? for anyone w/ strange af or/and PCOS
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LN030905 - February 21

I thought I finally started my af yesterday on cd 73..it started with unusual brown discharge, though..when normally (which means nothing) begins with pink and then into dark red. This brown was kinda watery at first. I came home, looked..my pad was completly dry and the brown was now really stringy and light on the tp. It has since completly vanished. I was wondering if this oculd be a sign of PCOS? i started temping this morning bc I was unsureo f my days..but should I go ahead and count yesterday as cd 1 or should i wait to see if anymore bloodflow comes?


Daniela - February 21

Hi LN.... I feel your pain.... I am on cd 82 and still no sign of AF... I have PCOS and am waiting for my cycle to begin so that I can begin my first round of Clomid ( 50mg ).
I'm not quite sure... from what I keep reading it should be your first full day of AF. I would wait a couple more days and see. What has your dr said about provera and inducing AF??? for some reason my dr said he would rather .... AF come naturally..... and if it keeps up this way... it could be another 2 or 3 months before it shows up... :-(
Not happy..... I can't handle this waiting game. Are you to start Clomid??? I am sorry I don't really have much info to offer... but, I hope it helps..... looks like we are in the same boat..... How long have you been TTC?? If you wanna chat.... Baby Dust!!!!


thayward7 - February 21

Hi! I have PCOS, but I'm wondering... I have the brown discharge stuff too... but only since I've developed a polyp. Do you think you could have a polyp? You could ask your doctor to check for you. Hope that helps! Smiles and Babydust... T


LN030905 - February 22

Thanks girls for replying..I do research online and make myself soo nervous! thayward-what is a polyp? I dont know if I could have one or not..Im still waiting to get into my Dr to find out about possible PCOS. I made an appt at a clinich for Tuesday. I hope they can tell me something. I make myself a nervous wreck! Daniela, I would love to chat with ya! Do you have a myspace acct by chance? Mine is myspace.com/lerinr, but its set to private. I went off bc a yr ago last month..so, its been about 13 months. My af's have been irregular since going off of it. My Dr had prescribed provera for me over the summer..I really dont like to take it. I had been drinking parsley tea and hoping that it provokes it, it did the trick, but now I am thinking that somethings going on, so maybe I should just wait til i get into the Dr...ahahhh! do you have any children yet?


kdlovesrd - February 22

Hi ladies -- I decided to read this thread & thought I should reply. I am currently 58 days in & no sign of AF and my OBGYN put me on Medroxypr to induce AF but hasn't worked. I've taken HPTs and 1 Blood HCG Test and all were negative. The OBGYN said I didn't have any problems and appeared to be "normal" so I am not sure if I could still be PG or if I might have the PCOS disorder you all were talking about. The last time I had AF, it was 50 days before it showed and now its on day 58. I haven't had any discharge like y'all but more the clear egg white stuff. I've been using OPTs and so far they are showing up as if I am not ovulating. I am also supposed to start my first set of Clomid tablets when AF does decide to show...if ever!


Daniela - February 22

Good Morning ladies..... how is everyone today? I hope good. Hi LN... glad to hear you made an appt. I hope all is well... keep us posted. I don't have a my space acct. You have tried drinking parsley tea?? and it worked?? I'm now 83 cd and no AF.... getting a little impatient... just want to get onto my first cycle of clomid.... I don't have any children... this is our attempt for our first. And you?? Hey KD... looks like were are all in the same boat here. How long have you been TTC? do you have any children? What cd are you to start clomid... ? dr put me on cd 5-9. Well... I am going to give the parsley tea a try and see... but, if nothing in a couple of weeks... I have to get my dr to get this show and the road... hopefully he'll give me either provera or medroxypr??? we see.... I'll check back with you ladies later... have a great day! Baby dust to all.... good luck ladies.... AF... will show up sooner or later.... cheers to sooner than later.. :-)


LN030905 - February 22

morning! Kd..I dont know much about PCOS, but I just feel like it may fit what my body is going through. I never realized how common it is! Maybe ask your Dr about it at your next visit. I also, have tons of ewcm, KD...but dont seem to be ovulating. Daniela, yup, I have tried the parsley tea. You just boil some parsley (dried or fresh, but fresh works best), strain and then drink it. I put a lil honey in mine. Give it a try! How old are ou girls? Im 22..and depressed that Im so young and having troubles gettig pregnant..lol. oh well, it will happen sooner or later, one way or another :) It is sooo nice outside today. I live in IL and its been soo cold and snowy, but its finally warmed up and sunny outside!! I have spring fever!


kdlovesrd - February 22

I'm 27 (will be 28 in 4 months) and I live in Texas! We've been having beautiful weather!

PS - I feel awful this morning! In the mirror I am all red & splotchy and look like I'm getting a ton of heat bumps on my cheeks from all of my hot flashes lately!

I will definitely inquire about possible PCOS.


kdlovesrd - February 22

I've been TTC since October 2005. I have no children yet, unfortunately! Tomorrow is my 1-year Wedding Anniversary, wishing I was PG to give that as a "gift"! :) I'm supposed to start the Clomid tablets on the 5th day of my cycle when & if I ever get it!


Daniela - February 22

Hey all... I am 31 and I am in Toronto, Canada..... and have been married 11/2yrs... have been TTC for almost 1 yr.. my dh is 38...
I am definitely going to try the parsley tea today.... and see what happens... hopefully something.
Don't be depressed think possitively .... it makes all the difference... stay positive and keep yourself busy... ( I should take my own advise.... LOL ) Happy Anniversary KD.... keep your head up.... all will work out... it always does some how.... sticky baby dust..... sending hugz... talk to you ladies a little later.... Daniela


LN030905 - February 22

Hey girls..well, guess waht. I started af today..as soon as I got to work. Its pink, too, so I hope it sticks around and turns into red..and doesnt disapear. Im kinda nervous about my dr's appt, now..I think they will probably want to do an internal, and if im bleeding (ick), but im already off that day and I dont want to reschedule. Hoepfully it will be really light by then.


LN030905 - February 23

Good Morning! Im getting ready to head to work, but wanted to post first..my af has disapeared AGAIN!!!! What the heck girls!? Im starting to get kinda worried now...thank goodness for that Dr's appt next week..did af come for any of u?


Daniela - February 23

Hi ladies... good afternoon.....
Hi LN... really glad that you have that dr appt... I really am not sure..... Still no AF for me.... cd 84 and still counting.... grrrr.
I started drinking parsley tea last night.... lets see what happens.... anyways just wanted to stop in and say hi.... I will check in a little later.... have a great day! and a great week-end if I don't have a chance to say hello.
Baby dust!!!!!!!!!!!



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