please---explain LATE OVULATION ?
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patty - September 29

i dont understand how someone can get pregnant if they ovulated late in their cycle-for example i read posts about women who got pregnant 5 days before af was to start due to late ovulation. BUT-how can that be ? then how exaclty does the corpus luteal phase work -if we need 10 days after ovulation or else it is considered that we have "corpus luteal phase defect" ? help clear this up please !


me - September 30

good question! I am not sure. I heard that once conceived, the egg can implant anytime from 5 days past ovulation. That could explain it, but I am not exactly sure either. Anyone?


Kerri - September 30

The luteal phase doesn't begin until ovulation occurs. Lets say you have a 30 day cycle and normally ovulate on cd 16---the luteal phase will be from cd17 to cd30 when your period begins. But if you ovulate late, say cd25, then your luteal phase will be from cd26 to cd 39(so on cd39 either your period will start or you can test + for pregnancy)---luteal phase is usually very consistent for a woman--mine is 13-14 days. Here's my example......I ovulated cd31(that's usually when someone gets af) I waited 13-14 days (length of my luteal phase) still no period and temps were high. I test on day 15 of my luteal phase(15dpo) and the hpt was +----so I didn't find out I was pregnant until cd46(cd31 + 15dpo = cd46) So you can get pregnant if you ovulate later that "normal" in your cycle, but your luteal phase will still be consistent with what it normally is so period might be later than normal if you're not pregnant. I hope this helps and good luck!


h - September 30

yes thank you it has help me understand better


Julie - September 30

Hi Kerri, thank you sooo much for that information. It is very helpful. How are you tracking ovulation?


patty - September 30

thanks kerri !!!!!!!!!! so i guess we can tell if we ovuated late because i guess af would come later than usual ? or am i still not getting it ? thanks !


Kerri - October 2

I tracked ovualation for me by using OPK and BBT. Patty if you truly ovulated late your period will come later than it normally does....but if your period comes right on time and you didn't get +opk or BBT shift, then ovulation did not occur that cycle. You can have average length(30) cycles with no ovulation....but if ovulation does happen late your period will come later than expected too....unless, of course, you're pregnant then your period won't show up again for 9 months!!!!


me too - October 2

crap, that means I am not ovulating. I apparently have normal cycles, every 28 days, and have not had a + OPK or temp rise since we started conceiving. crap. Off to the RE I go...



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