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Kristi1 - July 31

Hey Shauna, I am here today. Had a pretty quiet weekend. I am on cd16 today. O'd yesterday according to my temps. Hope everyone had fun on thier trips and Shawna, cant wait to hear if you ever tested again!! I will check back later....


Kristi1 - August 1

Hellloooo, anyone out there??? ;-) Shawna, are you back yet??? Did you test again or did AF show??? How is everyone else doing???


Shawna1 - August 1

Hi girls, we got back last night, but I was too tired to post anything then. Well, today is cd3 for me. I had a feeling if AF was coming it would show up on this trip. I guess all along I had a gut feeling about all this and I am starting to trust my gut feelings more and more. I really wanted to thank the 3 of you for all the support you offered over the past few days. This first period without the clomid, has been quite painful. I am still having some horrrible cramping, which is really unusual for me. If I get cramps is just the first day and maybe some on the second day and that's it. So that is a bit odd. It makes me wonder, with all the symptoms I had, if perhaps I was a little bit pg and it just didn't take. Anywasy, I was really upset Sunday when it showed up, but I am ok now. I refuse to take clomid again. Since I did get my period on my own, it shows that I am obviously ovulating on my own. I will call and see about the hsg again. Last time the lady told me to call again with my next period. So I will do that and let you all know what happens. But that is enough about me. Where are you all at in your cycles? Anything promising yet? I check in later! Take care!


Shawna1 - August 1

Wow, where is everybody? So I finally got in for an hsg. It will be next Tues. Aug 8th at 11. My dr will be the one doing it, so I will get the results right away. I can't believe I am actually excited about this. I have to go into a mediclinic on Sunday or Monday and have a pregnancy test done and have the note signed by the dr stating whether or not I am pg. So the wheels are finally turning and I will rat my hubby out to the dr as well about him refusing the sa. Hopefully he is able to talk him into it! Talk to you later!


Kristi1 - August 1

Hi Shawna, I have been here, but for some reason when you posted the first time it did not kick it to the top, or at least it didnt look like it did, but we posted so close in time, i just assumed it was my last post and no one else had posted yet so I didnt look at it again till now. how funny. Well, AF showing is NOT funny though, I am sorry, I was really hoping for you this month! But the HSG thing is exciting, at least you will get "cleaned out" even if your tubes are clear. Make sure to take some extra strength Advil or Tylenol or something about an hour before your appt, it really helps with the cramping.... Well, did you have fun on your trip despite the AF cramps? I hope you had a good time. Not much going on with me right now....I am on cd 17...I think I O'd on cd 15 according to drop in my temps, but I had another slight drop today, and that has never happened, usually after I O it just keep getting higher, have never had it drop again. So I will see what tomorrow brings....


Shawna1 - August 2

Kristi, that's funny because I missed your post as well! So you haven't had any signs of o yet? Shouldn't you have o'd already? This whole ttc business is so frustrating. I feel really bad for those of you that are ttc your 1st baby. If we never have another child I can at least feel blessed with the one I have. Shauna, how did bding go with all those kiddies in the house? Isn't it a scary story about that boy found in Kipling? Isn't Whitewood right outside of Regina? Stepmom, when do you get back from your holidays? That's it for now. I really just wanted to bump us up! Have a great day!


Kristi1 - August 2

Hey there! Shawna, I am on CD 18 today and I'm pretty much for sure that I O'd on cd 15, so I am 3dpo and just waiting.....Not very hopeful as we once again did not bd on the day I O'd.... about ready to take a break, I dont know. getting frustrated with the whole timing bd, the clomid, the temperature taking, the constant thinking about it..... I think we need to just take off for a weekend and go do something fun and not even think about it....our anniversary is coming up in Sept, so maybe we go do something...... Hope everyone is doing well!!


stepmommel - August 2

Well, I'm back from Wyoming. Had a great time, but was so ready to get back to my dh! Good news... for the first time for as long as I'm aware I actually ovulated!! Of course it was while I was gone, but we still have a chance, as dh and I bd'ed before I left on Friday, and I O'd supposedly on Sunday. So, hopefully they were strong little spermies and survived the wait! Now I'm spotting though. Not sure if breakthrough bleeding comes two days after O or not so I'm a bit perplexed about it. Either way, I'm just so excited that I actually O'd because I finally feel like are efforts are worth something! Shawna, I'm so sorry about AF. I hope I didn't contribute to your being let down.. I was just so convinced! I'll try to behave more next time. Sorry! I hope the HSG works for you. It worked for a friend of mine. She got pg the next week! Just had her baby last week in fact. Well, I hope everyone else is well. Krisit, looks like we're still real close in our cycles! Take care all.... it's good to be back!


Shauna - August 3

Hey ladies...SHAWNA...Whitewood is about and hour and forty five mins from Regina. Yes, it is scary tho. My 8 year old has been walking to the 7-11 for about 6 months now and since the kidnapping I dont even like him being in the front yard alone. I am way paranoid. Kipling is not very far from Regina tho I think...I hope that guy rots in jail. .........And SHAWNA...sorry to hear about AF showing up....I was so hoping that you would come back with really great news....Kristi...I am not far behind you....CD16 for me....I have 7 kids this week and the bding is on...very quietly but on. hee hee. STEPMOM...welcome back...sounds like you have good news with Oing this month...YAY!!! I am good...very busy but good. A couple of girls on my other thread have become really good friends on the forum and both just happen to be going to the same state for the same week at the end of August....so they are planning to meet....we are all really excited for them...one is pg and the other has been really supportive of her....more so than anybody else on the thread. So that is really taking up alot of my brain power right now...cant wrap my brain around it. Its really cool. TTYL ((((( MY ANGELS))))))))


stepmommel - August 4

hey, where is everyone!? Nothing to report.... just wanted to bump us up. Hope you're all well....


Kristi1 - August 4

Hi everyone, not much to report here, just still in my tww..... Mel, it does look like we are really close in cycles....I am 5dpo today. Well, I have lots to do today, so I will try to check back later. If not, hope everyone has a great weekend!!


Shawna1 - August 4

Hey, so I still have my period?! I guess I am used to the three day period I always had while I was on clomid, but 6 days seems a bit ridiculous. Kristi and Mel, do you guys have a long weekend this weekend? Shauna, do you have any special plans? We will be at home. We picked up some book shelves from Ikea last weekend and we are anxious to put them together and put all our books out instead of keeping them in boxes. Those are my big plans for the weekend! Kristi, one question about your hsg, did you have a lot of leakage afterwards? I have read about people needing to wear pads because the dye runs out of you for a few hours afterwards. I just want to be prepared. Have a great day ladies!


stepmommel - August 4

No, I don't have a long weekend Shauna. I'm looking at my calendar and it shows "Civic Holiday" coming up. Never heard of it. What is it? I'm assuming it's a long weekend for you, so enjoy! Kristi, were you on a break from bding last month? I don't recall. Any chance this could be your month? This is my first true 2ww and I'm just wishing I had some sort of "symptom" but I'm not noticing ANYTHING except sore bbs but as far as I can tell, that's just from having O'd. And it's fading each day more and more, so it's probably no biggie! Well, take care all....


Kristi1 - August 4

SHAWNA, I had a little bit of discharge afterward. I just wore a pantyliner the rest of the day just in case, but I really dont think much came out after the initial standing up from the table - as soon as I stood up it ran down my leg.... Nice huh. Anyway, I also had just a little bit of watery pinkish spotting right after as well which is also normal. So I wouldnt think you would need a thick pad or anything, but I would definetly take or just wear a pantyliner when you go. Just be sure to take some pain reliever an hour before you go!! I didnt have any major cramping, but you cramp when they inflate the balloon to keep the fluid inside, then I had light AF cramping for a few hours afterward. Other than that, it was no big deal really. No, we dont have a long weekend....not until the first weekend in Sept, then we have Labor Day weekend. MEL, no we have not taken anytime off from ttc. I keep talking about it, but I never do it..... If no pg by Sept cycle, then I am being sent to RE, which my dr said takes 2 months to get into see, so we may take a break during that time. I hate the tww...it seems to last FOREVER. AF should arrive around Aug 12-14...my cycles usually range 28-31 days so I never know exactly when it is going to happen. They say implantation does not occur unitl 8-10 days AFTER O, so I dont know what your spotting would be from.... Well, everyone have a great weekend!


stepmommel - August 5

Yeah, the spotting has me baffled. I'll be telling the doc about it when I get my lab results from yesterday which confirm whether I did O or not. Keep us posted about Tuesday's HSG Shawna... I'm excited for you. Wish I could have one as I've heard such great outcomes! GOOD LUCK! Have a great weekend!


Kristi1 - August 7

Hi everyone...Mel, did you get your test results back yet? I am on CD23, 8dpo and waiting....still. Not much to report here other than that I suppose. AF should arrive this weekend so we will see..... Well, talk to you all later!!



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