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Lori - March 14

Ok ladies, here is the new thread!! Hopefully we will all be blessed with BFPs very soon!! Take Care!!


EMM - March 14

I was the first one to post on the last thread too. Nothing to report. Husband out of town for the night. Today is cd10 for me. I am going to start using the OPKs again tomorrow. DH will be back tomorrow evening, so if I ovulate early we will be okay. Still haven't heard from the Dr. about the ultrasound. If I don't hear anything while husband is gone then he is going to call on Thursday morning. Bless our bellies is so cute!


d - March 14

Hey Ladies. Emm I hate drs as i keep saying. I have what i think is this horrible knot in my neck for weeks now. It comes and goes but it is driving me nuts it is starting to scare the hell out of me. Like "is it a knot?, could it be something else? I hope everyone is well. Tracy are you still not smoking?


EMM - March 14

Well, I ended up testing today with the OPK. I am having really bad cramps. The test was negative, and I am glad. It would suck to have ovulation coming with no DH around.


CC - March 14

Good morning everyone! Lori, I love our new thread (and that it doesnt take forever to get to the bottom!) Its always nice to have a fresh start and personally I was ready to see the old one go! Tracy, sorry you are battling the sinus stuff. Sounds painful. Have you talked to your dr about any meds that may be ok to take while ttc? I would think there should be something that will help you that safe to take? I think you are doing the right thing by taking the month off and concentrate on getting well again. Speaking from experience, taking the month of med free is a very liberating feeling! d, good luck during your 2ww. I hope you get some good news since you will be our 1st of this month and it would be a great way to start the new thread. EMM, always nice to hear from you, get ready to get busy when DH comes home! Glad your time worked out. No news w/ me..on cd 9 and getting a high reading on my monitor..Will try naturally this month, but I am sure we wont see any results. Looking forward to IUI for next month..


CC - March 14

I have a question if any of you can help..I am starting to notice I am seeing a lot of ewcm days and days before I actually o..Today is only day 9 for me, and today and yesterday I have a ton, and I bet I wont o for at least a few more days (I think I have only ever o'd this early once or twice)..Just wondering how many days you all see ewcm before you think you actually o? It seems by the time I o, there is much less of it. Is this normal?


for cc - March 14

are you taking guifenesin to help with your mucous. I just checked my chart this month to see when my ewcm started and it appears to start around cd 7 and I o'd on cd 15 so dont be too concerned.


Tracy - March 14

CC-all I can say about the ewcm is just to baby dance every other day starting when you see it. Since sperm can live for a while in that type of mucous, I think it's a good idea to get the little guys in there while you have it. You never know. Take advantage of it. D--to answer your smoking question....... I made it for ten days this last cycle, and intend to start trying again any day now. I was going to try yesterday, but with a migraine, or whatever it is, I don't like putting a patch on because it makes the headache worse. I don't smoke when I don't feel good, but after I felt better last night, I had two, and then this afternoon had two. How's it going for you? I know you can do it. I know I can do it too, I just have to put my mind to it. Last month I felt like the clomid was making me very tense, so my withdrawal became worse as time went on rather than easier. The first few days are always easier anyway, since that is when I am the most motivated. I am glad to be taking this month off of TTC with meds. I will practice temping and doing the fertility monitor. I am only on cd4, so I figured I'd start that stuff tomorrow. Feeling much better now. I cried to my DH yesterday, because it seems like there is always something with me. Really it's always the same shit, but if it's not one thing it's another. All I have to say is I cannot wait to move out of Florida. My sister always had bad allergies growing up here, and moved to Indiana, where she now lives a normal functional life. Noone in my family gets the headaches like I do though and for the longest time they thought I was crazy until I got tested last year and found out I was allergic to Florida!!!!!! We will move as soon as DH's company is solid in it's sales department here and he can run the technological department somewhere else. He is priming the pumps so to speak, so we can leave within a year or two. He wants to move as much as I do. I'm glad you all sound like you are doing well. I have been very self-absorbed lately, as I have not been feeling well. I'm sorry for not focusing more on all of you, but I do love you and pray for all BFP's!!!!!!!


Lori - March 14

Hi EMM - so glad to hear from you! Hopefully you will get your DH's results soon. D - what's up with the neck. I have had this thing going on with my throat that is kind of making me nervous too. It is not a sore throat but I get a pain on one side like a sore throat when I cough.?? Probably my thyroid acting up again. The Dr. wanted to take it out... but never got that far because I had to have my gallbladder out at that time too. Just getting old, lol!! CC - I don't know too much about the ewcm sorry I can't help you there. I just don't seem to get much any time!! I like a new thread too. Kind of like a "rejuvenation", a new beginning! Tracy - Don't worry too much about the smoking thing, it sounds like you don't even smoke enough to mention it. You know I am from NY and never had sinus problems until I moved to Ohio. I mentioned it to my Dr. and he said that just about everybody in Ohio has sinus problems... don't know why though. Last year I was having dental work done and I swore to God that the Novocain needle hit a nerve, I went back and they said it was my sinuses, so I went to my DO and he said it was my teeth... got no help from anybody on that one... just had to wait it out. You mentioned that you went to the dentist, I wonder if that had anything to do with it. Ok, now we need to hear from Lynn and JCR. And of course, anyone else who wants to chime in!! Oh - is anybody else having problems with this site? I have to go to internet explorer to submit. I have no problems when it comes to just reading anything though. What's up with that?


d - March 15

Gee ladies. Our we all a mess or what? Lori I can't figure it out. I hope it is nothing serious for either of us. I know that one sided pain. Are you going to call the dr. I find that heat helps on the side of my neck and cold too. I got that a few weeks ago but the neck with the lump (knot) inside my muscle i guess . I remember dh rubbing my neck back around new years and he hit the spot (pressure point i guess) and i jumped cause it was so painful. never had anything before. since then is when it all started. I am thinking of calling the dr get referred to someone. I am really scared. I asked my mom this am. Can you actually feel a brain tumor or a clot". yep ladies that is me. Scared. But she said "noooo d. it is a knot and tension headaches. It is spooking the hell out of me though. But my mom told me it is probably just from working on the pc all day. IT could be all the stress of ttc. Tracy I tried not smoking it isn't working. I hate to use it as an excuse but my neck and my head are driving me too it.
and guess what ladies. I have to tell someone. Dh has told me he is taking me to the Bahamas for our anniversary. it is still 5 months away But I can't wait.I figure if i am not pg. CRash Diet for the next few months. I was never there. and it is the only caribbean place i can really go without flying. I am soo excited. We will Be taking a boat out of Fort Laurderdale. On the ttc note. I just want a BFP already. I can't stand it. And yes. EMM great to hear from you. I hope everyone is well. Babdust & Bellyrubs


Lynn - March 15

Lori...thank-you for the new start. It is nice not to wait for what seems forever for the page to load. EMM....sorry no news from the doctor, do figure..they do not understand our need to know. CC...I too do not get much EWCM but when I see some, we BD like crazy. I also ordered some preseed to help with the CM or should I say lack of. I got it off of babyhopes.com and 17.50/free shipping. jcr used it so I am hoping it helps. Tracy...I can relate to being allergic to everything. I woke up this morning with migriane...went to school, got worse due to the lights, came home and it is still pounding. I took 800mg of motrin so I am seeing how that does. Did you order preseed? You mentioned about it. D...the traveling women...enjoy your trip. In 2003, we went to Aruba (you need to fly but worth it) and it was wonderful. I loved it and so did dh. We want to go back but have not. I am betting this is going to be a lucky month for us. Someone has to get a BFP.....


d - March 15

Hey Lynn. I guess I am the traveling woman LOL. i think that is funny. I Guess it is good to do things now.
We were going to go to aruba on our honeymoon but we chose all of New England. Our wedding song was "two less lonely" by Air Supply. Well I haven't met anyone yet that by coincidence got to see the group that did their wedding song on their honeymoon. We went by moghan on the wed during our honeymoon and found that air supply was going to be there 2 days later. I think that was a good sign. back to flying I have a serious fear of flying. Yes I went to vegas. We flew out there and I will never fly again. that is a whole nother story. and I am more terrified than i was then (and that was my first time flying)
Yeah CC i am not sure about the ewcm. i noticed right i about the time I am o'ing the day before and the day of I have it now. I never paid attention in the past few months. I know I sometimes make no sense. ONE if not ALL of us need to get BFP'S. As i said. I am the odd ball on the different cycle then everyone else. Here I am on my 2ww and everyone is either ended or starting af..


jcr - March 15

I love the new name and I will bless each one of your bellies tonight before I go to sleep!! I am doing ok, fighting with afternoon/evening sickness. The thought of chicken sends me dry heaving to the bathroom. I went for my 2nd ultrasound yesterday. Everything looks good, my re said I have a 95% chance of delivering!! Which made me feel so much relief!! After 1 m/c it is a little scary, I am off the metformin and am alternating progesterone every other night until monday. Then I will be med free. I think that will help with the queasiness. Emm, call that Dr and throw down on him, how dare they keep you hanging so long, that is crazy, get mad girl!! D, are you in the 2ww? Fingers crossed girl. Lynn, Lori and Tracy you are all within days of each other. CC and Emm where are you in your cycles? Hang in there gotta go sleep before I collapse!! night and belly blessings!!


Tracy - March 15

Good morning girlies. Lynn- can you get a prescription for your migraines? My OB just called in a script for Immitrex because Relpax was only good if you took it early enough. The Immitrex worked wonders for my pain. I don't like taking that stuff, but when you are in so much pain and motrin won't kill it, you get desperate. I will probably order my preseed today. I have no money left personally, so I have been having to ask DH for some for things like my medicine and food, so I'm trying not to break his back with requests right now. On Friday he paid off my student loan to the tune of four thousand dollars, so I'm trying to be gentle. JCR--I am so glad to hear everything is well with you and the wee one. I see so many beautiful babies at work now, and to be honest, it doesn't depress me so much. I talk to some of the parents and learn what a struggle it was to have the baby, and it gives me hope. More women are in our predicament than we all think. And if you saw the amount of twins that are pushed around our mall, you would know that most of them are due to meds. I live in an area in which the people can afford all the reproductive help they need. CC- you better be doing the dirty deed with DH! I want a baby out of you girl! Emm-go to the doctor and get a check up. I think you have a swollen gland. Didn't you say that you were sick recently? I has a sore neck and swollen gland and ending up harboring some bug for quite a while. Get some antibiotics. It may be more than tension. See the doctor though, let him feel your neck and stuff. D-you will love the Bahamas. It can be really commercial depending on where you go, but you will love it anyway. I love going over there even though it's not that different from where I live. Well, I will check back in a while. Sorry so long. Trying to catch up on a few people at a time.


d - March 15

So ladies. I guess I am on my 2ww. If i wasn't already then I am screwed cause dh played basketball on monday and hasn't been feeling to great since. Watch knowing my luck I o'd late. I Am going crazy i just want to know. Why this 2ww? It is so not fair. I believe I o'd on time. maybe a day or two before or after. BUt I know this is going to be the longest wait ever cause I know we did it everyday.
I hope everyone is well. I am trying to read all the posts. Bellyrubs and Babydust, Little fingers and toes!!


Lori - March 15

JCR - Glad to hear that everything is going so well for you. Bless your belly too!! D - Waiting sucks!! What else can I say. Hang in there, your time is coming!! Tracy - Glad to see that you are bouncing back. It's hard enough that we have to go through so much crap to conceive... then for you to have migraines, allergies, sinus problems, etc. Hope you are on the way to recovery with all of that!! Lynn - Sorry to hear that you are having migraines too! Good luck with the preseed! CD 6 for me, so needless to say nothing to report! Take Care!


Tracy - March 15

Wow, Immitrex really knocks your ass on the floor for a couple of days. I have been so tired all day, took a nap, and still feel out of it. Two days of pain though versus one day of exhaustion; I'll take the exhaustion any day. Lori, glad to hear you are doing well. If you guys go to http://www.slakr.net/wedding/ you can see pictures of me, DH, my sisters, and mom. They are all blonde, I am the only brunette, and the kids are my older sister's. It's always nice to put a face to the name. I've seen other sites where you can have tickers and pictures and all that jazz, but I like our posts because they are not so busy. Anyway.....hope you are feeling better today Lynn. Emm, go to the doctor, D--waiting is a bitch, but we are here to make the time pass, CC--so glad you seem to be like yourself again, we missed you so much. JCR--keep on puking momma!!!!



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