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Dreama - May 26

If you need to VENT do so!!! Seems like you're all alone with this struggle or NOBODY cares? Been trying forever. FEEL free to vent and lets support eachother. I feel pain too, I feel loss and I am hurting with YOU. Take care ladies. We will Get through this!


Melissa - May 26

OK, even on shows where a woman dies they have to make sure she was PREGNANGT. Then, I'm watching a skin care commercial last night and half the women in it are pg. Hubby turned the chanel before i even got to the point. I'M HATING THIS 2WW. I know it's God will, but it is so hard to be positive.


Melissa - May 26

By the way, I just wanted to curse and call them all names!


Crystal - May 26

I am in the waiting period too. I am on cd 8. I have one more day of clomid then it will be a few days until I start the opks. then we will go in for 21 day test. then wait for af ........ughhhhh I hate all this waiting.


Yvette - May 26

Sometimes I feel like I'm being punished for something. It just seems so easy for everybody else to have babies. It's very frustrating to hear friends & family members say "We weren't even trying to get pregnant." They usually suggest i just not think about it as much but this is hard when you have to keep track of what cycle day it is, what pill i have to take, etc.


Crystal - May 26

I hate it when people tell you just dont think about it. I am like HELLO I have to take this pill for ten days then another for five and then one 3 times a day every day. PLEASE ANYONE TELL ME HOW YOU DONT THINK ABOUT IT????????


Jill - May 26

The bad thing for me is that my sister (who has been ttc #1 for over a year) tells me that I shouldn't be upset, I just just be grateful that I have one. I am grateful for my son, we just wanted one more to complete our family. I know it's worse for her; she's been trying longer than me, and they have no kids, but that doesn't mean that it isn't hard for me, too. We don't talk often because it's just too hard for both of us. It's hard for her because she's older and doesn't understand why her little sister gets a baby and she doesn't. But she makes it seem like I have one so I shouldn't say anything about not being able to have anymore. Why can't people understand that infertility, even if you already have a baby, is still painful?


Yvette - May 26

Hopefully all this is just something we are all going to look back at someday and realize how hard it was for us, but that will only make us love our child even more! Best of luck to all of you & God bless.


Cutie - May 27

Its nice to come to this site and realize that you are not alone and just VENT............My DH is supportive but he gets upset when I cry when I get a BFN.... I cry at every little thing. I am so tired of WAITING and just PLAYING THIS GAME every month. Crystal I agree with you so MUCH.... How can you not think of it, when you do count the days, do take those pills and DO WANT TO GET preggo, while you see other people pregnant and they didnt even want to become... like my sis in law..... I dont hate her and I am happy for her, but I cant stand to see her because I get very FRUSTRATED....NOBODY CAN UNDERSTAND ME and TODAY is just BAAAAAAAAAD :( Sorry ladies


J - May 27

If 1 more person says 'relax & it will happen' I will hit them!!! Not that long ago they were in the same situation - have they forgotten already??? I work with a young girl who had an abortion approx 6 months ago - ok mistakes happen, but she's just gone & done exactly the same thing again - why is mother nature a bitch sometimes?


christina - May 27

oh my gosh i agree! with the relax stuff and stop stressing or putting so much stress on your self! after 8 years i think stressed passed me already so that theory people need top stop! or it willhappen, be patient, i will be 100 at this rate of being patient!or you think about it too much, how can you not....well thats my vent for now, awaiting my let down in a week and half! cant wait,lol......thanks for listening ladies!


Kelly - May 27

Okay, I need to vent too! I took 50mg of Clomid this month and found out Tues. that I did not ovulate. My progesterone was 5.7. I have now got WAIT and start wed. June 1 on provera, WAIT to get af, then WAIT to day 3 & start clomid, then WAIT for cd 11to begin dtd, then WAIT to get bloodwork to see if I ovulated, WAIT on the results, and WAIT to see if af comes again!!! I am still under my obgyn's care. So, I am also WAITING to get referral to re if the 100mg don't work. I sooooooo feel like giving up sometimes! It is so painful waiting and being disappointed every month. Even more disappointing knowing that the meds are not working either! AHHHHHH!


Kelly - May 27

Oh, I have one more thing to add. I feel like such a failure! All I want is to give my husband a child. Of course I want one to just as bad. But I feel so defective!!!


Cutie - May 27

Kelly, I understand you.........
I am not on any meds except herbs-ovulex (one month only) My periods were irregular before and its getting better now.,..... but its so frustrating.......I feel like I am deformed in some way or defective like you said...............................yeah its life.........up's and down's .............I feel like crying everyday it just SUCKS, I agree with you that I want to have a baby thats ALL that I want...... LOTs of Gods blessings your way


KC - May 27

What really upsets me is seeing couples having children and not taking care of them. I Know your not supposed to ask why God does what he does. Ex. my brother and sister-in-law have 3 beautiful children which they do not take care of. Both smoke in the house around them ages 8, 18 m. and 9 m. She does not clean or cook there is fleas, dog and cat hair and even feces on the floor, dried food on the highchair, dirty dished piled in the sink and covering the counter. The house smells real bad. I watched them recently (at my house) and there was even dog hair on the inside of the diaper bag(gross). The 9 month old still sleeps in a basinet and the 18 m. old sleeps in a playpen. They do have 2 cribs however they are too lazy to go upstairs to care for them. The 8 year old is only spoken to when he is misbehaving so he misbehaves for attention. She has had him to doctor after doctor trying to get him on medicine to make him "not so active" they all keep telling her he is not hyperacitve. She doesn't make him supper after school he grabs whatever he can find out of the fridge raw hotdog slice of cheese who knows. My mom and I have tried talking with them but they don't seem to care. They say they love their children but I think they need to get their priorities in order. Ex. The day they were supposed to bring their son home from the hospital ( he had to stay 2 weeks on because 1 month premature. Due to her smoking) that same morning they called and sceduled to have a new digital cable installed and was late picking him up from the hospital. Here I am TTC 2 years 3 miscarrages to have my first daughter. I have been TTC over 1 year and just had a MC at 7 weeks. It just isn't right. There my brother and his wife have a 9 month old infant who can't even sit on his own because the only thing she does is lay him in the bassinet or put him in the highchair. I am sorry this is so lengthy but you did say lets vent. I have called Social Services on them but they can not remove the children unless they are in danger. A dirty home and lazy parents are not a good enough reason. How do you deal with a problem like this. I thought of watching the kids on my days off but I think this may be harder for me knowing what they are going to go back to.


christina - May 28

i went yesterday to see my friends baby and god bless her she is absolutely beautilful! and holding her all i could think is when is it my time? why not me? all that, and all i do is cry, yet i try to get through each and everyday it still on my mind 24/7! i dont know what else to do....say...etc.....and i am absolutely dying to wear maternity clothes, and be pregnant, and set up a nursery, and be parents! i cant deal anymore! i feel like someone who keeps taking an exam that i keep failing and redoing and waiting to pass or fail and i am going nuts! i often feel like a failure....and then i also look on the other side of things, i have a wonderful supportive family, my husband is amazing, we have a wonderful home and our pets,lol....so at the same time lots to be thankful for, but want that extra additive to be complete!


Yvette - May 29

Christina, I know exactly what you mean. Everytime I pass by Motherhood at the mall I get so depressed. The worst is getting invited to baby showers over and over again. I always think to myself, when will I be here shopping for MY baby. I try to stay positive and thankful about how lucky I am in other areas but it's very very hard. I really did think I was preg this month :-(



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