? Ovulation
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Sarah - July 23

I have always had irregular periods my whole life but since I started Clomid & metformin, my cycles have been on avg 28-32 days. In the last 2 months my periods have started on days 38-40 of my cycle. Does this mean I ovulate later than I think or would i still ovulate on days 15-16?


merlee - July 23

Hi, Sarah. You are "supposed" to O 14 days before AF (period). But not everybody does. The best way to find out when you O is chart BBT. There are websites specifically for this, the one I use is FertilityFriend.com. It answers all your questions on how and why, and everything else you have a question about. I highly recommend it to "newbies" to BBT. I hope this helps and Good luck!!



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