***venting some frustration***
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Dee - November 22

i know i shouldn't worry about it being over so soon, but it's more like i'm hoping that it means i might be pg. just wishful thinking i guess. alycia i think we all go through that same cycle of emotions-one day you feel like you're on top of the world, the next you feel like crap, then the next you feel normal again (damn those hormones!). do you feel like your dr is helping you as much as you'd like?? i felt like my last dr was blowing me off, so i switched to a new one. i live in las vegas and my new dr is in henderson, so it's kind of a long drive, but i feel it's worth it b/c i'm getting more response from this one...she's told me that my uterus tilts back which no other dr has told me (and i've been to 4 ob/gyn's total). just keep trying, i know it's hard but you've got to stay positive. hopefully taking the progesterone will help you get back on track soon. if it helps when i'm having a really bad day i just put my face in a pillow and scream until my throat hurts and if i'm having a depressed day i just drive up to a secluded area, sit in my truck and cry or talk to god until i feel a little better. i know it's not the best solution, but it helps a little. well i've got to get back to work too, so i'll talk to you all later...*~*baby dust*~*


Dee - November 22

it's ok, i'm a blonde so i know exactly what you mean...i get them all of the time too. i knew that it was you though. :o)


Dee - November 23

goodmorning. well i just wanted to say happy thanksgiving and i hope everyone has a good weekend, i only have my computer at work so i wont be on here for a couple of days. i'll talk to you all next week. *~*baby dust*~*


Holly - November 24

Hi Dee and Alycia..thank you for welcoming me.. :o) I was really having an off day. I am still in that part of the cycle (I think) of ovulation so it is a waiting game..and I am driving hubby nuts..lol This is such a frustrating situation for many people including myself so I am glad that I am not alone..I believe that things happen for a reason..so I hope that good things happen for all of us.. *~*Baby Dust*~* Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates..ours was last month..


alycia - November 24

Hi guys. dee have a great thanksgiving weekend, ill talk to you after the weekend. Holly, im glad that you are feeling a little better. its such a tough thing that we are going through! I too believe that things happen for a reason. When i had my m/c in july that was the only thing that kept me going. i figured that there must have been something wrong with the baby- that was the only way i coulod rationalza what had happened to me. You are definately not alone in the ttc game, it really helps to have somewhere to go. My dh wants a baby as much as i do but he thinks that it will happen when its meant to and he doesnt want to put as much effort into it as i do. I like have to trick him into it most of the time, which is really funny. He says he doesnt like to be pressured(hahaha). What cycle day are you on. Today is cd 17 for me. I ahvent had any signs of ovualtion yet. well i never actualy know when im O anyway, which is frustrating!! im keeping my fingers crossed that this is my lucky month! i hope one of us get a BFP this month.. Talk to you guys soon. ~Baby Dust to all~


Holly - November 25

Hi ladies, (what is cd?..sorry I don't know all the terms) Today is day 14 since I took the Clomid and I am pretty sure that I ovulated 2 days ago..I can always tell (mild pain..like when I get cysts) I called my fertility dr today and asked if I should have an US done to see if the uncomfortable feeling is anything wrong..they said that they would not book it for me now and so I have to wait until the 13th of Dec..that is not around the time I have pain! geshh! what the heck do they know and all the US place are all booked unti then unless a dr calls. I don't think anything is wrong..just would be nice to know if I ovulated.. :o/ The waiting game is not fun..I like to know what is going on in my body..ahhhh Ok I will try to relax..haha! Any ideas? seriously..I am so stressed out over this..I know what you mean Alycia..hubby wants another baby too..but it is more me who thinks it should be natural but I am not getting any younger..lol 30yrs old..is not exactly young ..anyway..have a great Thursday/Friday everyone.. *~*Baby Dust*~*



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