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krissy2006 - August 23

Does too much or too little weight truly affect fertility or the ability to conceive? Thanks for any answers!!


BeccaR - August 24

I personally believe it can make a difference because weight problems affect hormone functions and they usually acompany other problems, such as PCOS. I stopped having af and gained a lot of weight. Turned out I had PCOS, losing the weight helped reverse some of the effects of the PCOS and I have now reacted better to fertility drugs and so on. However, if it is not a lot of weight you are probably fine and I would not worry about it. I think there is too much emphasis put on weight for that. As long as you are healthy and are eating right and doing everything you can to help your body function like it should you should be fine. Hope this helps you out.


thayward7 - August 24

I agree with Becca... the reverse is true too in terms of too little weight. You do need to have a certain % of body fat in order to have regular ovulation and periods. Like Becca said, as long as you are eating healthily and exercising, that's what's important. Smiles, T


slowpoke01 - August 24

i agree with both of these ladies. i used to weigh 95 pounds and couldnt gain weight. i was on birthcontrol pills for about 3 months about 8 years ago and i gained 60 pounds in 2 months. well i have gotten down to a size 10 now which is a good weight for me. im not too big or not too skinny. well the whole time that i was skinny i never got pregnant. now i have done 2 cycles with clomid and this 2nd cycle i did follicle monitoring and hcg trigger shot and i tetsed this morning and got a bfp so i do believe that your weight plays a big role in fertility. good luck


cspears99 - August 26

I don't know how scientific it is but most of my friends in the last few months that have been pregnant seem to have more weight on than me, I don't know what the deal is but everyone of my friends pregnant right now which is three of them are about 20 or more pounds over weight so I don't know, I am not skinny but maybe about 5 or so pounds over weight and have had no luck in the past 2 years. let me know what you find out. thanks


krissy2006 - August 26

Well I am currently 8dpo and am expecting AF. I approx 60-70 lbs over weight so its significant!! But I have been having some pretty promising symptoms so we'll see if I can blast this "fat" theory!!! GL TO ALL ***mucho mucho baby dust!!***


jal239 - August 26

Krissy2006: Good Luck. I hope you get your BFP. I am about 50lbs overweight and just started tc. Good luck and let us know how you make out


krissy2006 - August 26

Thanks Jal239!! Lots of baby dust to you too. TTC #1? I am but I won't know until sept. 2ww is always sooooo long. Oh well, when are you due to find out?


tynadu - August 27

I don't think weight is an issue with everyone. I know a few under weight women and a lot of over weight women who didnt have any problems getting preggo and most have 2 to 3 children. I know a girl who is well over 400lbs who now have more than one child. Your body will let you know what it can and can not handle. Everyone should eat good and exercise to stay health and everyone will agree that doing that will increase your chances even if just a little.


jal239 - August 28


Well no BFP this month. I started spotting a about a week ago and stopped yeterday. It wasn't enough to get onmy underwear. I spoke w/ my dr. b/c I wanted to start using my fertility monitor and wasn't sure when to start it since you shouldn't start when you are spotting. She advised me to start when i had the most red blood, not brown. So I hope I got it right. My cycle was 39 days this month, but since coming off bcp in May I have to assume my body is pretty messes up. Yes, I am trying for my first as well. Well keep in touch.


krissy2006 - August 31

Jal239, how is it going for you? AF is supposed (or hopefully not supposed) to show up tomorrow. I took an hpt and got a BFN yesterday but I am hoping I took it too soon. Wish me luck. Hey I have heard that women who are overweight have lower HCG levels...is this true? Does anyone have any info on this? I can't seem to find any... thanks for the help and BABY DUST TO EVERYONE!!



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