"rise on command" any tricks to help?
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Katt - March 20

Lately when it is "time" to try I guess my hubby freaks out and then can't perform. Are there any tricks? He says he has to initiate it, so I leave out a copy of my ov calander, but even still the days aren't always on target.


pj - March 21

wish I could help. Have similar problems with DH, though he is very sweet about it


Galina - March 21

Hi Katt: Sometimes the sdame thing happens w/my dh & it is so frustrating. In fact, it just happened last Thursd. when we were supposed to go in for our IUI & he couldn't "finish the job" into the container. I was so upset inside. I went through an entire cycle of injectibles & on that one day that I need him to come through, he failed me. I told him (begged him) to please try again & then I left the house & went to the office & told him to call me when he is done. I think that did the trick - 45 mins later he did it & met me at teh dr's ofc. Leaving him home alone w/o me waiting impatiently probably took the edge off. That is my advice to you -- make him feel like there is no pressure or try to tell him the week before that you are going to ne "in teh mood" in the next couple of days to give him a heads up. How long have you been ttc?


Cendy - March 21

Katt, this went on with me for over a year, then I wised up and kept my mouth shut. I did not talk to him about anything baby and I did not mention when my O was. When it was time, I just nudged him like we were going to enjoy each other for the fun of it and he had no problems perfomance wise at all. We fell pregnant that same month. Sometimes men can get way too much information for their brains to handle and they cannot process it like we do. I would suggest just putting the baby talk on the back burner. I know it is hard because you are excited and want to share your experience with him, but sometimes you just have to leave them out of certain things. I wish you much luck and fertility. BABY DUST!


Katt - March 22

I been ttc 2 years now. Had a few hang ups, hi low count found last year and my newfound hypothyroidism. My thyroid is almost normalized so I am hoping with the extra vitamins he is on we should be good to go soon! Cendy, that's another story, husbands and too much info - sometimes I think he does more research than I do, LOL! He asks me questions like, what color my cm is and stuff. He is definitrly worked up! We were successful last night. I released an egg today, so I guess with a low count you're supposed to go every other day. Anyone familiar with some OTC vitamin or something that thins CM?


JENZEY - March 22

Katt we have the same problem. I totally agree with cendy, that's what I do now. Goodluck!


bethpi - March 22

I agree with the ladies...my dh got tired of hearing me talk about the different stages of fertility my body was at every day..then he felt like a machine when I told him it was time...made him feel as though I only needed him to make a baby...and it was hard for him to "get in to it" so I stopped telling him. I didnt give him any info at all. I suggest you try a litle lingerie or an "adult movie" around the time you "need" him to cooperate... This worked for me 2 x's I got pregnant.


Katt - March 22

cool! Thanks for the input. I was just thinking now that he is downstairs napping and it's another "one of those days" guess I'll have to give him a surprize "wake up" call ;) wish me luck!



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