<i><i><i>Waiting For Our Angels<i><i><i>
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Shawna1 - July 26

Can you tell those are angels? That is the only important question I can think of right now! Just kidding! Read on!


Shawna1 - July 26

An Angel Poem Just For Us!
I am a tiny angel
I'm smaller than your thumb;
I live in people's pockets
That's where I have my fun.
I don't suppose you've seen me,
I'm too tiny to detect;
Though I'm with you all the time,
I doubt we've ever met.
Before I was an Angel,
I was a fairy in a flower;
God, Himself, hand-picked me,
And gave me Angel power.
Now God has many Angels,
That with His eyes and ears and hands,
We become his special tools.
And because God is so busy,
With way too much to do,
He said my assignment
Is to keep a close watch on you.
When He tucked me in your pocket,
He blessed you with Angel care;
Then He told me to never leave you
And I vowed always to be there.


Shawna1 - July 26

Ok, my angels suck. How about these ones.....^i^ ^i^ ^i^ ^i^ That's pretty good, I think.


stepmommel - July 26

Yeah, those second angels are a bit better. But that's ok. The first ones aren't all that bad! LOVE that poem! YOu might wanna put a reminder of the title on the last thread though. I had to go searching again cuz I couldn't remember exactly what it was. How are you feeling today?


Kristi1 - July 26

Great new thread title! A new thread is always refreshing.... ;-) Love your agnels by the way.... Not much to report here, on CD 11, starting bding yesterday, so I still have a looonnnngggg wait. Again. I too love your poem...I copied it to send to some of my friends. Hope everyone is doing well today!


Shawna1 - July 26

Please note, I did not write that poem. I found it on the internet. There was no author name to accompany it. So, I'm feeling a bit queasy this morning. I know I am definitely thinking too much about this. I will not test again until next week sometime, if AF doesn't show up. We are leaving tomorrow, for a road trip with some friends and hopefully I will be able to take my mind off everything for a while. I can't even escape from it in my sleep. Last night I had a dream about being pregnant. I had a little baby on each shoulder and they were going back and forth saying, Yes you are, no you're not! Taylor told me he heard me say stop during the night. I hope everyone is doing well. I'll check back later, probably not until tonight. Have a great day!


Kristi1 - July 26

Shawna, have a good time on your road trip and maybe it will help to take your mind off of things at least for a while. Make sure you post when you get back and let us know what is happening!!


Shauna - July 26

Shawna...you ARE over thinking it !!! Its cute tho. Have a great time on your trip. Nothing new to report here....just bding alot and I also trying to eat better foods...was eating too much chips and pop. Loved the poem!!!


stepmommel - July 26

So, when are you returning from your road trip Shawna (and where are you going)? I'll be leaving to visit my sis in Wyoming on Friday (after getting a quick bd in before catching the plane!) and won't be back until Tuesday the 1st. my monitor still hasn't shown a little egg yet, but we'll be starting some serious bding tonight since we're risking O happening while I'm away and dh is at home! Hopefully it comes before I leave, or waits until Tuesday. It'll be interesting trying to take my temps and use my monitor w/out my sis noticing. We're trying to keep it a secret until we get the BFP and she's the type that asks EVERY time she talks to me... "So, are you pregnant yet!?" not even realizing I"m trying! ANyway.... Try to enjoy your road trip Shawna and get your mind off stuff. Good luck with the bding Melissa! Shauna, you too! TTYL!


Shawna1 - July 27

We are driving to Edmonton leaving tomorrow and coming back on Monday. I will make a dr appt when I get back. I tested with a First Response. Mel, who is Melissa? Thank you all for your encouraging thoughts! Have a great weekend!


stepmommel - July 27

OOPS! Brain fart! Sorry. I was talking to Shauna, but somehow mentioned Melissa... must've just finished talking with the melissa on another thread. Sorry for the confusion. Just testing you to be sure you were paying attention.... Congratulations! You were!! ;) Have a great trip Shawna & B safe! Hi to everyone else. Gotta run for now!


Shauna - July 27

STEPMOM...you are too funny ' BRAIN FART' I did the same thing on another thread. lol. Not much to report...just sick with a cold....so fun...NOT. Hope your vacation is great SHAWNA and STEPMOM...hope your O shows for you when needed. ELENA...hope everything/one is really great. BABY DUST AND TUMMYRUBS everyone.


stepmommel - July 28

Well, I'm off for Wyoming. I'll miss you ladies. Will try to sneak on with my sister's computer, but it isn't likely. We'll see. ake care and I'll be in touch when I get back!! BYE!


Kristi1 - July 28

Have good time Mel!! Not much to report here, just doing the bd thing this weekend. Shawna hope your having fun, Shauna hope your feeling better. Elena, thinking of you and Luke and hope you are doing well. Will talk to you all later!


Shauna - July 28

Hey so almost everybody is gone but wanted to keep us at the top yah know....lol So Kristi what are your plans for the weekend? Elena...hope you are great. Keep that little guy in there as long as you can. hee hee. Shawna and Stepmom...talk to you soon. Baby dust !!!


Shauna - July 30

Hi all. Nobody around I guess.!? O well. Hope your trips went well and talk to you all when you get back....I am CD11 today


Kristi1 - July 31

Hey Shauna, I am here today. Had a pretty quiet weekend. I am on cd16 today. O'd yesterday according to my temps. Hope everyone had fun on thier trips and Shawna, cant wait to hear if you ever tested again!! I will check back later....



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