I have PCOSi dont get a period without provera, any advice?
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zora - January 10

I have Pcos and my husband and I have been trying off and on for about two years. I have taken two rounds of clomid and it only made me depressed and rude. My periods are non existing except with provera. The first round of clomd I did get my period the next month ,but my husband and i didnt bd enough(hes in the military). I am really becoming depressed because I want a child so bad. I am thinking about taking glucophage and see if it helps i am also overweight and I am trying to lose weight to see if that helps with periods and ovulation. My husband is gone with military again but comes home sometimes on weekends, I just want to have regular periods so that I can begin a normal cycle of ovulating.


me - January 10

My RE said that the combo of metformin (glucophage) and clomid helps PCOS sufferers, but if you aren't getting regular periods, than Provera is the way to go. From your statement above, I am assuming your dr is not monitoring you on the clomid? The reason being that if you are not responding properly to the meds or if you are responding too weel and being hyperstimulated, it is not a good thing. You should be being monitored while on the med. When you are monitored, maybe you can time the bd sessions better with your hubby when you see the mature follicle being ready to release your egg. If you only have a certain time frame with your hubby being away, maybe you can time taking the clomid along with that, since you have to use provera to jump stRt AF anyway. I would ask your dr what you can do in that respect. Are you definitely releasing the egg on the clomid or are you using an hcg shot?


Tibby - January 10

After I started taking Metformin I started getting my period. And I still take it now 1500mg a day. And when I did start I lost abount 15lbs. fast.


JAZZY - January 20



ZORA - January 25

any other advice will be appreciated as well//now taking metformin


B - January 29



Bimshire33 - January 29

Hi, I too have PCOS and have an irregular cycle. Metformin was recommended and I did try, but unfortunately it made me ill, so I discontinued use...everyone is different, so please do not let this put you off. Am now trying Ovulex to see if this will regulate AF/help me ovulate and help me to concieve as I've heard good reviews so far.



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