# of follicles at CD3 ultrasound
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baby1234 - September 19

What would be considered a good # of follicles for a CD3 scan? I've had 3 scans so far, and this was the first time they've said anything about follicles. I think there were somewhere between 6-8 today. Does this mean I should have that many follicles for my IUI? Any info would be helpful. Thanks. Stacie


tibby - September 19

With IUI the sperm is incerted in the cervix so they just have to find the egg. You don't want to many follicles. The more the better so you will have a good chance, but you can't control how many will take.


Ann1 - September 19

The number of follies you have on cd3 will change by O time. That early you can't predict how many you will have. Are you just doing clomid or are you doing injectibles? Usually antral or "resting" follies observed on cd3 are used in conjunction with ivf. 6-8 is actually a somewhat low number. However, they likely didn't count all of your resting follies, since you aren't doing ivf.


whynotme - September 19

Wow, I have only ever had 2-3 follicles during my IUI cycles. I would think that 6-8 is too many. There is a chance that some will not grow and some will be big enough. That's why they monitor you before they do the actual IUI. Good luck!


Ann1 - September 19

whynotme, at iui time, 6-8 would be too many. But when you measure resting follies at cd3 (prior to stimulation), that is completely different than what you will have at iui time. If you are doing clomid, 2-3 is about average at iui time. With the antral/resting follies, the normal but intermediate count is 11-14 follies and the normal good count is 15-26. In ivf, they use the antral follies to predict how you will respond to stimming with injectibles. Of course, all labs are different in what they consider "normal" and/or "good" ranges and the follie count varies by sonographer (i.e. some may see antral follies that others don't see).


tibby - September 20

If you are doing IVF you can't have to many. But if you are doing IUI more than 6 is to many.


Ann1 - September 20

Yep, all REs are different on that one, too. Both of my old REs wouldn't do an iui if you had over 4 mature follies.



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