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KY - October 21

Hi there, cam off BCP - May. TTC for no.1 so this is now the start of the 6th mth TTC. Had been using OPK's but found they were always neg(-) and BBT charted. It's not happening for us so we finally went to the docs last week at the end of the 5 month TTC mark. The result was that she said to throw out all the OPK's and stop BBT charting?!?!?! Apparently all the OPK's and charting can put your body through so much stress that you may not ovulate or you not be able to be implant. I was shocked! but she said that people take it too far with loads of un-necessary things. Don't need to do any of that until a yr after trying. Just live a healthy life and continue to BD every2-4 days and you will concieve naturally. What do you all think???? I need waiting buddies! that are in the same boat as me!


Lindsey - October 22

Hi, KY! I've been ttc #1 for about a year now with no luck. My period is all out of wack after coming off BC. I have been using Provera to start my period and this is my first month on Clomid. I am waiting right now for ovulation time...should be tomorrow or the next day hopefully! I just hope that the Clomid works for me! Good luck and keep me posted on how things are going for you!! =)


KY - October 23

things are still the same wot CD u on?


. - October 23



isa - October 23

Hi KY , I know what your doc is saying re the stress of opks and bbt. I've been temping since Jan and it has caused me major concern this month so I agree it is true it can cause probs. I was not stressed by the opk's but i dont use them now since I am monitored very regularily by my clinic with b/w and u/s. CD 10 .


KY - October 24

great to hear Isa.I'm on CD15. I'm erally tired. Wot did ur doc say about it all?


me - October 25

Hey KY! My RE told me the SAME thing! He said that temping is just silly and wrong half of the time. The only way for him to know if I really ovulated is if I get pregnant! He is kind of a smart ass too :) I have been trying since Jan but really for 6 months of really trying. I had my first RE appt on the 10th of Oct and was supposed to go on Clomid this month but has a huge cyst without any meds on my ovary. They want to wait until it goes down on it's own since my estrogen levels are nice and low during my period. I will wait with you guys and be your buddy!


KY - October 25

hey me! somehow this whole temping thign has been blown out of proportion with everyone running around thinking they're ovulating because of a slight change of temp. Liek u said it s wrong haf the time! I wish i could go on clomid as everyone seems to do so well with it. How do they discover you ahev a cyst? I have not been checked at all. I ve just been told to try until MAy 06!!!


JND - October 28

Hi everyone!! I was on BC for 4 yrs. and stopped in May,because I feel like I have accomplished all of my goals in life such as graduating college and buying our first house and now we are ready to start our family. Never dreaming that we would have difficulty. In May we stopped being careful and TRYING not to put so much thought into this because it seems as though when you want something so bad it doesn't happen. My first period after May wasn't until the mid July and then again mid Aug. so i was so happy thinking that my periods were becoming regular again. Well, then mid Oct. I lightly spotted for 4 days. Thats when I decided to make a doctors appt. because something just wasn't right. I didnt' want the doc to think that I was over reacting but if something was wrong I needed to fix it. They did a PT at the office and it was inconclusive so they had to do a blood draw. He says that the light spotting was my period and he wants to start me on Provera Nov. 21st if I don't start my period by then, then Femara after that and the HCG trigger shot and then a vag. US. Has anyone done all of this before? Yes, the blood test was neg. I don't understand why the UA would be inconclusive rather then just neg. I feel like this is consuming my thoughts all the time.


Staci - October 28

Hey girls! I would love to join. My lunch break is almost up. I will my history later today when I get home! Baby dust to all and I hope you all have great weekends!


JC - October 30

I would love to be buddies with some or all or anybody! I have been trying for over 6yrs! I didn't go to the doctor till this year because I figured I just wasn't doing something right. They said my right side is partially blocked and the left side is fine. So, that means every other month I should be fine. They want to do a lap but I am scared. I don't know why they don't do some meds first. I'm scared that I will go in for surgery and they will take out more then they are supposed to and I will not be able to have kids! Everyone around me has and is having kids. I'm 29 and finally found the man of my dreams so we want a family. I don't want to be a disappointment because I'm "broken." If anyone has any suggestions, please offer them. I will do the same for everyone! **Baby dust to all** [email protected]


To JC - October 30

Things will be fine they do these procedures all the time! I emailed you as well! Hang in there girl! You aren't broke, there is just a little dust on the bottle! That's all! Just a little bit of house keeping and things will be back to working order! ;)


JND - October 30

Hi JC! Welcome...have u talked to ur doc about meds 1st? What did they say. U aren't "broken", as u can gather from this website it doesn't seem to be as easy as we all thought it was going to be. Thats why it is wonderful to have found this support to help US through our hard times. I added u to my buddy list. KIT


JC - October 30

Thanks! I am trying to get rid of all the dust!
JND - it's like she doesn't want to hear anything I have to say. I just started going to her so I guess I will find another. She is pushing this lap and that is not what I really want to do just yet. I don't want the risk of having a tubal or ectopic later on down the road and loose those tubes. Then I'll really feel "broken!" I'm glad to know I am not the only one dealing with this frustration! I'll add you to mine too!


KY - October 31

hey girls, Lots of newbies :) great to here you all support to offer, and there is support being given, I'm sure everything will be fine in ur op, i wouldnt worry. I have been very bad food-wise the past week, ive been eating healthy for months and the past week has been take-aways!! :-o So back to beign good tmrw jsut in time for halloween! How are you all getting on with bd'ing etc? We've been a lot better because we have finally convinced each other that the more confident we are the more chance we'll have .... I'm happy with that! I have got the clinic on the 17th on nov, so we are so excited to actually get examined"!!! :) Well, im off to bed now but i hope you are doing well and have a good day tmrw. goodnight ~~*~*BD~*~*~*


Staci - October 31

Hey girls! Just a little info on me. I have PCOS and very irregular periods. My dh and I have been trying for almost a year now. I just started Clomid cd 1-5, and I am taking 1000 mg Met. I am hoping this will get me ovulating. I will keep you all posted.


KY - November 1

when did u start clomid ?



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