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Yvette - May 29

Christina, I know exactly what you mean. Everytime I pass by Motherhood at the mall I get so depressed. The worst is getting invited to baby showers over and over again. I always think to myself, when will I be here shopping for MY baby. I try to stay positive and thankful about how lucky I am in other areas but it's very very hard. I really did think I was preg this month :-(


Anonymous - May 29

Hello ladies. I understand how everyone feels. I do have a 3 year old son. I want another baby, but my husband is not ready. I have waited and waited for him to be ready. Finally, about a month ago, he said he is considering it. Still, i am waiting. I had thought about how much i wanted another baby every minute of every day. Finally, i just started trying to lose weight and start tanning. It does kind of help take my mind off of it. Not completely but a little. My step sister had a baby in march, my sister n law had a baby in february and now, my real sister is due any day now. It is really hard on me. I ware myself out with work, then get home and exercise take care of my three year old, cook and clean. I try to keep myself busy to keep my mind off of it. It is really hard though. Like when we have sex, i pray that i will hear him say ok, i am ready and just not get a condom. I am let down though. But like i said, i try my best to keep myself busy. It helps also to get on here and see what others have to say. I know that i am not alone. I want you guys to know that you are not alone either. I wish everyone the best of luck. Take care and baby dust to all.


Crystal - May 30

I had a horrible weekend! I found out that there are two ladies in my family that just found out they are pregnant, and I was at a cook out with another one that is about 4 months along. I am happy for them but it is just hard being around pregnant women. I just wish it was me ya know. Do you guys think I am being stupid or is it hard for you guys to be around pregnant women as well.


anonymous - May 30

crystal, i don't think you are being stupid. i am the same way. i have a stepsister who just had a baby in march a sister n law that had a baby in february and now, my real sister is in the hospital to have hers today. it is really hard on me. i try my best not to think about it, but it is so hard. i am happy for them but yet in envy. wishing that it was me. so i know exactly how you feel. the problem with me is, i want another baby, but my husband is not ready yet. i have been waiting since december of 2003. he just told me a little while ago, a month or so ago that he was concidering it. he does not talk very much about it though. i wish he would. it would probably help me out you know? but you are not being stupid. don't think that ok? it is normal. it seems to me that the more you want a baby, the more it haunts you. i do not mean that in a bad way, it just seems that when you really want a baby, it is all around you. understand. it makes it so hard. try to stay calm though. please. i am trying to keep myself busy. work, tanning, exercising and other stuff. it helps a little bit. not 100% though. it does keep me from going completely crazy though. lol. take care crystal.:)


Crystal - May 30

Thanks Anon. What makes it harder is to see couples in our family that just got married get pregnant right away. I am like urrrggghhh. I just want a baby lol. My husband and I are both ready! It will happen in gods timing!


christina - May 30

i have a friend who just started trying and constantly questions me on concieving and this and that, i feel like saying please shut up in a polite way but i am going through the worst of surgeries and procedures and dont need to hear cnstant badgering about her situation which isnt one being she just started trying i know its hard on everyone, but it cant be so dramamtic if let down after only 1 month, i am sorry i just feel that way cause its been years for me and my husband and i was just food shopping and had to leave asap after listening to a women in front of us brag about how exciting it is cause she is pregnant, i am trying to stay positive but eems hopeless right now, we literally tried everything, so i just dont know thanks for listening! all my best!


Dreama - May 31

Ok, I am back from vacation with hubby. We needed to get away from all of this! Being in military surroundings Overseas can be miserable. That's all I see IS PREGNANT females! The Unit always having mandatory babyshowers, how silly is that? Good thing I am no longer apart of the army. I am so frustrated! I created this Venting session because as we all know hardly anyone listens to us when we cry out for an EAR. My husband is always saying " it will happen, dont worry" argghh if only he knew that I thought different. I get tired of seeing pregnant women telling me I SHOULD wait!!! Also Women with children telling me girl you should wait, they a handd full. Jeez tell me something I didn't know!!!!! I have a cousin who had two children taken away by the state. My Mom won one case and could only get her youngest child. That was 10 years ago. She had him since he was 4 months old. but the biggest problem I had was her prostituting and doing dope while pregnat both times. I will vent later ladies take care +*+*+**+babydust*+*+*+*+


stacey - May 31

I need to join in here if I may...I had a m/c in Jan- after being off the pill for only 2months. I was 8 weeks along when I
m/c. Now I can't seem to get pregnant again and my cycles have gotten really long. This past cycle was 46 days!!! I think it was a bit longer b/c I had a bad cold right as I was going to ovulate, so it pushed it back, but still...at this rate I won't even ovulate again until the end of June! It really makes ttc hard when you have to wait a month and a half to try again- and other people can ovulate twice in that same time! I am sooo mad and have been trying everything from temps to that dumb clear blue ovulation monitor which I found out won't work for me b/c my cycles are tooo long. I didn't find that out until after I bought the damn thing! Whew thanks for letting me vent :)


Dreama - June 1

No problem Stacey :) We all need to Vent and let it out sometimes. I have heard it was rare to ovulate twice a month for some women. Which is weird cause sometimes I dont even know I ovulate. Doc says I do but i dont feel no egg white all the time. IT IS DRIVING ME NUTTS!!!! I wish I could talk to my best friend about my situation but I cant because all she would say is " dont worry, its ok, give it time" Arggghh So sorry ladies I am at work right now cant write to much. But take care *+*+*+*+BabyDust*+*+*+*+


stacey - June 1

Dreama- I don't think people really do ovulate more than once a month, but I was sick at ovulation time and so I never really ovulated at that time- my body ovulate later. I take my temps, so it is easy to know when I actually ovulate- my temp goes up after I did.


To Anonymous - June 1

We Know its you AMY just say your name!!!


TO KC - June 1

PLEASE DONT STOP calling on your brother and sister in law!!! Thats not right for them kids to live in somthing like that! they can get very sick!! and just lead to problems in the long run!! Please do all that you can for those kids they don't have a voice you are all they have to talk for them!!!!! GOD BLESS. milissa


To KC - June 1

Hi KC. You can call the local police, and if they view the situation they can take the kids away from that situation. Please protect those babies. They were born into that situation, but that doesn't mean they deserve it. Melissa


Jill - June 2

I just want to scream!! Okay, girls, just listen to the whole thing before you judge me. A friend of mine had a stillbirth back in January. She and her boyfriend weren't trying to get pregnant when they did, and she didn't start getting excited until about a month before he died. After the funeral and everything, her boyfriend said he wanted to wait until after the wedding (in June) to have another baby. That way, they could pay off some of their bills, and she would be on his insurance. But after about a month, she really started putting the pressure on him to have another baby. When he finally caved, just to shut her up, all she's done is complain every time she starts her period. I know what their problem is, but I won't say anything because it just annoys me. They just don't have sex enough at the right times. But it just irritates me that she couldn't wait a few months to have real (and very good) insurance instead of Medicaid. And that she never says that she just wants a baby, she just talks about how she has all the baby stuff that's not being used. I feel bad for her, and I've tried to be there for her to talk to. Am I wrong to feel like this? I just wish she'd find someone else to complain to about not being pregnant, she knows she has no problems getting that way. Maybe everyone thinks I'm a horrible person now, but I had to get that off my chest.


Dreama - June 2

*frustrated* Yeah same here Stacey. I cramp when I ovulate, sort of like AF cramps. Arghh the frustration. Why can't I just start now?? I dont wanna wait til I'm 50 to have children. Being in Germany helps alot thought, because IVF is only 1300 Euros here. I was like WOW but then my RE gonna tell me I am too young to consider IVF ??24?? I am young but not stupid. If I wait now it maybe to late to try later :(


Stacey - June 2

Dreama- I didn't know they could tell you that you were too young for anything! I thought it went by how long you have been trying! Can you try another dr?



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