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Dreama - June 15

We're dual Military (Army) actually I ETS so no more Iraq for me. I am ready to TTC. Even got off the Depo. Today I am planning the surprise party for hubby. So far so good. Yeah she is a good friend but just the feelings came back for a second, but otherwise I AM Okay :) Talk to ya soon. 10:49pm here and jerry is about to come on lol Take care MelissaS. :)


Amy - June 15

Yvette, I feel exactly what ur going through. I feel like I am being punished for something. All I want is to have a baby and maybe I dont have the patience I should but no one is perfect! It seems like no one really understands. I just want a baby


MelissaS - June 16

Hi Dreama, if you want to chat my e-mail is [email protected] Hope you have a good party. :-)


Dreama - June 17

Will do MelissaS. :) The party was great. The only weird thing is that I ovulated on the 14 or 15th of June and now I am sick. From 5ish am to right now. Sick to my stomach. but otherwise I am okay. Will email ya soon take care.


MelissaS - June 17

Are you on clomid?


Chris - June 17

This is going to be another tough weekend. After 5+ years ttc, I finally got pregnant with twin girls. It was the worst pregnancy ever, I hyperstimulated, had "off the charts" afp levels, so they thought they had spinal biffita(sp?). Then I went into labor at 23.5 weeks. The were barely over a pound and did not make it. My best friend and I were six weeks apart. Now she is planning her baby shower. It feels so wrong to be so jealous of your best friend. To top it all off, I went on provera to start trying again and went in for my day 3 baseline and now have a huge cyst on my ovary and had to go on bc. I'm really down today, and not sure how I am going to help dh through this weekend. But I do feel better getting it out. Thanks for listening.


AMY =anonymous - June 18

Hey. sorry been a while. things have been busy and stressful. i am glad that no one was mad at me for venting like that. i just could not hold it in. thanks though for understanding me. that is all i really want. someone to understand me. you know, i am due for my period around the first. my hubby and i have had unprotected sex quite a few times this month. he had bought condoms for us to use, but just got to where he did not use them. could that mean anything? could he be trying to tell me he is ready now? what do you guys think? please reply. thank you.


MelissaS - (also Mel) - June 18

Hey Chris. I'm sorry to hear your story. That is very tough. We are all here for you!


Dreama - June 18

Hey ladies. I actually did clomid last year. It only gave me mood swings, sweating alot!! very very hot, and other side effects also. All is well just waiting right now to see whats next. Check in later gals tc:)


Jill - June 19

Amy, he could be showing that he's starting to be okay with it. Some friends of mine did the same thing, she wanted one but he wanted to wait. But he only used condoms sometimes. Now she's preggo. Look at it this way, it's his choice. Let me know if you get pregnant!! I'll be excited for you!


MelissaS - June 20

Hey Dreama. I posted to you on the other forum. But, I am SOOOOO hot also. :-) Glad to hear you in the 2ww though. ****Baby Dust****


Amy - June 20

Well, i do hope he is getting more ok with it. I know that he and i have had unprotected sex quite a few times last week. now, the first day of my last period was the 4th of this month. By calculator, i should have ovulated between the 16th and 18th. That was last week. He done the pull out method like twice, came in me twice and then today, pulled out. 2 out of all those times, he had started with a condom and ended up taking it off. so, i guess being that we had sex quite a few times last week and that was the week for me to ovulate, then i could have a good chance to get pregnant? I am due for my period again on or around the 1st of july. which, that is my birthday by the way.:) the only thing i am not understanding is friday i went to the bathroom at work. having really bad cramps thinking i was gonna start way early. when i wiped, there were like 3 freckle size spots of light light pink. i went and got a pad just in case. nothing else after that. then, this morning, my hubby was fondeling my breasts and nipples and said, you just might be pregnant. I asked him why, and he said that i was lactating. is that even possible? i mean, i just ovulated between the 16th and 18th. i am only lactating from my left breast. could that be a sign? or could i still be lactating from when i had my son 3 years ago? i do not know if that is even possible. lol. but, i do know that i am lactating. whether i am pregnant or not. lol. i am just confused. sorry if i did get somewhat personal. but i just wanted to mention everything going on right now. incase it might help out with giving me some advice or just someone elses opinion. it could not be anything to worry about though, could it?



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