"the secret"
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desperate - March 29

does anyone know about the secret posted on the web www.become-pregnant which is in a book you can buy for $27 dollars?? I really want to know because it says that she got pregnant after 5 years of trying and that she has a secret as to how.....
Unfortunately i can't afford buying her book at the moment. If anyone has any idea i would appreciate your help.


sunny - March 29

Desperate there are only 2 ways to gets pg
1: by having sex (lots of it everyother day from day 10 till 20) LOL
2: by some kind of IVF or medical help.
There is no SECRET if there ways we would all be writing books about it and making money. You don't say how long you've been trying or if you've been to your doc for tests. In UK you have to try for a yr before any help. If you've been trying longer then this then go see your doc. There may be a simple answer to why your not getting pg. Also doc might be able to help GOODLUCK. Loadsof baby dust ***************************************


erica - March 29

Dear Desperate, I saw that website and I'm interested as well on knowing. If anybody knows please reply A.S.A.P.


bump - March 29



sz - March 30

Thanks sunny i really appreciate it. I have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now. I am 27 years old. I just can't wait already. and everytime i get my period i get so frustrated and start crying and really depressed.........
Good luck to everyone.


May - March 31

I am the sucker who bought the silly "secret". It is this book about how this woman and her husband went to all these doctors and she researched and learned how to eat right and exercise etc. She buys organic and purified everything blah blah blah. Then she says the real secret is something about waiting a couple of days before you are supposed to ovulate to have sex to sort of "build up" the sperm count. She even says you should get your husband where he is about to you know and then stop. Then when your OPK or whatever you use for predicting ovulation is positive, you should have lots of sex. She also says not to have sex right after ovulation because it might result in a not so healthy sperm egg connection. There is alot more stuff, but I did it one month or two (minus all of the all natural eating stuff) and I am still not preggo. i am now trying Ovulex. anyone got any stories on it?????


Me - April 8

Desperate, it took almost a year for me to get pregnant. I came to loathe pregnancy tests and just gave up trying. I finally came to the realization that it will happen if it is suppose to. I completely stopped "trying" and just enjoyed the "time" with my husband again. My point is, destress yourself. I know that is easy to say and actually hard to do...but I believe it is what helped me. After I stopped "trying" and came to terms with it, I became pregnant! Of course go to your doctor and get a medical opinion as well.



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