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Shawna1 - October 17

All right here it is! This is the last one I'm doing!!!


Shawna1 - October 17

See the spermies now have heads! Oh and I will not be testing until I am at least a week late, so no peer pressure!


stepmommel - October 17

Damn girl, you've got some willpower! I can't even make myself wait until the day AF is due! You're good! I'll try to be good and not pressure you. Thanks for starting the new thread. I like those sperm better!


Shawna1 - October 17

This was on the old thread: : Ginger- i had the same problem with my IUI- they couldn't find the entrance to my cervix, after 20 minutes, she found it- she said it was the size of a pin hole and that was way smaller than normal. so no wonder the sperm aren't finding their way! lol anyways- my IUIs were both painless, even with extra positioning to try and find the cervix. Kristi- sorry about AF- did you have high progesterone? when mine was really high, it delayed AF. of course i have very irregular cycles anyways. one month is 19 day cycle, the next is 39. it's crazy. getting a lap this friday to check for endo- surely i have it given that irregularity and my extremely painful PMS. I was on the pill from like 17-27, so a good 10 years, when i got off, i was in extreme pain (for the last 5 years). hopefully the lap finds some scar tissue, it would at least help to explain things. then we are going for IUI #3 with 50mg clomid. i respond extremely well even on low doses. and just found out my insurance covers IUIs, so now i get reimbursed for the 2 i paid out of pocket for (about $800). unfortunately they don't cover IVF, so i am not considering that yet. i figure i'll try at least 6 IUIs first. I've already done 2. so wish me luck on the lap friday- then we can do our IUI the first week of november i hope. lots of baby dust to all of you!


mrshorse - October 17

Thank you , thank you, thank you!!! That thread was getting way to long, I kept losing track. I missed the message from Tink about the small opening, but I was told the same thing when I had my first HSG. They said they couldn't believe how small the opening was. Maybe there's somethingto that. Also, I wanted to wish Ginger luck with your lap on Friday. Is this your first, I get confused with so many of us? Lots of baby dust to all.


angelkitty - October 18

I am not usually a part of this thread but in reading some of the postings I felt the need to share...i too had my hsg done and was told my cervix was closed...my doc told me last week on a visit that it was not completely closed but the opening was very, very small. Interesting.


stepmommel - October 18

Good morning ladies. Not much to report here except that AF is definitely here. I'll be on round #4 of Clomid this month. Halloween night should be right around the time of O, so that should make for a fun one! Hope everyone has a great day. I'll check in later...


Shawna1 - October 18

Good Morning Ladies! Well, 2 days late now and still no definite signs of AF or anything for that matter. I wish your pee would turn purple when you're pg, so at least you'd know right away. I have a new picture to share with you ( . )( . ) Can you guess what they are? Have a great day and Mel, sorry about AF.


ginger6363 - October 18

Goodmoring ladies! Glad to hear you guys are well. Shawna, thanks for the new thread. You are quite the artist with the keboard characters!! Mel, I was not the one the getting the lap; I had my first IUI on Friday (there's a lot of threads so it's easy to get confused.) So, O-ing on Halloween---well, I am sure you can find some sexy costumes if you want to spice the bding!! Best!


Shauna - October 18

Hi ladies. Well SHAWNA...I am only gonna say this once....If it is a colorful reminder of pg you are looking for then there are POASs that turn pink. POAS ALREADY!!!!!....lol....now that this is out of the way....SHAWNA..your a goof with the booby picture. hee hee. The new spermies look great too. So I am due for AFs arrival today...feels like it too!!! My TCOYF software says that I am pg!!! I AM NOT THO!!!! It is all out of wack on there right now cuz I forgot to temp for a couple of the important days. Oops. Well I gotta go get kids off the school so I will check in later to hear if anybody has decided to share some great news with us...... You know who you are.


linds99 - October 18

Shawna1, I like your spermies, very creative of you. Anyway, I had the problem you did at insem, they had to dialate my cervix a bit to get the syringe in there. It hurt like hell. I even bled a little. But i just wanted to say that the nurse indicated that once you have a baby, your cervix changes, it becomes more flexible.


Kristi1 - October 18

Hi ladies! Nice new thread, I love the spermies!! And the boobies ;-) Mel, sorry to hear about AF...good luck on the next round of Clomid! Has your Dr indicated how many cycles fo Clomid you will do? Shawna, well, I'm not going to say it, but we are all axiously awaiting...no peer pressure of course ;-) Shauna, sorry AF is due, maybe she will stay away! Ginger how are you feeling? Laine, hows it going your way? Welcome anglekitty, Linds99! Not much going on here, I am on cd4, not taking the Clomid and i did NOT temp today! I am just not going to do any of it till I see the RE, except keep track of my days and try to time the bding accordingly. I got the packet from the RE office, tons of medical history that they want, and they want to know when I first got pubic hair and boobs! Hell, I almost 35, I dont remember! It also said the first office visit is $210 and they do a vaginal sono the same day which is another $210, so $420 just for the first visit. Geez... I told my dh last night that maybe we should forget it and take the money and go to Hawaii for vacation... It's tempting...thinking about how much $$ we are about to spend on something we dont even know if it is going to work or not can make you think. Here lately I think maybe I am just not supposed to have children and I am trying to force the issue, and do we really even want any, we enjoy our freedom so much and our nice orderly quiet home and our puppies and everything....maybe I am just having a week, who knows.... ;-)


linds99 - October 18

Kristi1, why shouldn't this miracle happen to those of us having problems? (Me included). I can think of no good reason...I think that it is easy to just think that way because we are having so much problems, that "maybe we're not supposed to have kids." But wouldn't you rather try your darndest to get one with medical intervention, then to look back when you are in your mid-40s and starting menopause and "wished" you would have tried everything. That is what always goes through my mind. I was like you, maybe I am forcing the issue, but honestly, medical intervention and the advances they have upped the odds for us dramatically, it is a very few couples in the end that actually don't conceive at all with fertility treatments. It is best not to even think you would fall into that small margin and forge ahead like a soldier until you achieve your dream! Hawaii sounds great...but that is a trip you can also make with your baby :)!!


ginger6363 - October 18

Kristi, I hear your sentiments. I often find that the things that make our lives worthwhile can often come at a staggering cost---whether that is financial or emotional cost, it is a cost nonetheless. It's up to you to determine if that cost is something you are willing to take on. I think you are probably just tired, and nervous about all that is facing you right now. We all have those days. But you are here, battling it out with all of us, so, that's something! Keep your head up, and remember we are here for you!


stepmommel - October 18

Shawna, you're so funny. Here's a few more for you (o)(o), or ( o )( o ), or how about (.)(.) for the ol' sagging ones!? Anyway....... So you're 2 days late... do you have any symptoms of AF or pg or anything? Shauna, isn't that frustrating when the charts play with your mind/heart like that? Makes me almost wanna stop charting. By the way, do you still use that same thermometor? I think of you sometimes when mine beeps and I'm hoping my dh sleeps through it. Kristi, are those people serious? They really expect you to recall such details? I'd SO not be able to remember things from that long ago. I mean, I remember the experience, but the date? Or the year even? Forget it! Well, good luck with that! Speaking of vacationing, they were talking on the Today show about "coceptionmoons" where people take vacations/2nd honeymoons specifically to conceive and that 4 out of 10 people are successful! One of my TTC co workers and I both plan to talk to our DH's tonight and plant that seed! A cruise would be wonderful! Maybe it is a way to spend your money and make it go a bit further, huh? Sorry you're feeling down Kristi. I know that feeling and wonder all the time if I'm tempting fate and whatnot. Maybe I should be happy with the step kids and seeing them yearly? It's tough. Don't give up though. It'll happen!


Tink - October 18

Mel, i am the one getting the lap on friday. kinda nervous, but hopeful too that it will open things up for us, for our 3rd try with IUI. Kristi- you might check if your insurance will cover anything- i didn't think mine did, but it does cover IUIs and my RE submitted all my u/s and sonograms to insurance for me and marked it under PCOS or something- that way they are all covered. You might ask the RE is they do that. ladies that got AF, so sorry. i hate that every month it happens. Shawna- best of luck- when are you testing? can't wait to hear. when ever anyone gets a BFP, i feel like someone is 'graduating'!!! lol


Shauna - October 19

ITS OFFICIAL.....I AM A FREAK!!!! I got (found) my first 'hair' on Aug 1988 while in the bathtub at my grama's house. It was in my pits actually. I got my dear aunt flo Oct 29th 1988 ( 4 months short of my 12th b-day.) I was pissed cuz I was gonna miss Halloween. I was flowing like the mighty mississippi for like 6 days. I remember almost everything about those events...hee hee like I said I am a freak. Do you all remember the date you first had sex? Or even the month or year??? I do!!! Funny remembering that all.



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