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wannabeamom - January 15

Tanya, I am sorry about your dog. I put my dog down in May. It breaks my heart thinkin gabout it. I have his son still but he is 13. I am not sure what to tell children about death, but have faith you will find the right words. About the clomid, how are you being monitored by your doc? Robyn, glad you are doing ok. Well I have my cd10 u/s Wednesday morning. I go back to work tomorrow. I wish I worked closer to home. I work 45 minutes away. I know it is not too bad but I'd still like to be closer. I have to go to the grocery store so I will check back later. Hi to all the girls here!


Michelle P - January 15

Mommy2Josh. Iam a Veterinary Nurse and have 15 years experience with helping people come to terms with the loss of a pet(after all most pets are just another member of the family. How old is your son, did he see Spike after he had 'gone'? We usually recommend the child sees the body if he/she is over 7(depending on their sensiviity). The best thing is not to shield him, and to hold a service in the garden-even if you are not burying Spike. This way everyone can say a little something on how they felt about Spike and he will also get an opportunity to say goodbye in his own way. How about planting a tree or a bush?This will give somewhere to go to talk to him. There are some really good books out there on helping others cope with grief, I will try to find the names of some for you. I hope this helps.I am new to this forum, and am struggling to keep up with all the changing of threads. Can anyone tell me what BFP means please? I have finally today been referred to a fertility guy as been ttc for ages, but don't really know what to expect.


ROBYN - January 15

Michelle welcome and thats wonderful advice Tanyas son just turned 5 (mommy2josh) BFP = Big Fat Positive you have found a wonderful group of girls with a lot of knowledge. I am currently 9 weeks pg thru IVF. Ask any questions you like.


ROBYN - January 16

I TOOK MY LAST PROGESTERONE INJECTION I AM DONE lets toast and drink pickle juice together. I even bled a little as a goodbye present. I hope I never ever have to take them again. Tomorrow its the start of pills but thats totally fine with me. Anyway 24 is coming on and I will check in later. CYAS


Rhonda - January 16

Hello everyone,sorry i have not posted today but we had company.Well the ice never arrived and i beleive the warning for it is over with,thank god!! So our power will be staying on.Tanya i am very sorry about your dog,that had to be hard,especially for Josh.I hope you find the right words to say to him and i hope he understands.Give him a big hug and hold him.Robyn yea no more shots!! That is something to celebrate.Hello Leslie how are you doing?How is Joey?Bet he is getting big.Have you all heard from Kelley lately?I wonder how she is doing,i guess little Saydie is keeping her pretty busy.Welcome Michelle,how are you?Well i luv ya all and i need to go,i have to get the kids bathed for bed.I will see you all on here tomorrow.


LeslieK - January 16

Hi ladies - just a quick post and then I'll catch up on the day & post again. Tanya, I meant to say that the book is all about a little boy who's dog dies and its very touching. I believe you can get in in paperback very inexpensively and again its very helpful. I agree that you shouldn't shield him from it...its much better if he's allowed to grieve his loss. It will help in the long run, he needs to be able to trust you guys to tell him the truth. (((hugs))) Okay I'll check back soon.


mommy2josh - January 16

Morning ladies. Thank you all for your support. Well we didn't tell Josh anything yet, as he did not notice the dogs absense. I mean Josh is preoccupied with his birthday party plans, and since the dog was old and mainly slept, he didn't miss him yet. I am sure that the questions will come today. I am torn between telling him the truth and making up a story. Thank you Michelle for your insight and welcome to our happy family. We are all old friends but always welcome new faces. Please tell us a little more about yourself. How long have you been ttc? I am 30 my hubby is soon to be 44 and we have been ttc #2 for about 3 years. I recently saw an RE and had an HSG done. Tomorrow I go in for porgesterone serum test and an u/s to see why I am not ovulating :( Leslie, I will definately look up the book and may be take a ride by Barnes and Nobles. The house feels empty, even though as I said before, the dog was old and mainly lounged around. Leslie, how is Joey? Hope he is gaining weight. Kelley, where are yoou girl? We miss you. Hope Saydie and Isabella are well. Rhonda, I am so happy that the storm turned out to be nothing serious. Ok, going back to work and be back a little later. Love yas.


mommy2josh - January 16

Robyn, sorry :( I am really excited that you are done with the injections. Hooray!!!!! Your toosh can take a well deserved rest now :)


mommywannabe - January 16

Found you all, need to catch up on previous thread and this one then will post. TTYL.


cmelissa - January 16

Hey Ladies - just checking in to say hi!! Robyn so happy for you those horrible pio shots are done with!!! Nothing new with me really still on the bcps. meet with my dr on thursday to go over everything and to also discuss the polyp issue i also have that mri thursday to check my pituatary. My dad meets with the oncologist today so we should know more today!! Hope everyone is doing great!!


ROBYN - January 16

Hey girls TANYA good luck on your appt tomorrow. Hopefully you will get the answers you need. MEL same for you Thursday is here in a couple of days and hopefully you will get some answers. Your in prayers for your dad and you as well. I go to the doc on thursday for another u/s. I havent been bleeding so I am really happy about this but I will continue with bed rest. Since I am not even seeing the doc thursday I will just wait till he decides to see us. Honestly I want to stay out as long as I can we arent even changing shifts now till March. I dont want to go back to midnites so I am hoping I just remain out and take it easy. Or if I have to go back soon just part time. My doctor is really cool so he will understand once I tell him what goes on there. But for now i am still bedrested till he says further.


LeslieK - January 16

Hello all - Its another snow day here in Seattle. My daughter has not had school since last Wednesday!! We got about 5 inches last night on top of the 4 or 5 we had before and the temps are in the 20's - low 30's so its pretty icy here too. I'm feeling extremely housebound... Tanya - I hope you can find the book, its a good one. Joey is doing great. He is a tank! He is not one to ever miss a meal. He is 6 weeks old today. I can hardly believe that he's that old already. He looks older though because of his size and he's super alert. My only issue going on with him right now is that he's got a rash on his cheeks and the skin on his eyebrows and nose is kind of scratchy feeling. Any of you Mom's have any ideas about it? He is having some cradle cap right now too so I'm going to try some olive oil & a shampooing this evening. I'm trying to decide if I should call the pediatrian about the face rash or not. How's everybody doing today? Robyn - I'm glad you're done with the shots and feeling better. Hopefully you'll be able to do a modified work plan so you can stay healthy. Cmel - hope everythings going well with your Dad and you'll have to update us after your appt. Brooke - are you starting to show at all yet or felt any movement? I think I started feeling movement around this time. Where's Katt & Kelley and everybody else? Anybody heard from them? Okay - well I'll try to post some new pictures of Joey after I can get out of the house again! I'll check back soon. xoxo


slowpoke01 - January 16

hey all. just wanted to check in i saw the new thread. i will go back and catch up on the old on e real quick and post again shortly.


slowpoke01 - January 16

ok first off JEN-thanks for the new thread the other one was getting long. loved the poem. i hope that the job will be better pay, it would have to be for me to get up at those hours..lol..RHONDA-so glad that your lights never went off. TNAYA-thanks for the compliment, i just feel fat most of the time, not beautiful even though others tell me how pretty i am. lol hope that you get a + opk soon. so sorry about your dog. i would probably go balistic if something like that had to be done to one of my horses. they are my babies.SHAUNA_hope those are true pregnancy signs that you are having. ROBYN-so glad that you had your last shot. i am sending you no more shot vibes..lol..btw the editor wrote me a letter and said that the posts from that girl on your other thread will be deleted and that they are trying to start an adoption forum but it may take awhile so that is good. sorry that you are having bad dreams. i hope that they stop soon. BROOKE-awesome that you got to see so much on the u/s and that you got some good pics. how exciting. MICHELLE_welcome to our thread. if you havent done any fertility testing then they will start with that. probably hsg dye test first and sperm analysis for dh (dear husband). then maybe clomid challenge test and progesterone test. ultrasound to check for cysts. i cant think of any other tests right off hand maybe the other girls can think of some. good luck to you. KATT-where are you girl? hope that you are having fun at your parents house and that is why you havent posted. MELISSA- i hope that you get answers to everything with you and your father real soon. i know that the waiting and wondering is never fun when it comes to that kind of stuff. remember that we are all here for you. hi to everyone else that i missed. good luck all.


Michelle P - January 16

Hi to you all. Robyn thanks for your help with the abbr. Rhonda- hi I am ok got bronchitis at the minute, but am excited in anticipation of getting my appointment with the specialist thru. Mommy2Josh-how did you get on at home with Josh, has he realised Spike is not there anymore, I do hope it doesn't affect him too much-let me know if I can give you anymore help. I am 30yrs old and have been ttc for a year now, I have had no visual signs of a monthly bleed for almost 5 years and they thought I was going thru the change(I was getting hot flushes etc). Blood tests showed I was still producing hormones, and we just left it at that. In Oct 2006 I miraculously found out that I was pregnant, but started cramping cruelly only 3 days later and m/c. I had a D/C and have had no leeding since. I have been married for nearly 10 years now, and have(until my m/c) had enormous pressure put on me by family to have a baby. Now it seems all my friends/family can fall except ME! I am really pleased to have found such a friendly bunch of people whom I can share this ride with.thanks everyone, or should I say BABYDUST TO ALL*******


Michelle P - January 16

oh, meant to ask how I know when a new thread has started, so I can keep up to date with things.



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