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CC - July 11

Lynn/Lori, I just remembered...BB7 tonight..I just saw a commercial for it while working. WHOO HOO..


Tracy88 - July 11

Lynn, the "magic spread" comment sounds like something my DH would say. Two nights ago he came down from taking a shower and confessed to spanking his monkey and said, "I just didn't know when I was going to get it again." He'd absolutely kill me if he knew I told you that. Yep, I am healing nicely, too nicely in fact. I am trying to milk this thing for all it's worth, but I am just too damn functional. Today is probably the first time I can say, that I feel like I could have gone to work if necessary. I don't have to work until next week though, so I am just milking this cow until she's drier than the Mojave desert!!!! Anyway, gonna get back to watching more TV. hehehe


d - July 11

TRACY--I am LMAO at how you put it in words on here. Make sure you delete the history on the pc and all offline / online internet folders. cause he might be able to see it from those things.. we don't want him getting mad at you.


CC - July 11

Tracy-that was hilarious! Thanks for the laugh today! Keep milking this cow-you deserve it. Force yourself to stay down and not do anything!


Lynn - July 11

hello.....gosh, i feel bad i did not share my story but...it is a long one so VAL in a nutshell...i have been trying since before we got married (3 years ago tomorrow). I m/c in July of 04 (thought i was going to die..sorry for yours) and i had emergency surgery to remove an ectopic (tubal) pregnancy in Sept. of 05. After many failed IUI's, clomid (ugh), femera and injections....i was giving up. i left my dh take matters into his own hands in May of 06 and....i am 10 weeks pregnant with #1. I am 38 and dh is 37 (in Sept.). Okay girls...i am doing a theme called "peek-a-pooh and you can find it at babies r us. it has been in my mind since my pregnancy in 04. i feel it is fate since the theme is still there after 2 years. the room is a soft yellow (all over) and the border is going to go a little above chair-rail height. my mom is purchsing furniture so i told her once i made it to the end of 1st trimester i would look. dont get me wrong, i have peeked already and have a general idea. okay, i did not get tot he nursery today. i woke up at 3:48am with a touch of the migraine. i took my 2 tylenol and is has been a battle all day. i could have taken more meds at 11am but i have decided to do it on my own. so i am going to tackle the room the rest of the week. LORI, i am so glad you are going on your trip. just a little time for you and dh would be good. let us know how it goes. EMM and D....way to go girlies on the BDing. i am telling you...dh did this little schedule and he now thinks he should market it for our dh's. he was teasing. he is a believer of preseed also. he told me to tell you your dh's will like it. JCR, my in-laws have a pool and i keep telling dh that we should go float in the pool. i also told him we should get a membership for the Y so during the winter when i am my biggest, i can go float. SHAUNA and ANDREA, hope you girls are okay. TRACY, milk it girl. i took a week off work and it was great. i only had 3 holes in me (LORI...wow, so many). my dh did lots but no laundry..i did it when i was better. i had to laugh about spanking the monkey. i believe my dh would die also if he found out about sharing that. i used to tease him all the time about thinking about doing that when he had a wife and could get it regularly. needless to say...he has said, you teased me so much now i dont want to, i want the real thing but now you wont give that up to me. he is waiting so nicely for tomorrow. LOL. i think after my LAP i finally resumed BDing 2-3 weeks after. CC, i am so geared up for BB:all-stars. I want to see what the veto is and who leaves first. RE visit on monday...make sure you post as soon as you can after. do you have your questions written down? well, i am hungry for cereal for dinner. tomorrow is our big date. check back later.


maknyle - July 11

Good evening all. I had a touch of CM today, so we made sure to BD before he went in for the night shift. We were in a big rush, but we were able to get it in record time. I know that it is the good CM because we didn't require preseed this time. wink, wink. I was totally not in the mood at all either, so we will get it in tomorrow evening too. Today should be cd 18. It could be 19 though, but either way. I am just paying attention to my body and BDing when she tells me to. It is funny how husbands are. Chris thinks we should BD every day after af is gone. I just don't know if I could do it. I mean I guess I could give it my best effort, but sheesh. Oh, for those of you who didn't see Lynn's days...she practically did BD every day. She should be our hero. Nothing else going on. Just checking in. I missed the Big Brother boat, but oh well. Kaelan is watching Scooby Doo anyway. Ciao!


Tracy88 - July 11

Lynn, it's ok to not want to pick out your furniture yet, but here's a little secret.....I'm not even PG and I already know what my nursery is going to be like. It's off the wall, and hard to explain, but regardless of whether it's a girl or boy, it's going to be a science theme. We have a planet mobile at Pottery Barn Kids, so I am going to have that hanging from the ceiling, and have things like equations, etc....stenciled on the wall. I know a baby is too little to grasp any of that, but we want our child to be immersed in math and science since DH is a geek and does algorithms all day. We want to inspire curiosity and make sure our child grows up understanding the nature of the universe and doesn't fear math. I know.....we're a little nutty. Lynn, you are a little ho for putting out every single day!!!! Got you PG though, so I'm definitely not knocking you! Sorry you had a headache....oh how I am afraid of that. Not being able to take anything but Tylenol for a migraine is going to be a challenge for me. I really am scared. Lori, I'm also glad you and DH are going to take some time for yourselves. I'm sure it's just what he's been needing. To the rest of you ho's....keep your legs up!!!


CC - July 12

Lynn, your nursery theme sounds so cute! I will have to take a peek @ Babies R Us online and look at it..I love the yellow color too for the walls. I know what you are saying about waiting to really look/buy furniture etc..More fun for you to have in your pregnancy later! Tracy, your theme sounds very cute too. I have never given it much thought really. Dont want to put the cart before the horse as my dh would say (at least thats what he says about names sometimes)..My SIL and Mom both told me they think my baby is waiting to come until we have a name for it. Are they insane?! Add a little more pressure why dont you! I had to laugh that two people actually told me that. Lynn, I do have all my questions written down. Thats how I know I have so many! EMM, your post made me smile. My dh thought the same thing when we 1st started ttc about bd'ing right after AF each and every day. Im with you, we never did it for a full 28 days after AF, but what do I know! Lynn is the pregnant one, not me! I dont think I could handle it though. I like it, but not that much! I think Lynn is really my hero in that department.


Lynn - July 12

LOL, a ho...never really thought of myself as that. girls...i can say, i was NOT always into BDing everytime dh said we were. i promised myself that i would let dh run the show in May knowing we were doing an IUI one last time in June. so girls... (EMM) just give it up once to what dh suggests. my rationale was he did everything i asked when we were seeing a fertility doctor and did not complain once so i could not justify complaining on trying it his way. so..if being a ho works...girls, i encourage you all to be a ho. Okay.....TRACY, i can honestly say prior to BFP i would get migraines and would be in bed all day. this is the first time since being pregnant that i got one. the tylenol did take the edge off but it had some pain to it all day. i did take a 2 hour nap which helped. i think if you got your BFP you would be able to withstand lots more than you think. just remember when you did not think you could tackle the non-smoking and look at you now. i think your nursery sounds cute. i have seen so many and each one is a personal reflection of the parents so....yours will represent you both also. D, how is it going? CC, BB:all-stars is on......i am not going to tell you anything. LORI, i love seeing toddlers dance it is soooo cute. JCR, SHAUNA, ANDREA, VAL...how does it go?


maknyle - July 12

So, I am terribly bored. I even wrote in my online journal. I don't know if you guys do that or not. I have a journal at thelaboroflove.com. It is nice. The only thing is they have disabled the guestbook feature because some idiots write crappy things on there. Why someone would write stupid crap in someone's ttc guestbook is beyond me. So, now there are no messages. But it is still a nice place. There are a ton of categories too. Kaelan has entered this phase where he doesn't go to bed until 9 or some times later. It was really awesome when he went to bed at 8. One would think that he would sleep later in the morning, but no way. He is still getting up around 7 or so. Oh the joy of having a toddler. Pretty soon he will be a preschooler. Sad. I don't want him to grow up. Talk to you all tomorrow. Time to go show him who is boss about bedtime.


andalvy - July 12

Hi everybody, and welcome Val. To review my story I have been married for 11 yrs and never used any contraceptives. I had seen many DRs. over the yrs and they all told me things like that I had ovarian cysts and a tilted uterus and that it would happen in time. I finally had enough of not really knowing so in June I had an HSG. What they found was that my right tube was completely destroyed by a condition called a hydrosalpinx. That is when the tube is massivley dialated and full of fluid. The left tube has some damage but whether or not it can be fixed is questionable. The DR who made this diagnosis then washed his hands of the case and so I am back at primary care. Now whats new. I talked to my primary care people today and they said the last DR told them that the ONLY treatment is IVF and said nothing of the pain problems that I had reported to him at all. Once I explained the WHOLE situation to them they were awesome and I got the soonest appt with the womens health DR that was open (the 27th) and lots of advice on dealing with the pain until then. Thats all thta is going on here. I'm glad to see that things are going well for the rest of you. Later


Tracy88 - July 12

I truly hope that noone got offended by my "ho" comment. I was kidding and just wanted to make you guys laugh. We are married after all. Andrea, glad to hear that you have gotten some sensitivity on the pain issue. I cannot imagine how hurt and pissed you must have been with that crappy doctor. Lynn, I think your nursery is going to be so cute and definitely a reflection of you too. I know my idea for my nursery is off the wall, but I want to do something very unique and give myself the opportunity to be really creative in that space. Emm, sorry you were bored....now you know how I feel. I have not been able to exercise for a while now (knees, back, surgery) and really don't feel good enough to focus on a book just yet, so I stare at the TV endlessly. This sinus infection has had me kind-of dizzy from the pressure that has built up, so I don't feel much like reading, which I love to do. I just watched a documentary on the future of food. Very interesting and angering. It just verified why I eat organically, etc....Well, I am just rambling. I am going to lay down yet again.


CC - July 12

Lynn/Lori-BB7..How funny was that whole thing w/ Will and Howie?! I was laughing so hard..I also laughed a lot when Chicken George and Howie humped each other on the slip and slide. Oh, it really felt good to laugh. Howie is hot!! He has a little bit of man boob, but he has a great body and his face is really cute. His personality would be funny for the 1st few weeks, and then it might grate on the nerves, but I like him. Im w/ Howie, Will has done a total 180 as far as his looks from his season. I am saddened by him, but I think Howie can take his place in my lust catagory. I hope Allison is gone!!


CC - July 12

Andrea, so glad you checked in-I was wondering how you were and bumped your post up. Im glad you have an appointment this month, and hopefully can get some answers and a plan in place. Although what the Dr who diagnosed you did was crappy, I think it was a good thing. Those things happen for a reason, and you dont want someone like that treating you anyway. EMM, I will have to check out that web site. I write a lot, I find it really theraputic. Is it something that everyone can read? If so, I may be better off sticking to my own writings at home, but I like the idea of it. Did you show Kaelan who was boss?! Tracy, I knew you were kidding about the ho comment. No worries on my part. Are you still taking antibiotics? If so, that should help kick your sinus infection. Speaking of being bored..Does anyone have any reading/book suggestions? Im looking for some light/fun reading, nothing hardcore, to help pass the time after the egg transfer when I have to be in bed for 3 days..Im going to order some books on Amazon soon, just wondered if anyone had any favorites they could suggest.


LoriB43 - July 12

CC - BB was funny tonight. It did feel good to laugh! Howie is good looking, partly due to his personality. It cracks me up how he is "after" Will. I hope though that it is mainly because he wants to mess with Will's head. I actually laugh now at how full of himself Will is! In the lust department - I have to turn my head for Jase, he not only has the look, but has found his integrity too. I hope Allison goes too!! She is just twisted in her logic about people!! Well, I am off to bed. Good night.


Val - July 12

I love all the nursery ideas. I haven't really thought about it much, but I know I'd love to paint a mural because it's been years since I've been able to do one! I did several during college and it was really fun. Tracy, your ho comments made me laugh. The rampant sex is about the only good part of all of this. Although I have to confess that I hate using the opks - when I get neg opks, it really takes all the fun out of it for me. Wow, ANDALVY, your story is definitely crazy. Have you had a lot of pain with that condition? You mentioned something about that. I keep worrying that maybe there is something internal wrong and that I'd find out at the hsg or lap (like you or Tracy), but I keep trying to tell myself that it's probably just age and the length of my cycles that's the problem. Plus dh works out of town a lot during the summer, so during at least 2 of the last few cycles, our chances at pg have been really low. He finally told his boss and co-worker recently about our issues so that they don't think he's being a jerk when he tries to wriggle out of field work! Well, I'd better get to bed...it's almost past my bedtime ;-)



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