hought it was AF-but then realized pregnant?
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ann - November 4

DID anyone think that they had AF but then only to discover that they were really pregnant ? why does that happen and when ? and how did you discover that you were actually pregnant ?


Mega - November 4

That's true, however there are some women on this board who already have 1 or 2 kids & are having trouble TTC the next one. Someone on this board might have a story to share with Ann. I don't, I'm still TTC #1. Good luck Ann!


Anna - November 4

TO Dear Ann: That's not entirely true. I've been on these forums for a while and am now finally pregnant, but I like to stick around and offer encouragemnet and see how others are doing. Some of the women on these forums have been pregnant before, too. There's nothing wrong with this girl just asking-there might be someone who has some advice to offer. TO ann: When I got pregnant and implantation was occuring, I had many normal PMS s/s. Bloating, cramping, feeling like af was going to start, etc... I 100% thought my af was going to start, but it never did. I didn't have any bleeding, though. It's not uncommon for a woman to have an af right after she becomes pregnant. I think it's normally lighter and shorter, though. I'm not totally sure because I've never experienced it, but this is what I've read from other women who have experienced it. Hope this helps and good luck!


ann - November 4

who ever wrote the first post-those words were not necessary. i have been on this site for months. and i CAN NOT get pregnant. but i have been following other peoples posts. some have children, some have friends, which EQUALS a story to share. i am not forcing one out of you !!!!!!!!! i was just curious. i happen to read other posts. i just dont go posting things like you---that frankly are unkind and useless information for me and others. i am not dumb. i knew what an infertility board is for. !


Mega - November 4

Ann, I thought of another story for you. I have a friend who has 2 kids & she had her period all 9 mos. with her first one, in fact she didn't even know she was PG until like her 2nd trimester. And I think she said she had a couple of periods when she was pregnant with her daughter too. So yes, from what I understand, it's not that uncommon to confuse pregnancy with AF.


sherry - November 5

yes ann yes!! i had clomid with an iui, and i thought for CERTAIN, af was coming, and it did not work. i had no doubt about it! the af feeling was stronger then i can even describe, i was checking the toilet paper constantly for blood. almost even put in a tampon just in case. comes to find out i was in fact pregnant, and i had that af feeling till about 6 or 7 weeks in, and thought for sure i was going to miscarry just from the af cramps and such, but nope. so good luck to all of you, and remember, pregnancy can easilly resemble af feelings, and symptoms, so don't count yourself out till the fat lady sings for sure!! now we are ttc again, au-natural for awhile, and i know to be sure i don't jump the gun if those pains start happening, it means nothing. hugs to all, sherry


kathy - November 5

has anyone actually bled blood ? i am not saying just the af like cramps and stuff- i mean actually had something that resembled af ?


Justine - November 6

Ann - I did IVF-ICSI and have just given birth to our first child via it. I thought the ICSI treatment had failed because I had massive stomach pain, worse than normal period pain, though starting 1 week before period was due. I also had pregnancy symptoms - cravings, large nipples and vaginal discharge. I got a strong positive on the day my period was due. Kathy - I didn't bleed until week 6 - but I bled 10 times between week 6 and week 14 red and brown, sometimes heavily, often for 2 days at a time. So you can bleed and be pregnant/not be miscarrying. I had many light periods though when ttc at the normal time and was never pregnant until we did ICSI. Some women do get light bleeding called implantation bleeding around the time of a normal period though. I'd do a pregnancy test to be sure, especially if you have other pregnancy symptoms - white/yellow vaginal discharge is one for example. Good luck ttc.


to dear ann - November 7

What is up with you...don't discourage women from this site...pregnant or not we all need help here...take a chill and bring your negativity somwere else


Dear Ann - November 7

I owe you an apology. Please allow me to explain. Two of my good friends found out they were pregnant last week, neither of them were trying. I had just gotten off the phone with one, when the other called. They were both going on about easily they got pregnant, how the timing was so bad, basically complaining about such a wonderful thing. I kept thinking to myself, how can you not be happy, what's wrong with you? After I got off the phone with them, my son crawled onto my lap and said that a friend of his was going to be a big brother, and he really wanted a baby sister. I was ready to lose it! So I came onto this site knowing that there were others like me and knowing I would find support here. Your post set me off. You have every right to post here and did so looking for the same support I was seeking. Please feel free to have my first post removed and good luck I hope you find the answers and support you need! :-)


ann - November 7

to dear ann-- do not worry about. it is just really sad that i feel that everyone around me is getting pregnant. so i guess i seem to hold on to every hope that "things just happen naturally ". i am ttcg oing into my 8th month. for my first child. it is tough.really tough. and yeah-sometimes i feel alone . i was born in new yourk. at the age of 24 after college i met the love of my life and moved to italy. we have been married for over 2 years now. so sometimes i feel so alone.and no one to speak to. i do not want to bother my mom and sister with this-because they live in new york and i do not want them to worry about me . so i just wanted to post a useless question , just to share a story, nothing major.


Dear Ann - November 7

Your question was not useless, look at the response and support you received. I've never felt more hated!!! My husband and I conceived our son without trying. He was a surprise. I guess people assume that if you don't have difficulty with your first, it will be easy the second time around. This isn't the case!!! We have only been trying 3 months, but it is really frustrating. If you feel like you want someone to talk to, please post your email address here and I will send you an email. I would post mine, but I am afraid I might get some unwanted hate mail regarding my first post!!! :-)


ann - November 8

well--my emotional roller coaster just got worse. i just had af 2 weeks ago !--and guess what is back ---af again. or something like that. the weird thing is i dis not get my usual cramping in my right leg. ohhhhh god help me ! i swear i feel like a mess. my cycles were crazy -then they started to adjust themselves and now they are going nuts again. maybe i should stay away from ttc---for a bit.


Mega - November 8

Could it be ovulation spotting? Ever get that? Just a thought. I know how trying & difficult this TTC roller coaster can be. If you had AF 2 weeks ago, it sounds like timing wise it could be reated to ovulating, but I don't really know how your cycles run.


ann - November 8

mega---my cycles have always been irregular. they range from 24-to 35 day cycles. -so it is like i never really knew when af is to arrive. ...i basically knew at times only because i get an ache in my right leg (upper thigh). -which i have not gotten yet.but i did bleed a bit today (enough for a panytliner). i am sure whatever it is it will be full blown tommorow. i am no longer hopeful. too many dissapointments lately. but- i wish the rest of you girls the best of luck !



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