do insurance cover clomid&sonogram?????
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gigi - October 20

can u please tell me that if insurance cover clomid& then sonogram or it comes under infertility???as i paid $1000 for my hsg and it will be very tough for us to go again....but we have to do it. how much 5day 100mg clomid cost?


Mega - October 20

Hi Gigi. The amount of coverage for inferitility varies plan to plan. At least here in the US it does. Plus it can vary state to state too. Some people (a lucky few) have full infertility coverage, some (like me) have diagnostic coverage but drugs & procedures have to be funded out of pocket. I was lucky, all my u/s's and my hsg was covered, but I have to pay for all drugs
(except the Metformin) out of pocket. I paid roughly $45 for the Clomid, I'm also on 100 mg. of it. Good luck. I hope this helps!


gigi - October 21



Kristi - October 21

My insurance does not cover Clomid either - I am using Clomephine and it only cost me $25 for 5 day 50mg. I will probably be having an HSG also, my insurance will not cover it if is turned in as "infertility" but if my Dr will turn it in as something else like "irregular periods" or "endometriosis" them my insurance will cover it.



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