? please.
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tonyaandjoe - December 10

i just wondered when a person is pregnant when do their boobs get darker and when does the first signs of symptoms come?


tonyaandjoe - December 10

also i have been cramping on my right side for about 2-3 days now. does anyone have any news or ideas of what it may be. anything that could help me.


tonyaandjoe - December 11

can any one an swer me.


tk07 - December 12

hi, well it is different for everyone. some people don't ever get symptoms. for me ny boobs started hurting about 4-5 weeks and gradually got worse, i wasn't pregnant long enough for them to darken though. but if you do a search online for symptoms you can find some good answers. i like americanpregnancy.com sometimes.
good luck!



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