{ Ov cramps and pains }
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tibby - September 7

I have never had cramps or pains before, durning, or after ovulation. But my doctor put me on 100mg Clomid (50mg did work). I went in on cd11 had an u/s every thing looked fine had four mature follicles so they gave me Ovidrel to take that night(first time taking shot). Now on cd13 I have these sharp pains in my ovary area, and it go worst last night(cd14) to the point I hd to lay down. Is this normal?


tibby - September 8

Any Information?? Bump!!!!!!


baby1234 - September 8

I think the cramping is normal, especially when you release 4 eggs at one time. I happened to ask my doctor about this last week about when you get ovulation cramps (I had been having twinges before I ovulated my 5 eggs) and he said it is possible to have cramping before, during, and after ovulation. It just depends on the woman and the particular cycle. I had ovulation cramps for several days after the big O. They will stop. Hopefully you'll have a pregnancy, too!

Good luck.


tibby - September 8

Thank You! baby1234 Good Luck to you too.



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