***venting some frustration***
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dee - November 17

dh and i started trying to get prego since last november and haven't had any luck...we're both still young(i'm22 and dh is 23).i have normal cycles and dr said there's nothing wrong with me and my dh is probably going to the dr soon to see if he has low sperm count or slow swimmers. i dont really think dh has any problems though b/c he managed to get 2 different ex-girlfriends prego before, even though neither of the girls kept it. i'm going to start charting my temps this month to see if i'm ovulating, but i still just dont understand why we're having such a hard time ttc. this would be a first child for both of us, but it seems to be for from our reach. we both started taking vitamins C & E to help b/c we'd like to go as natural as possible, but if any one has any suggestions on others ways to boost fertility please let me know. i'm just starting to feel frustrated b/c all of my friends now have children (some have already had there 2nd or 3rd)...i feel even more frustrated b/c i feel like i'm losing the friendships b/c they have kids and i dont. well thank you for letting me vent...if you'd like to vent, please do. *baby dust*


cw - November 17

hi dee well try not to get discouraged yet. i know it is easier said then done. we have been ttc since march 05. this will be our 2nd. i have recently found out that i do not ovulate so i was on 2 cycles of clomid and that didnt work so this month i have tried femara. i have a day 21 test next friday to see if i Oed this month. i am keeping my fingers crossed till then. i have done some research on vitamins and found alot on infertility. currently i am taking b6,folic acid.e,c and zinc.. i also have dh on e,c, and zinc. i figure overkill cant hurt :) hope this helps and good luck!


dee - November 17

cw-thank you for the encouragement...i really need it and appreciate it. so you take clomid and femara if you are not oing?? just wondering how they work exactly cause i've seen alot of people writing about them. so was it easy for you to get pg with your first? like i said earlier, all of my friends have kids and they all tell me "it was sooo easy" and some tell me they weren't even trying...just makes me wonder what i'm really doing wrong-you know? well thank you again for responding and i will keep my fingers crossed for both of us! *~*baby dust to us*~*


alycia - November 17

Hi dee, i too feel your frustration, i am 23 and ttc for 10 months. i am taking all the viatmins and eating right but it hasnt happend for me yet. I am a nurse and one of my colleges suggested taking a baby aspirin a day to ttc. she told me that a friend of hers had been ttc for 1 year and then started to take baby aspirin daily on the suggestion of a friend. after 2 months of taking this she became pregnant. my colleague then tried taking aspirin 80 mg daily and amazingly she concieved one month later. now maybe this could be a huge coincidence, i cant think of any reason medically why this would work, but its enough proof for me so i have started taking it this month. I could see howit would hurt, unless of course you have some kind of bleeding disorder. well good luck, sending lots of baby dust and super glue your way!!!!


K - November 17

This may seem basic, but have you been using OPKs, to be sure you are getting your timing right? If not, along with BBT charting that is definitely what you need to do before you start a bunch of fertility testing. I have a friend who is TTC and was getting ready to go to the fertility doctor and undergo all kinds of tests and possibly start taking drugs, and then I found out,she had never even used OPKs so she and her husband could get their timing right, or tried charting her temps so that she could see her cycle patterns. You only have a window around ovulation each month to get pregnant, so timing can be everything. If you have normal cycles, chances are you are probably ovulating. Also Clomid and Femara can be used even in people who are already ovulating to help increase their chances. I had a regular 26 or 27 day cycle with regular ovulation on day 12 or 13 and I was given Clomid and later Femara to extend my ovulation time by a day or two to give my follicle a little more time to mature before releasing the egg.


cw - November 17

yes clomid and femara are meds that induce ovualation. i was only clomid for 2 months and it didnt do anything. my doctor said she is seeing a better pg rate with femara so she switching me... hopefully it will work.


dee - November 17

hey alycia! thank you for suggesting baby aspirin, i dont have a bleeding disorder so i will definitely try it out-whether it works or not i'm willing to try anything at this rate! :o) we'll start the baby aspirin diet together this month then! hi K! well i haven't tried opk's yet-we were trying to go au natural, but now that it's been a whole year i'm definitely looking to use anything that will help now. last month i started taking vitamins to give my system a boost and now i'll probably start taking baby aspirin and see how that works and start using opk's (so much stuff to do just to have a baby!). by the way are the opk's hard to use? right now i've mostly just been bding when my cervical fluid is an egg white consistency and is stretchy (sorry if tmi). i just bought a thermometer and a notebook so i could start logging my temps and symptoms starting on the first day of my next af. i'm about 11 dpo right now, so now i'm just playing the waiting game. cw- good luck with the femara, let me know if it helps you O this time. i'm sending extra good luck and baby dust to all of us....


dee - November 18

bumpin it up...


alycia - November 20

Dee, just wondering how things are with you, are you nearing the end of your tww?? today is cd 12 for me so im trying to keep hopeful. baby dust


Holly - November 21

Dee.. keep your hopes up as you are young and healthy.. I dh and I have been trying for 8yrs now with 1 tubal pg ..I know that it can be really frustrating.. I am now on Clomid and materna vitamins to help .. Baby dust.. ***Holly***


Dee - November 22

hey guys! how's everyone doing?? alycia~yeah my tww is over...af showed up early<<<sigh>>>. well there's always next month right? hopefully af is nicer to you than she was to me and she wont show up...i'll keep my fingers crossed for you. holly~welcome! thank you for the encouragement. i try to stay positive as much as possible, but some days it really seems to get to me. i'm sorry about your tubal. well i know we haven't been trying half as long as you have, but you are more than welcome to come and vent any time! i have to go now *~*baby dust to all of us*~*


Holly - November 22

Hi Dee..thanks for the warm welcome.. I feel that it was not the right time for me to pg so the tubal was the result..alot of things were going wrong in my life at that time..so it was just was one of those things that was destined to happen. I feel very frustrated today as my PMS is soooo bad..I don't know if it is from the Clomid that I took over a week ago ..as I read it can intensify pms symptoms or if it is ovulation..I feel sick today..so I don't know how the heck I am suposed to try to be with DH if I feel this way..maybe I am sick of trying.. Sorry..I feel kinda down today..feel like crying/screaming/sleeping ..with lots of anxiety..don't know if anyone else has encountered these symptoms. Sorry for venting..but thank you for listening.. I just needed to release some feelings.


dee - November 22

holly it's definitely the pms...i felt like that yesterday. then this morning i was messing with my thermometer (i just bought it and the batteries are already dead on it) and dh asked me what i was doing and i turned and yelled at him to mind his own business. the clomid might not be helping, but it's definitely pms. ;o) dont worry about the venting...it's what we're here for. if you're having a bad day and just want to get something off your chest, feel free to come in here-some days we all just need to yell/cry and need someone to listen. dont give up though, it's hard but eventually it will be worth all of the trying and waiting. i have a question though...i started my mp on late friday night and it started off kind of heavy like usual, but then i spotted once yesterday (my normal period lasts 5-6 days-sorry if tmi) and now it's pretty much done. i'm confused b/c it usually lasts so much longer. i keep wondering if i should take a pg test, but i'm afraid i'm just being anxious. it is really weird for me though for it to be so short. have you guys experienced this before? alycia how are you doing?? hopefully af didn't come for you this month, and if she doesn't please come in and let us know how you're doing anyways. cw- how are you? have you started your femara yet? well i have to go now, so i'll talk to you later...*~*super baby dust*~*


dee - November 22

well i have started and finished my femara. i have to go on friday and have my day 21 test done. i am really hoping that it worked this month, but i am almost scared to find out. dee i wouldnt worry about af being short, just look at it likethis... you can start trying a few days earlier....:)


alycia - November 22

Hi guys. welcome holly, im soo sorry for what your going through. I have been ttc for 1 year with one m/c. some days i feel on top of the world and other days i feel at the bottom and want to scream and yell all day. it really sucks being in our situation but i find that venting here really helps, because no one truly understamds like we do. PMS really sucks doesnt it, its not bad enough that af has too show up but does she have to cause us agony and drive our emotions crazy!! Hi DEE soory about af, i was hoping that someone on this thread would get that BFP, i was hoping we all would actually. Today is CD 15 for me. yesterday i felt like this could be my month, i was really haveing a great day. Today i just feel terrible. I am so scared i dont know how to describe it. I am scared that it will never happen for me! I know that being like this doesnt help and that there are people ou there that have been ttc for years and have succeded, but tioday i dont feel positive.. The problem is that i dont know when i ovulate since my cycles are so irregular. at my last appointment i was four months late for af. all test BFN, blood test BFN. started taking progesterone to start af and it worked, Doctor told me to ttc for another 3 months then return if not opregnant!! ahhhhhh i just dont know how i feel today.... i cant wait. well i must get back to work. im such a slacker!! talk to you soon baby dust to all.


cw - November 22

oops dee... i posted that in response lol sorry blonde moment :)


Dee - November 22

i know i shouldn't worry about it being over so soon, but it's more like i'm hoping that it means i might be pg. just wishful thinking i guess. alycia i think we all go through that same cycle of emotions-one day you feel like you're on top of the world, the next you feel like crap, then the next you feel normal again (damn those hormones!). do you feel like your dr is helping you as much as you'd like?? i felt like my last dr was blowing me off, so i switched to a new one. i live in las vegas and my new dr is in henderson, so it's kind of a long drive, but i feel it's worth it b/c i'm getting more response from this one...she's told me that my uterus tilts back which no other dr has told me (and i've been to 4 ob/gyn's total). just keep trying, i know it's hard but you've got to stay positive. hopefully taking the progesterone will help you get back on track soon. if it helps when i'm having a really bad day i just put my face in a pillow and scream until my throat hurts and if i'm having a depressed day i just drive up to a secluded area, sit in my truck and cry or talk to god until i feel a little better. i know it's not the best solution, but it helps a little. well i've got to get back to work too, so i'll talk to you all later...*~*baby dust*~*



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