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ginger6363 - November 2

Okay, ladies. As per Shawna's request, here is the new thread.


heather3233 - November 2

Ok now I have to go find the old thread to see what I missed.... I hope you all are having a great day! Lots of Baby Dust to you everyone...


Shawna1 - November 2

Boy my computer is acting screwy. Thanks for starting the new thread Ginger!!!


stepmommel - November 2

Shauna, I watch A Baby Story every other Friday when I'm off, so tomorrow I'll be tuning in. Funny, last week my DH was home and I made him watch with me. The lady was having triplets which freaked him out, but the best part was when she said she'd taken Clomid! Since my O last month was so drastic, it really spooked him! Talk about a good laugh I had on that one! Sorry you're still not feeling well Shawna, but it'll so be worth it in the end! I'll cross my fingers for a girl for you! Thanks for the new thread Ginger.


heather3233 - November 2

Ok all done with the catch up, now Ginger-the Steve Erwin impression was funny :) Linds- I did take the head off my Doc. yesturday when I got ahold of her. (I'll tell you about it in a sec) Tink--How many follies 5? Wow I hope someone has twins on here! Mel-I hopw you O soon but the bding is always lots of fun. :D Mrshorse- I wish I was in Cancun too! I sooo need a break from my job! Kristi- Try not to work to hard. I hope your day isn't going as bad as mine is. I was 30min late today and got chewed out by my boss. Lame. Shauna--I used to watch that but it made me to crazy and now I turn past that channel realy fast. lol Im sorry to hear your so sick. I have been quizzy in the morning or if my belly gets empty. Other then that and my pants being too tight ,nothing. I hope you feel better soon... A big hi to everyone I missed!
Ok so yesturday I had left a messege for my Doc to call me but she never did. So I called her again at 3pm and the receptionist answers and I tell her what I'm calling about and the medication. She says "well there is nothing we can do to get the medication out of your blood stream" and that was it. I went off on her so by thetime she got the Doc. on the phone I was wanting everyones name and saying someone was going to be held responsible if anything happen to this pg. The doc did tell me that the med wouldn't hurt the baby at all and she was trying to give me a due date accoriding to the u/s and it was May 28. That can't be right though. That would mean I'm 10wks. No way. They will have the full report by the next time I go in for the first visit so I will ask then. But I think I'm around 7wks. Anyway, back to the yelling... So I aked the doc. who's fault was it that I wasn't given the right results and she looked back at the lab work and I guess it clearly showed that I was pg then with the levels of everything. The girl that gave me the results just said "everything is normal" Yeah normal if you KNOW your pg. Sh*t I know its a OBgyn office and most women are pg when they go in but those girls need to look at the chart and read the results right. And that's what I told the doc. It's not the Doc. fault but it's her staff so it kinda is. So thats it. Hope you all have a good day, Baby Dust~*!


Shawna1 - November 2

Wow Heather that is quite the story! There are two Shau/wnas on this thread. Shauna was the one watching a baby story, Shawna (me) is pg. When was your last period? Mine was Sept. 8 so that will make me 8 weeks tomorrow and due June 15. If I were you, i think I would demand that person lose their job. What if it was a different medication they gave you and something did happen to you and the baby? I think something more needs to happen than, "Oh the mediaction won't hurt the baby". To me, that isn't good enough! But I've also been super bitchy the past couple of days, so don't put too much into my "big" words! when do you go in for an ultra sound and blood work?


linds99 - November 2

Heather, those gals at the doc's office need to get their shit together, they're not dealing with lab rats, they're dealing with humans! Gosh, that would seriously piss me off too. Just to make a point to them, make sure you tell them from now on you want a copy of your blood tests each time you go in the next few months. That annoying deed will likely get them to see how they lost your trust.


luvmyliluns - November 2

Hi all. It is Shauna. I changed my username so that you all could keep it straight. It is me the Baby Story watching, non pregnant Shauna. So hope this helps and it is a little more original. Byeeee


Tink - November 2

Shawna- sorry to hear you are so sick. the dry heaves probably are the worst, worse than actually getting sick. i really hope you feel better soon. how far along are you?


Tink - November 2

Heather, I would be pissed too- I don't blame you for going off. I am sure you will have a happy and healthy pregnancy! -----LOL at the name change Shauna, that helps! ;) Mel- lol at your DH and the triplets. my DH jokes that he is going to vegas if we have 2 (like permanently without me).... of course it is all a joke. he would love 2. 3 would be hard to handle. I had 3 worthy follies yesterday- a fourth at 12mm. the IUI is tomorrow am. did the trigger last night. Follies were 23, 19 and 17 (and 12). I only did 5 nights of follistim 100iu. i guess it did enough. so i am about to be in the 2WW. i really hope i am the third lucky one here! here's hoping for a BFP. i might go in sat for a post IUI u/s to see if all the follicles released eggs. hopefully they all do. I have some more pain today, so i think they are definitely growing! and man am i bloated!! fortunately that has been the only SE i have experienced on the follistim. such a great change from the clomid. have a great night ladies!!!


stepmommel - November 3

Shauna, I just wanted to apologize in advance if I have a brain fart and forget who you are. I'm so used to seeing your name, so it might take me a while to adjust. Tink, good luck tomorrow. We'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted!


stepmommel - November 3

Still no peak reading. I'm bummed. I don't think I'm going to O his month. and if I don't, this will be the first month that 100 mg doesn't work for me. I really don't want to increase again!


ginger6363 - November 3

Hey Shauna, I am guilty of watching A Baby Story, too. But my dementia goes further, I actually record the show with my DVR and watch it on the weekends----an all out Baby Story marathon. I like to see all those happy family "snippets"---and that's what they are just "snippets" b/c you know there's got to be insanity going on with a new baby, much less twins, trips, or quads. Did you see the episode earlier this week with the couple who thought they couldn't get pregnant (five failed IVF rounds) and decided to adopt two girls? Seven or eight years later, they decided that instead of destroying their final four embryos that were still frozen, they would try one last cycle of IVF, and to they suprise they got pregnant with twins. It was such a great story! I was especially touched when the husband said that he loved all his children the same, but b/c his wife had never experienced a pregnancy, she had never felt completely whole, now that she had, she and his entire family, in turn, were whole. Isn't that sweet? Mel: I am sorry that you haven't gotten your peak reading. Could it be that you will just ovulate very, very late---which reminds me, if you ovulate say two weeks late, does that count as not ovulating at all for that cycle? Tink: is this your first IUI? (I am scheduled for my 2nd early next week) Anyhow, I am wishing you good luck today!


heather3233 - November 3

Happy Friday everyone!
Sorry Shawna and Shauna, I must have zoned out for a bit. Ok so Shawna- how are you feeling? I hear ya on the bitchy thing. Man the day (Halloween) I went for that u/s ,I didn't tell you guys this, but I was sooooo crazy that day with my hormones I cried at work for 5 hours strait and argued with dh the whole time when he was trying to make me feel better. Thats why he was moody when I saw him later that day. hahaha I didn't tell you guys that but man I was nuts that day. But at least I know why now. :) Shauna-I like the new name though, I will keep it strait this time I promise. And the whole baby story thing is like a drug. I would be watching them still prob. if I didn't have to work now. :) Linds- the lab rat thing is soooo funny. I was laughing so hard when I read that. :) Tink-I hope you do get twins that would be great! Good luck today! Mel-Do you think you could have O already and not know it the way I did? Well I hope it happens soon! Ginger--you go in next week? Wow, good luck! So many exciting things with everyone I will be anxiouse to get back to work and see how everything went with you all. Hi to everyone I missed! Have a great weekend girls!


Kristi1 - November 3

Mel, what cd are you on? Your using a monitor or something right? Well, nothing to report here and only have a couple mins, just wanted to check in.... I will tell you though that we have decided to go ahead and do a trip in Janaury...I wanted to go to Hawaii again, but David thinks we should do a cruise...so I think we are going cruisin!! I am getting excited and it gives me something to think about other than ttcing....and if the RE wants to do the IUI, I was going to wait till Jan anyway, and if my cycle stays on track, we will get back from the cruise and be ready for the IUI...maybe the relaxing vacation will help... ;-) Well, I hope everyone has a great weekend...I will try to get on this weekend when I have more time and get caught up!


luvmyliluns - November 4

Hey all. Just checking in for the day. I have a dh problem...well sorta. My dh's best friend is so inconsiderate of our time. He phone my dh at work and asked if he wanted to get together tonight. So dh told me when he got home and phoned his friend. So the friend says he is out with his gf and would call him when he gets back home. So my dh waits like a teenage girl on a Saturday night. Finally he just called to say that the gf wants to stay in tonight so would my dh like to come over to his house instead of going out. So my dh just left to go over there. Why phone my dh if you are just gonna stay at home with your gf. My dh doesnt see it but this happens all the time. Sometimes he doesnt even call him back. He does the ' I will call you later' and then doesnt. It makes me soooo mad. I was gonna go get groceries tonight so I waited and waited and then now its too late. I could have gone and come back already. PISSED OFF!!!! So I am CD 11 today. I am feeling really great this month (health wise) I have given up pretty much on the TTC though. I am gonna chart still because it is good to know how your body is functioning. Maybe we will just adopt or something. I dont know. Well I better go and get some stuff done so that I can get up early tomorrow to get groceries before the store gets busy. HEATHER... So happy for you and dh. The way you told him was so cute.


stepmommel - November 4

Hi Shauna. Sorry you're having issues with dh's friend. I used to have similar issues with my ex and I know how frustrating it can be. Especially when you're the only one that seems to notice it. As for your stopping the TTC, maybe it'll happen when you're least expecting it. I hear that happens a lot when people decide to adopt. Either way, I hope you keep us posted on whatever happens! Kristi, yes I am using my monitor, and I am happy to report that I had a peak reading this morning! I was SO releived... and even better is that we've got the whole weekend to continue the bding, which is a first. So, I'm still holding out hope for that Christmas announcement for my family! Keep your fingers crossed! I am feeling really positive again. How's everyone else doing? Shawna, I meant to tell you that a friend told me that her sister is having bad m/s and she started wearing one of those sea-sickness bracelets and hasn't been sick since. Maybe you should give that a shot? have you ever heard of that? Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. HI to everyone else!!



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