**Starting Injections - Part 2***
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cmelissa - September 21

Hey Ladies - I started a new thread b/c ours was getting so long!! Anyways hope all you wonderful ladies find us here again!!! This is such a fantastic thread and a great group of women!! Wishing everyone BFP's!!!!!


cmelissa - September 21

Carole - did you get my pic i finally emailed to you??


Mega - September 21

Cmelissa--Thanks for starting this new thread. Much better. Enjoy your MIL-less "vacation" the next few days. I'm sure she'll have fun in FL. As for the weight, I did gain a couple of pounds, but during the 2 WW I lost them without really trying. Plus I actually went down a pound or 2 from where I started. Not that it shows of course. That's great news on your friend getting pg on her 3rd IVF, gives me a lot of hope. Good luck with your stims this weekend. How exciting!!! Moving along for you. You're right, Oct. 3rd will be here soon. I can't wait to get my FET calender, see when my tx will be. I'm guessing mid-Oct or so, right around your beta most likely. Usually a FET cycle consists of starting Lupron around CD 17 of the BCPs but the nurse said she could move that up a week for me, so I start the Lupron on CD 11 I think. Next Saturday. I'll miss you ladies too while I'm in TN. But this trip is so needed right now, I'll tell ya.


Lynn - September 21

hey girls.....cmelissa, thank-you...thank-you. it was taking sooo long to start the thread. saturday is the big beginning of injections. how exciting. keep us posted. Mega, enjoy your trip. relax and have fun. let's us know when your back. after you do a frozen cycle, what happens? is it kind of like what you did without all the injections? for anyone doing and IUI, good luck. i did 3 and all were great. got pregnant on one but ended in my ectopic. Carole, how are you? well, nothing new to report, just wanted to say hello and wish everyone the best of luck on this cycle.


Lynn - September 21

cmelissa, where is my picture? did i send you one of me and dh?


cmelissa - September 22

Hey Mega - enjoy some relaxation this weekend in the mountains! I'm trying to be stressfree this cycle, but its so hard not to worry - i'm just freaking out if i dont get pregnant - i will really be concerned - I mean i have never gotten a BFP and we have no apparent issues?? SO annoying!! So the big appt is tomorrow and i start my meds - meaning i start gettting bloated, haha! I'm having my southern living party tomorrow night too so that will be fun! If you guys are interested in buying anything let me know and i can email you the link! So Mega how many days do you have to take the bcps' - 21 days?? Carole - can you forward my pic to Lynn and Mega that post was so long I couldnt find everyone's email addresses! Mega we are now waiting for you to send a pic of you!! So Lynn the 26th is when you go back into the dr. right?? Hope the baby cooperates this time so we know what the sex is!


Lynn - September 23

cmelissa, keep us posted on tomorrow's appointment. how exciting and oct. 3rd is right around the corner. Mega, have fun and relax. check in when your back. Carole, how is it going? how is hubby and Campbell? oh...cmelissa, e-mail is: [email protected] if you need it again. mom is visiting so won't be here much until Sunday but wanted to let you know.


cmelissa - September 23

Hello Ladies - I went to the dr. today and officially started the meds for this ivf cycle - I also have to take baby aspirin, doxycycline , prenatals, plus lupron shots and some other drug i can't pronounce (its something like dexa? )so a lot to take and remember!! My next appt is on Wednesday to see how my follies are growing - hopefully lots of them!! Pray for me!! Lynn have fun with your mom! I'm just at work - going to leave early since i;m hosting the southern living party at my house tonight! Carole where are you?? Haven't heard from you in a few?? Mega hope you are enjoying the mountains and relaxtion!! Lynn I will try emailing you my pic tomorrow!!


Lynn - September 24

cmelissa, congrats on beginning all the meds. i hardly could keep taking follistim, i would be confused with all the IVF drugs. how did the southern living party go? Carole, you have been gone for a while, is everything okay. Mega, hope you nejoyed you relaxation time. my mom left this morning. it was nice to see her and she is returning again in Dec. well, need to get my butt washing clothes. later.


soimpatient - September 24

Hi ladies...Melissa, congrats on starting the meds. It is so exciting starting a new cycle. I really can't wait until af shows up so that I can start injections. It has been 4 days since my last dose of provera so I'm hoping that af will show up soon. Last night DH & I threw a dinner party and one of our friends announced that she is pg. SHE WAS ONLY TRYING FOR 3 MONTHS!!! I had to leave the room for a second and have a little cry. I really hope that these injections work because I don't know how much more of this I can take. I know that I'm preaching to the choir because you ladies are in the same boat...I guess I just needed to vent.


cmelissa - September 24

Hey Ladies - Lynn the southern living party was a lot of fun! As always i made way too much food! Well i tool my first shot last night of the gonal f and repronex and i also have to take the lupron shot - it wasnt bad at all. I do already feel bloated which sucks b/c its only been 1 day - i can't imagine how i will feel on Saturday for the wedding!! Glad you had a nice time with your mom! Mega - hope you are having fun!! Carole - where are you we miss you! Hey Soimpatient - i hope AF shows soon for you so you can start the meds! Do you know what kind of injection meds you will be taking?? Also fill me in on your story again!! I know its so hard when our friends get pregnant so easily - i get so upset - but i know my time will come soon i hope!!! Hope everyone is having a nice weekend!!


Lynn - September 24

cmelissa, glad you had fun. keep us posted about Saturday. that will be the first follie check right? so, sorry she had to announce at your dinner party. we all can relate to the "cry". how long have you been TTC? what kind of injections are you doing? i did 3 cycles of follistim with 1 follwed with an IUI and got pregnant. unfortunatley an ectopic resulted. we gave up medically when we got pregnant. Mega, hope your weekend was good. Carole...you have not been away this long except for vacation. is everything okay? well, 2 more days until maybe a gender reveal. i'll keep you posted.


cmelissa - September 24

Hey Lynn - 2 more days how exciting - cant wait to hear about the news!!! I go in on Wedensday for the 1st follie check, then probably again on Friday and Sunday! I'm hoping the ER is still on schedule for the 3rd b/c if its moved to the 4th it will be a different dr. that will do it which is fine but i'd prefer the dr. i go to most ya know! hey mega and carole, soimpatient!


soimpatient - September 24

Hi ladies! Lynn, I'm really excited for you to find out the sex of the baby. If (I mean, when) I get pg I am definitely going to want to know the sex. Well, my story is that I've been TTC for 14 months now. I have done 3 rounds of clomid and have not responded to it. I also seem to have a problem with getting cysts. My cycles have always been REALLY irregular. I am 4DP my last dose of provera and I am anxiously awaiting my auntie to arrive so that I can start Gonal F. I am worried that I might not respond to Gonal either. Lately, I've been feeling okay about TTC but today is kind of a low day for me...especially since I found out that ANOTHER one of my friends has been able to get pg so easily. Well, that is me in a nutshell. Melissa, you have to take so many different types of injections...why did your doc prescribe it that way? Do you get better results? Also, what is the difference between diff. injectibles? I know that Gonal and Follistim are very similar.


Lynn - September 24

So, i and the rest here can so relate to the difficulty TTC. in a nutshell, we were TTC for over 3 years. i miscarried in 2004 after that, i did over 8 months of clomid with 2 - IUI's and nothing. i did 1 cycle of follistim with an IUI...got BFP and ended in my ectopic in 2005. i did 3 cycles of fermera with nothing and 1 more cycle of follistim with nothing. after all of this, my dh and i stopped all medical treatments in April. to our surprise..excitment... we got pregnant in May. i am now almost 21wks. as frustrating as it is to be around people who do not experience all the trouble we do, do not give up. use the site and the girls here to get you through it. it will happen, just give it time. cmelissa, let us know about your first follie check on wednesday. i am sure they are going to be growing good. Mega, how was your trip? Carole, hope your doing well.


Carole - September 25

Hey Girls! I am here! I had a really sucky week at work last week and I was busy trying to catch up as my job responsibilites have changed. Sooo.... Also trying to get thru this 2WW as well. I am 9dpo today and feel nothing. Maybe a little pms. So I am going to just expect AF around Thurs. or Friday. I don't even feel like testing this time around and I am usually a POAS addict! When af shows, it looks like my cd3 will be on the weekend so I need to call my drs office today and make sure they know I will be doing injections this month! I will write more later. Thanks for thinking of me you guys! I appreciate it! I have been reading just no time to respond properly! Have a great Monday. Probably won't catch up until tomorrow.


soimpatient - September 25

Hi ladies...Carole, I hope that you get a BFP in a few days! When are you going to start testing? This morning I woke up and had some pink cm and so I thought that af was here but unfortunately, I'm still waiting for her grand entrance. Lynn, thanks for sharing your story. You find out the sex of your baby tomorrow right? Hi Mega & Melissa!!



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