ANTIBIOTICS are OK in early pregnancy?
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patrizia - May 28

hi- i did not get my BFP yet but i will be testing in a few days since i am 7 days late. but i have really bad asthma bronchitus. so my DR. but me on amoxocillan for 3 days with a chest decongestant. i told him there may be a possibility of being pregnant- but he said that is ok. because it is not a long duration therapy. has anyone used antibiotics in early pregnancy and what was the end result? did everything go well? i am ttc for 14 months with many ups and downs.


aish - May 29

if dr. said it is ok even i had nitrofurabid(antibiotic for UTI infection) last month while ttc doc told me that it is safe drug u can search in google ...



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