***what's a good follicle size***
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lifequest - August 11

Just wondering what is a good follicle size and what is too small or too big for IUI?


slowpoke01 - August 11

i had 3 follicles this time 22,21,20 my doc said that he liked to see them between 20-25 hope that helps you out some


Mega - August 11

Drs vary quite a bit as to the follie size they like to see. My RE will trigger when my follies get to be like 18 to 19 mm, but also they continue to grow up to 2 mm a day even after the trigger shot. I think my RE is afraid to wait too long to trigger that's why he's so conservative. I have heard other people say that like Slow's RE, their RE prefers 20 + mm follies too. So like I said it varies, but I'd say 20 + is ideal. However, I've also heard that in same cases follies as small as 14-15 mm can contain a mature egg, you wouldn't want that small of a follie to be your primary follie though.


slowpoke01 - August 11

yes mega i have heard the same thing and also i have heard alot of women say that their doc stimulates at 18 or 19. lifequest when are you ahving iui? will this be your first?


whynotme - August 11

I second Mega and Slow about the sizes. My RE likes to see them above 21 mm.


lifequest - August 11

Hi ladies, thanks for your answers, and advice. I just got my trigger shot today...it's my cd12. So tommorrow will be my IUI. My husband is doing a spermwash. This is my 2nd cycle, with Follisim (Puregon). Now another thing that boggles me is that the first time I did this, have my trigger shot, my Dr. did 2 IUI and 2 spermwashes. Well my Dr. is out of town for a while and another Dr. is taking his place. He seemed really helpful today when I say him, just that he said we might not do 2 IUI in a row. Maybe just tomorrows. He said that 1 would be enough....but we'll decide after he's reviewed my b/w and u/s tomorrow.
He said it won't increase my chance at this point..What? One Dr. does 2, now this one is saying just 1 is good enough...Hmmmm?


tynadu - August 11

Well everyone I have good news and not so good news. Lets start with the good news! I went to my RE for an U/S and he said my Overies are nice and plump and in good shape. And the clomid is working, but I will need to go up a dose next cyc. to 150mg ...Thank GOD!! The not so good news...All of my (10+) beanies are small to med. but he said he will give me another U/S Wed. CD16 to see if the 2 or 3 bigger ones grow to the right size. If they don't I will take the provera and end this cyc. Oh yeh I have beanies on my left and right overies.


andy - August 11

hi _ I think anything above 20 is good , although the bigger the better , I had 1 a 25 and one at 23 mm and lots of little ones and got pg with one !!!! Good Luck !!!


lifequest - August 11

andy, You got pg. on IUI...and had 2 follies to work with. The sizes do sound good! What meds were you on? Did you do a spermwash? How many IUI did you do in one cycle? tynadu good for you, good luck!



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