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michelle421 - May 25

Can you still become pregnant if you have PCOS? I was just diagnosed with it and i am 23! I have heard it to be common now days in women. If you have any info on it like if there is pills to take or anything that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you to all!


Lynn - May 25

Yes, you can. Are you seeing an OB? If so, ask their opinion on metformin. It is a diabetic drug given to female diagnosed with PCOS. I helps with regular ovulation. Google PCOS and read, read and read.


Betzy - May 25

Hi Michelle! I was just diagnosed with PCOS as well. In these past few days I've learned a lot about it and some of the ladies here have provided me with a lot of information and support. Like Lynn mentioned Metformin is given to women w/ PCOS. My ob/gyn prescribed this to me but I haven't started yet. One of the ladies in the other thread under "just diagnosed w/ PCOS" recommended seeing a Reproductive Endocrinologist rather than a regular gyn. There are options available to women with our condition. Check out that thread and read what the other ladies posted. Good luck!


tward3 - May 26

I also have PCOS and have been trying to get pregnant for 6 months now. I started taking Ovulex 3 months ago and my periods have been regular for the past 2 months! I can actually know which day I am going to ovulate. I really believe this stuff is going to help me get pregnant very soon! Good Luck!


holly_gail - May 27

Hey let me know if ovulex worksfor you. If you actually get preg on it. I was just diagnosed with PCOS and I have medicaid and my doc won't treat me until i dgo to preconception counseling. I think she is jsut doing that because I'm blind. So I told her I wasn't going and I am on the hunt for a new doctor. But I don't think medicaid will cover clamed and stuff. I don't know. Does that stuff cost a lot? I also heard of ovulex and fertility blend, but don't know for sure if they will work so don't want to waste my money. If anyone knows anything let me know.


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 27

Ovulex and fertility blend do not work. -- It is just a scam to get money - any dr will tell you over the counter meds do not work, you have to have prescription meds


holly_gail - May 27

And why do you say this? Have you tried the products and they didn't work for you? Or do you just assume that OTC stuff doesn't work? If you tell me that you have tried it, for a few months, and then say it doesn't work, I might consider believing it. Buf for someone to say, without any proof, that it jsut simply doesn't work with nothing to back them up then it is hard for me to believe. Doctors...that's another story. They will tell you anything to get money. If you go to a doctor sick, and they don't know what it is, they will tell you ahve something, and tell you to come back for a follow up. Meanwhile, they are searching books and stuff trying to figure out what it is that you really have. So they are treating you for the wrong thing. Then when you go back they will tell you that they didn't see a certain symtom until now and its not this its that and that is the reason you are sick. I know this is how doctors operate. Hardly any of them care about their patients, a few do though. They all start out with the right intent, but then after there long residency and everything they become greedy and they forget why they actually went into that practice to begin with. So if a doctor tells you no do not go with this you have to stop and think...will it really harm me? Or does he jsut not want me to get it because its cheaper than his treatment and he'll lose money? You don't really know. That why I need proof before someone starts bashing OTC fertility meds. sorry for the long post.


Bubblesofjoy65 - May 27

Well for your information = I have tried it, DOESN"T WORK, hubby has been on some. DOESN"T WORK... a good friend of mine has been on it --- DOESN"T WORK. She infact is still trying to concieve. -- So yes I have proof. and I wouldn't waste any more money on something that is NOT going to help - So dont go bashing me - for a right to comment on something that i know hasnt worked for me or several others.


holly_gail - May 28

sorry. I just know a lot of people that have said soemthing doesn't work just because they don't wantto believe it and they have never tried it. so forgive me if you thought I was bashing you. Sorry


hara2326 - May 28

hey i had a question for anyone who can give me real advive, okay i've had a bladder infection for the past 2 wks i just got off my cycle saturday i thought the bladder infection would throw my cycle off but it didnt. i wanted to know can a bladder infection decrease your risks of ovulating and getting pregnant, my fiane and i are trying now and will be ovulating on the 10th. someone give me advive on
my sitiuation i really want to start a family. thanks!@!#!


sallyrenee - May 29

I also have PCOS, and hav been taking metformin for the past 5 months. My periods are coming much more regularly now. My mom and her twin sister also had PCOS. My mom had 3 children in 5 years, and never had a perios. My aunt had 2 children in 4 years with one period. I guess my point in sharing this with you, is it will happen for us too. Try not to get too down about it......be patient and good luck. :)


DebbAlvarez - May 29

I had one OB diagnose me with PCOS about 6 or 7 years ago (when I was married to my ex husband). Although!!!!! the OB never did any tests or anything, he only "assumed" since I have irregular periods. I would probably only have 2, maybe 3 a year if I was lucky...without provera. Anyway, after my DH now and I have been seeing a new OB. She did do all the tests and refuses to diagnose me with having PCOS. She says that the only thing is that I did have slight elevated insulin level on my test, but everything has been normal. She gave me a prescription for provera for 3 months to try and "trick" my body into thinking correclty for itself and then if I'm not pregnant after the 3rd month, we're going to start clomid. I'm begging her to let me start metformin too. I still have a gut feeling of having PCOS, even though she says I don't. I've read remarkable stories on metformin and a young couple that my DH and I go to church with....she has PCOS and was put on metformin just to help with her insulin and fell pg 2x, although she miscarried both times. Once falling pg they took her off the metformin and I've read that happens alot. I believe I read where if you're taking metformin and fall pg, you need to take metformin for about 12 weeks into pregnancy to help decrease the chance of a mc. Also, to comment on ovulex.... I don't believe it works either, or not for me anyway. I've taking it for 3 months and nothing, it hasn't even helped with regulating my periods. I'm actually going to try and get my money back, since there is a money back guarantee. Good luck all, God Bless, Vaya Con Dios!!!



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