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Jane - December 3

over ten days is good. 12-16 is very good. anything under ten cannot maintain a pregnancy.if your luteal phase is long your progesterine levels are probably good but i guess it could drop late in your cycle or maybe be out of balance with other hormones. try the website baby hope. i got 25 strips for $16 and if you test once a day it can get you through two months. or get a basal body thermometer and watch for dips, raises and cm. you may already be doing so. sounds like you can get pregnant but maybe once you are you may need your hormone levels monitored? i don't know. you have been trying about as long as me and i know it is too early to be worried but it is hard every month when it doesn't happen. did you have a late miscariage. did the doctor have an explaination why the levels dropped. maybe it didn't form correctly and it was just your bodys way of letting it go and nothing is wrong with you. the hardest part of this is just not knowing the answers and having to wait.


Ash - December 3

My Dr didn't tell me any reason of miscarriage. i had cd 3 blood tests last month & my results were normal. last time when i can to know i am pregnant my happiness was only for 3-4 days. then i started spotting & bleeding. it lasted for whole month. then i had to have D&C.


Jane - December 3

i wouldn't worry yet ash. maybe its the stress of losing the baby that made it so hard to get pregnant a second time. m/c are pretty common especially that early on. i'm so sorry you had to go through that. you get so happy to be pregnant and then it is gone.


Ash - December 3

do u know after getting +ve on OPK how many days shud we bd? i think the day of +ve opk is good to get preggo & not the day after that. is this true?


AnnaR. - December 3

Hello ladies,
Hey ash once you get a ovulated you should bd everyother day, thats what they say to save the sperm count. I bd everyother day and tried 2-3 times but obviously i never get caught but that okay it will happen. It will happen for all of us hang in there. Hello everyone. I will be busy the whole weekend but i will check in every so often im off this weekend so i got to take the family out for x-mas shopping. Time to spend money and be broke till i get paid again.LOL **Baby Dreams**


Ash - December 3

Thanks AnnaR! i'll buy OPK online this time to save a few bucks. i'll be out on the weekend too, i'll check in the night or else on monday. Have a gr8 weekend & happy holiday shopping!


Jane - December 3

its best to bd the 6 days up to ovulation. the journal i posted the website for actually recomnends bd for 6 days before and results show once you ovulate the egg isn't fertile for very long. sperm can live up to 5 or 6 days in good cm. an opk shows you a day or two before ovulation once your temp rises after an opk it is probably to late. studies show that pregnancies are rare at the end of the 24 hour period after an egg is released but high the day before when you get your positive opk. the journal is a collection of research from many sources and what doctors are supposed to read to stay current is also saying that it seems to be better to have sex every day instead of ever other day. the drop in sperm count from intercourse every day isn't enough to not get a benefit from it except if a male has low sperm count in which case every other may be better. more research is needed for men with low sperm count. go back to why we do ourselves and copy the website in your browser and you can see the research yourself.


jcr - December 3

Ash...where in CA do you live? I am in Santa Monica. I am ttc #2 with no luck. Been trying seriously since m/c in April. I am doing acupuncture instead of RE until the end of the year. So I am hoping this is the month. I have been having periods and o'ing with acupuncture (I do not normally) so it seems to be helping. They say a normal fertile woman has a 20% chance every month of concieving, so I guess it's just a game of chance! Here's to it being our month huh ladies!!


Jane - December 3

my temps just went down this morning. it is too early for it to be implantation. i am only 5 or 6 dpo. oh no this isn't a good sign.


Jane - December 3

welcome Jcr. good luck! what part of your cycle are you in?


Ash - December 3

Hi ladies! hey jcr i live in bay area. i have started getting period like cramps .......i am due in the next week if this is 26 days cycle. my cycle usually varies from 26 to 32 days.


AnnaR. - December 3

Hello ladies and welcome jcr. Just wanted to say wassup before i go xmas shopping and hope you all have a wonderful weekend.


Jane - December 3

hey everyone. i was just humbled the other day when i found out a coworker of my husband has been trying a lot longer than me. even if i have a luteal phase defect what i am going through doesn't even compare.i feel bad now about panicking. i know i don't have infertility yet but having it is the hardest thing to deal with. i can't imagine what they are going through trying for years and years like that. i really hope they get a miracle.


KAY - December 4

Hello Ladies! Just checking in. Have a great weekend.


Lori - December 4

Thankyou jane for listening to me about that insuranceproblem i should have mine by jan or feb i will go to the doc then.I am sorry i havent wrote in a while it seems like it has been forever.I went to my mother in laws for the weekend she lives out of town so thats where i have been.I should start dec.10-15 somewhere around there which i hope i dont but you know how that goes.Welcome jcr!


Ash - December 4

Hi everyone! I am goin' for shopping today so will check tomorrow. Have a nice weekend.



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