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N - June 29

I have a question about some nipple discharge. I am not pregnant I do have children though. I can express clear to yellow discharge from my nipples, its not larg amounts but it's there. I also have white spots on my nipples as well. I have no lumps or anything like that. I did have a m/c a month and a half ago, but I don't think that would have anything to do with it. My cycles also changed after my IUD removal. They went from 29-30 days to 35 days. Doc said my ovarys feel fine. Any advice, or do any of you have these problems? Thank you.


merlee - June 29

N. I don't know from experience but a lady I work with had nipple discharge from only one nipple about 2 months ago and she got freaked (she's not pg), and her doc said that every women at some point in there lives will have some nipple discharge not related to pg and to not mess with it - it will go away. I don't know if I believe all that but it did go away. Another thing it could be is from a high prolactin which can cause breast tenderness and possible discharge. Your doc can test for this.


Amy - June 29

Hey, I am doing it too. Just from one nipple, the left. But, mine is white. Someone told me that there is a medication you can take to take care of it.



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