+LH For Nearly 3 Days Now?
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sherry - January 4

i have never had this before. anyone get a + lh test for 2 1/2 days straight? this is one weird cycle!!



annette - January 4

hi Sherry, i too get positive opk for days. they say that might be the surging up and down of the hormone. some people wont catch it while it goes down.


annette - January 4

i meant 2 days...


d - January 5

Not sure if you looked at another thread. but i got a postive 8 days ago. and now the line is getting dark again for me. mine went down after ovul ( thought me o'ing early was a fluke). and not it looks ot be going up again. just have no idea what is going on with me.


lilly - January 25

I usually have lh surge 2,5 days.This month CD13 faint lines, CD 14 dark lines and CD15 just in morning very faint lines.As well dont know what it means, with doctors they think it is ok.Im naturally ovulating and not shore if this is somehow conected if you have more follies to pop out.Good luck.



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