~Any helpful ways to get PG~, But no clomid or drugs?
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Alissa - June 15

I have been trying for # 2 for about 6 months and nothing yet..is there any Wives Tales or anything you know of that has worked for someone? with out clomid or drugs? My cycles rage from 35 to 41 days and I have done the charting thing..thanks


Alissa - June 16

Okay" no one knows of any????


Drew - June 16

I think the only way without Clomid or anything is the charting. Unfortunately there is no sure-fire way to get pregnant. Good luck!


christina - June 16

hi i wish i did, i could use the same advice cause i tried it all i just dont get pregnant, best wishes


Alissa - June 16

Thanks christina :> I have read a lot about this Ovulex and there is not enough support to back there company up for me to start taking it! Then I have read about Women Vitamins you can get them at GNC or a health store? So I think I will check that out this weekend. Some women have gotten pregnant right away after taking them?? Who no's but I'm willing to see :)


J - June 16

Have you thought of getting an HSG done? My radiologist told me that it can increase your chances since the dye can "clean you out" if there is anything blocking your tubes. My regular doc never mentioned that part to me at all. There is a great thread going on on this topic if you would like to learn more. I had mine done on 6/10 so I am very excited about the results. Good luck!


Cass - June 16

Hello, I actually just wanted to tell you all I came across a really interesting website, It talks about studies done and about the actual fertile window... Its pretty cool, it might help som eo f you who are ttc. It is pubmedcentral.nih.gov when yo pull it up it will say search for article and type in Fertile Window, if you have problems getting it let me know and I will try and find a better way of pulling it up... Have a good day!!


Cass - June 16

On that article again, that should work once you type in Fertile window it will be article number 1, underneath the description click on full text and it will come up.


Alissa - June 16

Thank you very much J & Cass I have no INS right now so I cannot do anything with the doctor's so I am trying to find other ways...thanks I will check out the site :)


Dawn - June 16

Hi Alissa! I know if something that may help! I couldn't get preg for over 2 years. I heard of these herbal supplements formulated by a nutritionist and I called him and he sent the herbs to be and I was preg in 2 1/2 months. My son will be 2 in August. I am now trying for #2 also after a m/c in April and decided to give the herbs a try again. I have several friends who couldn't get preg and they took these herbs and were preg in less than 3 months. They really do work. They are all natural and no side effects. If you want more info I would be more than happy to email you! You can email me at [email protected].



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