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Tracy88 - July 26

You know, I did speak too soon when I said the cramps were much better than in the past. Day 1 was very mild, but day 2 has been painful. I can say, a little less painful than before, but not much. I guess I am just destined to suffer until menopause. I better get a nine month break soon too. Maybe this AF is kind-of painful due to surgery??? Wishful thinking, I know. I'm glad to hear you made an appointment with your OB D. Is it OK if I type "Dee" instead of just "D"??? The reason I ask is because when I type just the letter, I feel like it gets lost within all the other words. Let me know. I also don't mind the new thread name at all. I think it's cute and functional all at the same time. Well, I am going to browse the net for crib bedding to go along with my nursery theme. I don't do it often, but occasionally I get in the mood to look. Check back later.



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