"You've waited this long, what's another month?"
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trixiebee - January 17

I'd like to slash the tires of my doc.
So I finally figured out 3 months ago that I was ovulating on d16, not 14, as I thought. Great. Then I finally REALLY get to know my cycles (thanks in part to the book "Taking Charge of your Fertility") and realize that the spotting I get 3-5 days prior to my period is NOT implantation spotting, (cuz duh, I ain't pregnant yet) it's most likely my LOW PROGESTERONE levels starting to shed my nice uterine lining.
So I call my doc (who I've only seen twice) and ask her to write me up a lab slip to get my 21 day hormone level check. (in 3 days) Then if the progesterone is low like I think it is, I can get started on hormones this month to possible help this recent "O" efforts stick!
Yeah.... she wants to sit down and talk, and reeview my charts, and go from there. IN TWO WEEKS WHEN SHE HAS AN OPENING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARRGHHHH!!!!!! So vented my frustration, re-iterated that I'm a nurse, and know what I want, and asked her to just get the blood draw, since it's that time. ....and I quote: "Well, you've waited this long to conceive, what's another month?" Oh you stupid dumb idiot 24 year old TWIT! I'm 33 years old, and waited for YEARS for the perfect time to have a baby. Pending pregnancy is hard, tiresome, and disrupts any future plans we want to make. I JUST WANT A BLOOD DRAW !!!!!!!!!!! And I tell ya, I'm just dumb enough to get some progesterone pills off the net and do this myself! (I know...)
I figured this would be the place to get some sympathy. Just another frustration in this baby game. Uuughhhh.


ellabella - January 17

OMG! Reading this brought tears to my eyes. I totally feel your frustration as i'm sure any other woman on this site would. How completely irresponsible to make such a comment. She's a DOCTOR! Didn't she ever learn about empathy and making the patient feel cared for? Would it have been too difficult for her to write the flippin rx just to make a desperate woman a little happier? They know they have authority over patients and love that power. It's like the kid who got picked on in highschool and becomes a police officer in his hometown. Hopefully you'll pull through without her help and you can tell her where to go when you get that BFP! I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the underdog! Nothing's impossible and women can still become pg even w/low prog. levels. They just start taking prog. afterwards and they're fine.


tk07 - January 18

hi! that is crazy! i would be so mad if my Dr said that to me!!! what is the big deal with a blood draw?? it isn't even a big deal for the Dr to do, why is she making it one?? she doesn't even do it herself. she is only 24? dang, i would be looking for a new Dr. that is crazy, any Dr should know that when you are having troubles getting pregnant every month is an important month.
i hope it works out for you anyways.
but just to let you know, i spot for lik 5 days before my af and my dr said it isn't necessarily low progesterone and since i am on clomid i get my progesterone checked and it is always good and i still spot. she just said we should monitor it.
and it is always old blood so she isn't too worried.
good luck!


Lynn - January 18

since your a nurse, can someone not write the rx from where you work? just wondering if that can be done.


TWhit116 - January 18

oh my word im in kind of the similar situation. DH and I have been ttc for 7 months. well today my sil says well who cares if it takes a while you guys are young. i was 27 when i had my first. i wanted to jump over there and choke her!!!


iampg - January 18

hi trixiebee - when i went to my RE appt, the first experience was to fill out reams of disclaimers to protect them from being attacked. Then i was put into a confusion zone to disorient me further. The i was charged an arm and a leg for information i could have got from this website alone. Then i went through one "compliant IUI cycle". Any time i had a question, i was given the phone run around. I quickly got to realize they have their stats and procedures & want compliant fee paying customers. Evenif you have a hunch about something, they want you to follow their plan. I know it's infuriating to have someone run a procedure on you, because they have no autonomy or don't trust their patients. I guess emotions run high on our end and they're trying to play the professional. I am actually now "afraid" to call them and ask them for a blood test - i am cd 32 no af. Put that rage onto your intention to succeed by hook or by crook. hugs.


trixiebee - January 25

[email protected]##%@#$% that stupid @#%@#$% doctor and the white coat she $%#^$^ rode in on !!!!!
It's 2 days before my period is due, and I have a definate increase in cervical fluid. I read that it's the corpus lumen and friends started to make it's way out... shedding whatever hopes we had of conceiving this month.
I can't finish school, I can't be a mom, I can't... I can't.... ARRRRGGGHHhh!!!!!!

Top that off with the fact I face that stupid twi on friday, where I somehow have to have the composure to tell her how STUPID her comments were, and how PISSED OFF I am to have to ask her for the same thing AGAIN this next month. ****** why not switch docs? yeah, we move out of state in 2 months.
Crap. (ok, I'm done. poor hubby doesn't get it) thanks.ladies ;-(


mother2Bsoon - January 25

All I can say is wow! I am simply amazed at how some docs can be so insensitive...what happened to manners??? Will keep you in my prayers...Sticky Baby Dust to you All


Mindy1 - January 25

Maybe its the Clomid that Im on, but this post made my eyes water!!!! DAMN THOSE DOCS!!!!! I will definitely keep you in my thoughts my dear! Me personally, I would have snapped. Maybe you should do a switch in doctors, cuz this one sounds like she needs a vacation or something.



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