"Charting" vs. ovulation tests
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JerseyGirl - August 15

My DH & I have been TTC since February or so. I've been using WebMD's calendar to "know" when I'm ovulating. This obviously hasn't worked yet.

I bought an OPK that has 20 test strips. Am I correct in thinking I should just be using this to truly know when I "O", versus using that calendar thingy?

And once the LH surge is detected, we should BD no later than 36 hours after that, right?

Another quick question... should we BD every day or every OTHER day? THANKS!


tynadu - August 16

Hello Jersey, I do both so I can learn all I can about my body. The chart tells so much more than temps, that is if you are also recording your other signs as well. I keep the on file, well i have my whole med. history in a folder at the house ;-) Do what you feel is best but it dose not cost you anything to keep charting. they may come in handy one day.


soimpatient - August 16

Charting can only confirm ovulation. OPKs PREDICT ovulation. Your chart with spike only after ovulation has already occured therefore the information can not help you to time intercourse. I recommend OPKs and charting that way you know when you are about to O and you know when you have actually O'd. I think that every other day of bd-ing should be sufficient but every day can't hurt! Good Luck!



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