*DH w/ Diabetes(on insulin)*
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AMS82 - May 10

I am just starting to try for a baby this month, my DH is an insulin dependent diabetic, I have read on some sites that that can be a factor in male infertility. Does anyone know anything or advice? Please....


eden - May 10

Hello AMS82. How long has your dh been diabetic. My dh is also insulin dependent, but was only just diagnosed 7 years ago. My concerns were the same as yours, but my RE does not seem concerned. He does have a low SC however. Does he ejaculate? I know there is a concern for retrograde ejaculation with diabetes (sperm going into bladder).


KDR - May 11

what does your doc say? as long as blood sugars have been well-controlled, hopefully, dm shouldn't be a problem.


AMS82 - May 11

well we have not talked to a fertility dr. we just are going to start this month. his medical dr. said that his sperm count is probably low. any suggestions for products to help that? I was just concerned by reading the info on the web. he has had diabetes for 12 years and on insulin, diagnosed at 15yrs old. eden- i have read about the retrograde ejacualation- I am unsure about that. i will have to check on that. is that something that can be fixed? is blood sugar is well controlled based on the quarterly blood work he has done that shows the ranges his sugar runs. thank you for your response.


KDR - May 11

Yes, the a1c test indicates how well controlled his blood sugars have been overall. Hopefully, he has been able to keep it < 7%. That's an average of less that 170 at all times of day. I don't think your doc should be jumping to the conclusion there would be a fertility issue w/ your husband simply b/c of his has diabetes. As a person w/ Type 1 diabetes myself, I get frustrated with doctors blaming everything on diabetes w/o properly evaluating all symptoms. Good luck w/ everything and take care!



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