dose than when doing iui.....I have only ever stimmed for max. 5 days...I just hope that they get as many of the follies to grow! Last time I had about 8 over 10, not up to what they want, only 3 grew big-but that was low does of meds...so I am hopefule that the RE will give me more and get lots of eggs growing! Thanks again, and take care
Are you planning to do another cycle?


Blakey - May 2

Hi Sonya-
Thanks for your nice words. I will say, that I am doing better with each new day. The girls over at the IVF thread have been amazing, and so supportive, they have really helped me get through those early tough days, and my sister also..who has been down that same road as myself, so it has been therapeutic for me to have so much support.
I wish you the best with you cycle. I responded well when I did iui's also, I got about 5 follicles each time. With IVF, the first cycle I had about 7 follicles, and then the 2nd time, I had a new RE who also upped my ,meds, and I had 11, with 7 eggs at the time of retrieval, so I was happy about that.
I thin you will do well. Especially where you responded well with doing iui's. Your Dr. will find out how you respond to the meds. and yes, tweak them or modify them so you will get the best outcome. What kind of stims are you going to be taking? Follisitn? or Gonal-F? The doctor told me that they are pretty much both the same. When will you start your cycle? I am happy for you, and wish you all the best.
I am taking a few months off right now, emotionally I need the break. I think I will take at least 3 months off (counting May as the 1st month)- also, need to get y body back to "normal" from everything that happenend, I am hoping, I will be able to try again, maybe in August. It will be our last cycle. I can only hope and pray, that if, and when the time comes, I will feel emotionally ready to try again, I know my husband would like to, and i am sure as time heals, and I am feeling better about things, I will feel more confident, but right now, it is still hard, and I know for myself I need to take time off. I don't have a lot of time either, for I am older,, so I know I have to act quick, and can't take too many months off, if I decide to do another cycle.
Thanks for your thoughts....sending you psotive wishes!! all the best!!!


Sonyamac - May 2

thanks Blakey, thanks again for the info. When I was did the iui's it was follistim (Puregon brand) that I took and the highest amount which was the last round was 150..so I am thinking that it would be the same or higher for longer.
I hope that you take the time that you need...and that when you are ready that you will do it again.....did you freeze any embryos that fertiized?
Take care and BIG HUGS to you.


Blakey - May 3

Hi sonya,
unfortunately, no, I didn't have any embryos to freeze. I had 2 transferred this last cycle.
I never seem to have a lot of eggs that fertilize correctly. I seem to make a couple of "good" embies...but not a lot.
I too was on follisitn for iui's. With IVF, I was on Gonal- F, one cycle, (did better with that) even though they say it is the same.
Thanks sonya, I do need the break, for myself, and my body to get back to normal.

I wish you all the best with your cycle. When do you start??
Big Hugs to you!!! :-)


Sonyamac - May 3

BLAKEY, I hope that you read this...I had b/w yesterday because I was having pains on side, i had some shedding and a bit of blood on Monday-but no AF showed...I was worried that it was a Tubal Pregnancy-I just got of the phone with the DR-I am PREGNANT! They want to make sure that the HCG is doublilng...so I will have to go again today for b/w-I can't believe this.....wow-I am in shock-I just pray that it sticks and that all is okay!
thanks for all your positive thoughts


Blakey - May 4

Dear Sonya-
I just read this post too. Again, WOW!!! YAY!!! congratulations to you!!! I can't believe this either. I wasn't on-line yesterday hon, that is why I missed your post, or I definitely would have checked in. Thanks for posting that other thread with my name, it got my attention, and then I popped over here, to see if you had posted. Again...so, so, happy for you! You must have been in shock when you found out??!! How great is that! And now you don't have to go down the IVF road, yipee!
I wish you all the best, for a very happy, healthy pregancy! I know everything will go great for you!!! It souds like it was so meant to be!! :)
I am so happy for you!!! Please elt me know how you made out today at the Dr.'s re: your HCG numbers...I am sure they doubled beautifully, you had an awesome 1st Beta...nice strong number!! talk to you soon I hope! Sending you lots of Hugs!!!! XO


Sonyamac - May 4

thanks again Blakey! My numbers more than doubled-they went up 176% ACCORDING to that Betabase info site..it's really neat-the site calculates them and how much they increased-so it was 115 and went to 318 in something like 32 hours-not bad..I am so happy! I will be keeping an eye out and waiting to hear about your good news!
Take care and all the best..I have the worse pressure headache-I am sure it is from all the influx of hormones.....



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