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stepmommel - September 15

Shawna, so sorry to hear about your FIL. I'll definitely keep him in my prayers... and your other two guys too! Kristi, hope everything goes well for you on Monday, I'll be thinking of you. Keep us posted. Shauna, I hope you are feeling better. Elena, how have you been? Are you still with us? Well, have a great weekend everyone. I'm going to see Cyndi Lauper with a bunch of girls from work tomorrow. That should be fun - we NEVER go out together, so it'll be a fun first! Talk to you soon... Oh, and I didn't take my Provera today. I did take a HPT just in case and it was negative, but its only CD5 so it's still early. Why would I all of a sudden be having a LOT of mucus, does Provera cause it? Cuz my spotting stopped too, but I'm having more mucus than ever before. It's weird. Sorry, TMI.


Kristi1 - September 16

Shawna, I am so sorry to hear your FIL! I will keep you and your family in my prayers.... Just keep up the hope and help him get through this.... I dont know if I ever told you guys or not, but my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer 5 years ago, she went through a lumpectomy, chemo and radiation for almost a whole year and has not been cancer free for 4 years, so just keep praying and make sure he does everything the Drs reccommend and make sure he has good Drs too! Please keep us posted on how he is doing... Mel, I dont know what to tell you about your spotting and all that.... did you say you were cd5?? so did you count the spotting as AF....? i am confused ;-) Elena, Shauna, hope you are both doing well.... I will check back later this weekend....


stepmommel - September 16

Sorry Kristi, I wasn't paying attention as I typed. I meant to say I was 6DPO, not CD5. OOPS. So, still nothing's changed on my end. I don't know how your mom does it... that must be so incredibly stressful living with cancer for so long and not being free of it yet! That must be a LOT. Well, I wish you all a wonderful weekend. I'll check back when I can, but in the meantime.... BABYDUST!!!!


stepmommel - September 16

Hi ladies. I just thought I'd add a little something about my experience with the monitor from this month. I started Clomid the same time I started using the monitor. The first month I used the monitor, it showed a peak right around mid month and I did O at that time. This month (month 2) it never showed a peak, just HIGH. Then after about I think two weeks of being High it apparently gave up hope and didn't require me to test anymore, and went back down to Low . I'd naturally given up hope too, but now fertility friend (where I track my temperatures) shows that I Ovulated one or two days after the monitor gave up! So, talk about frustrating, first it never showed a peak, but then it gave up a day or two too soon when in reality I DID ovulate, just later than it expected and now I can't let it know that I did O! ARGH!!! Anyway, just thought you might like to know another quirk. HEY TAMMY!! :)


stepmommel - September 16

OH MY GOD I'M SO BLONDE!! Sorry... I meant to put that on a different thread! Ignore that.


Kristi1 - September 18

Hi ladies...Well, my post about mom says she has "not" been cancer free....I meant that she has NOW been cancer free for 4 years!! In other words, the cancer has been gone for 4 years now, after 1 year of battling it!! Sorry, and here I was trying to make Shawna feel better with my moms story, and I made it sound like she has been fighting it for that long rather than been free of it for that long!!! Shawna, I hope you FIL is doing well, the surgery was today right? We will be anxious to hear how that goes and you and your family will be in my prayers. Mel, its ok about the mis-post ;-) How funny... Shauna, where are you?? Hope everyone had a great weekend...I will going in for my lap in about 2 1/2 hours...I have to be there at noon, so dont know exactly when they will get to me, but I cannot eat until this all over with and I am starving!! No food or water or even gum since last night at midnight till after this is all over with!! Oh well....I will check back tomorrow and let you know how the lap went....


Shawna1 - September 18

Hi Everyone! Thank you so much for your nice words, it really means a lot! My fil has his surgery booked for 9am, so in about 15 minutes. He was in really good spirits this weekend so I'm sure that helps. Kristi, I knew what you meant about your mom, I'm glad she is doing well. Mel, that is so funny! What monitor are you refering to? There is a couple of other posts about the clearblue monitor, is this the one you are refering to? How do they work? It is so cold here right now. Shauna is probably hibernating! This morning it was only 3C, so low 30s for you guys. BBBRRRRR! A city about 3 hours away got 10cm (almost a foot) of snow last night. That is so crazy. We never get snow this early. The last few winters we haven't gotten snow until November. This really sucks. I'm begining to forget the warmth of the sun! I think we should start a new thread. Anyone interested? Good luck again Kristi!


stepmommel - September 18

Good luck Kristi... you should be in there or maybe even done by now... hope it's going well and that you get to eat real soon! Let us know how it went. Shawna, it's the Clearblue fertility monitor and you basically pee on a stick and put the stick in the monitor and it detects when you're going to O. There's a LOW reading, a HIGH reading and a PEAK and when you are at PEAK it means you will O in a day or two. It's supposed to be more sensitive than the OPKs and it learns your cycles and warns you in advance when to test and when it's not necessary... or at least it's supposed to. We'll see next month how well it works for me. Can't imagine it being so cold there - it's like 90 degrees out today! How odd. Well, have a great day everyone. Baby dust****


Shawna1 - September 19

OK, I guess I will start the new thread. I am going to change our name again, but I will still put angels around it so it is easy to spot and this time they will look like angels. How does the Clomid Club sound? I think with a name like that,we might be able to get more people on the thread, what do you think? I'll set up a new one for us and if you don't like it we can change it to something else.


Shawna1 - September 19

OK I lied, our new thread is called Fertility Journey and it is accompanied by a clever illustration of a sperm swimming towards an egg ~() ~(). Who will be the first to comment???? Kristi how did your lap go yesterday?



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