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SEX - May 1

I haven't had an orgasm during sex yet. Is there any way I can help out to make this happen???!!


klk - May 1

how old are you and how sexually experienced are you. Make sure you are relaxed, because if you are anxious at all it wont happen. Take plenty of foreplay time either yourself or your dh/db. Get to know your own body and maybe you can learn how to do it yourself and then show your dh/db how you like it. Some people never have them during sex, the majority of women i hear don't. Once you find out what works for you thou they are easy to come by. sometime visual mind thoughts help too.


Yup - May 1

Get a vibrator. Use it while having sex. The best O is with both external stimulations as well as "him" internally. At the same time I mean. Good stuff mmmmm.


mls - May 2

Try being on top. As 'Yup' mentioned it helps with both external and internal stimuli. Me on top was what workes for me when nothing else does. Also, if you are secure in your relationship you can get yourself there with your significant other assisting.



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