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Char - February 20

I think the stitches are on the inside. I can only see a little black spot... The belly button incision is kinda y shaped but it seems that it was not sewn up properly because the skin is overlaping. it just does not look good at all and it is not healing evenly. the bottom incision is just about gone. I too have pretty fair skin soo scars take forever to leave. But there was one thing last ngiht that i found that i'm kinda worried about. When I was checking my cervix, I found a lump. I can't find anything on the internet that says this is normal. It is not painful or anything and it is quite easy to find. I think it is in place of where you would normally find the "dent" but i couldn't be sure. (Sorry TMI) Do you have any idea about this or heard of anything like this?


KAY - February 21

I have not heard of that, but I didn't check my cervix, and did not research anything about the cervix and a lap. Call the dr office and just check. It could be an irritation spot or swelling. I know they insert a device into the vagina during the procedure. This could be a spot where it rubbed against your cervix while they were poking around in there, and it is irritated and swollen from it. That is my guess.


Lori - February 26

How is everyone?I am 12 weehs pregnant and so far everything is good.


AnnaR. - June 7

Hello all I know it's been a LONG time is anyone still here?



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