*** The Tread That Holds Us Together ***
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Shauna - May 3

We are the group of woman to support you and answer those 'burning' questions. I hope no body has a BURNING question. lol


Shauna - May 3

Hey ladies. I first want to invite any new ladies to our thread. We are very supportive and no matter what, we will not ridicule or judge you....Baby Dust to all.


Shawna1 - May 3

Thanks for starting the new thread Shauna.


Shauna - May 3

Youre welcome. I want to cry... I have never had friends who would like me to do stuff like this. It is the 'cool' people who start good stuff......I renamed your thread....THANX.


Shauna - May 3

Hey me and myself. lol. Just wanted to answer Kristi on the previous thread.... I am on CD 28 today and I think AF is supposed to show on Sat. or Sun. I hope she isn't (obviously). My DH comes back from Toronto on Friday so even if AF is late then I could at least give him a warm welcome. ; )


Elena - May 4

yay.... love the new name!!1


Shauna - May 4

Hey everybody...Thank you Elena for liking the name. I am kinda a 'play on words' kinda person. I have not been able to sleep lately so I am going to stay up a little later and see if that helps. Its alot earlier here than it is for most of you. I talked to my DH tonight and he was so glad that I have you guys cuz frankly I think he was beginning to get sick of me talking 'baby' so often... Its a sore spot for him as well so I think he would just rather not discuss it. I bought an outfit today for my baby...(yah I know NOT BFP yet) but it was soooo cute. Oh well better go check out the girls on cs sites. Babydust.


Kristi1 - May 4

Hi ladies! Not much going on today, just saw the new thread and thought I would post. Its cool and rainy and I wish I were at home!! Oh well, its almost the weekend.... Hope everyone is doing well!


Shauna - May 5

Hey ladies. I am beginning to think my tread broke... : ( I guess I just have too much time on my hands. lol. So AF didn't show today so that is reassuring so far. Basically posted so that we are closer to the top of the page again. Baby Dust and BIG TUMMY RUBS>>>>


SaraLynn - May 5

Hey ladies. Can I ask you for your opinion on something? I think I'm pg. I've been nauseated for the past 2 weeks, I'm extremely tired, my af is due on Sunday, but on this past Wednesday I had some brown spotting, that didn't look anything like af. I really think this is my month. My concern is this: Last night my best friend of 10 years and I got into it on the phone. After we hung up I went upstairs and cried my eyes out for the next 2 hours. Do you think that after that emotional break down I could lose my baby? I need help


Shawna1 - May 5

Good Morning Everyone! Welcome SaraLynn! First, I would like to start off saying congratulations to you if you are in deed pregnant. You often hear peoples' stories about how they lost their baby after going through some sort of experience. However, the human body is extremely resilient. You may have felt awful about what happened with your friend, but I think since it was just a one time emotional breakdown, I don't think it is enough to cause your body to miscarry. If it was something that was ongoing and you are constantly putting your body through a huge amount of stress, that would be different. My advice to you would be to relax and make up with your friend. I think you would feel a lot better. Have you done any tests yet to determine if you are pg? How long have you been trying to get pg? Were you taking any fertily drugs such as clomid? I know clomid can give you some pg symptoms, but I really hope this is your month! Take care of yourself and check back with us when you find out!! Does anybody else have any advice for Saralynn? How is everyone doing this fantastic Friday. Right now I am suffering with allergies from hell. My throat is so sore I can barle speak, it is more of a hoarse whisper. Today is cd 18 for me. We have been bding every other day since cd10. We will probably continue with this routine for a few more days. If this is not my month, I think I will go back to my specialist, so we can perhaps find another alternative. Last night, Taylor asks me whyI wasn't pg yet. I said, how the hell am I supposed to know. Then he said, I was just asking because I am starting to find this whole process a bit much. I'm thinking, you are finding it a bit much? Are you the one taking fertility drugs and waiting for you body to start working properly? I was a bit upset by this conversation, if you couldn't tell! Kristi, have you had any indication that the clomid is working for you this month? My head hurts like a bitch! I think I will go lay down again and I will check back later! Take care everyone! Oh, you last thing. Is it just me or does out title say The Tread that holds us together instead of the the Thread that holds us together? As a teacher I have the annoying habit of pointing out spelling mistakes and gramatical errors. I'm sorry! However, I know I also have the habit of rushing and not proof reading what I type,so no big deal. Well, I'm officially babbling right now. A clear indication my antihistamine is wearing off! Ciao Ladies!!!


SaraLynn - May 5

Thank you, Shawna1. I haven't done any tests yet. I've been too afraid of being let down. DH and I have been ttc for 9 months now, but I haven't gotten to the point of going on any kind of fertility meds. I am thinking of testing tomorrow morning, so I will check in as soon as I know. Thank you so much. You have put my mind at ease about this, and I plan on trying to talk to her on Monday and see if we can resolve this. It just happened all of a sudden, so I think something else was wrong and she didn't feel like talking about it, and that's the way she went about handling her problems. I will check in later. Thanks again.


Elena - May 5

hello, and welcome saralynn! i don't know about having a emotional break down will hurt the baby. i'm 19 weeks and 4 days, and when i first got pregnant i was stressing out alot due to work. and my baby is healthy as could be. don't stress about it. did you take a pregnancy test? if not buy the 1st response test it detects the pregnancy hormone very quickly even before you miss your af. i di d not spot till i was 2 months that's because i had placenta previa. but everyone is differnt. hopefully you are pregnant. good luck!! shawna why is taylor asking such a question? like you have any control of how quickly you get pregnant. like you are not stressing enough! ahh man i swear they don' think before they open there mouths. sorry you had to deal with that. jason sometime say's stupid things like that. shauna no af so far that's GREAT praying for a bun in the oven for you. kristi anything new? nothing new with me just luke moving around still! hey shawna do you remember how many weeks you were when taylor first felt alexander? last night i felt luke move through my belly and i grabbed jason's hand and had him touch my belly and he did not feel anything! :( kristi anything new to report? talk to everyone later


Elena - May 5

sorry for the spelling errors did not proof read! to lazy~


stepmommel - May 5

Hello ladies! I hope you don't mind me jumping in. You all just sound so friendly and welcoming, I can't help but ask my question here. I've been charting with Fertility Friend and was just told by one of their specialists that I'm most likely not O'ing even though last month it showed that I was (then erased it this month). Just yesterday I had made an appt with my doc and I'll likley start Clomid. Do any of you know the specifics of this med? If AF comes on schedule it should be here the day before my appt. Would I be able to start taking it right away or soon thereafter? And does anyone know what causes no O on a regular monthly basis? I also have regular spotting mid cycle if that helps. Thanks guys for your help! SaraLynn I hope you and your friend make up and you won't have to worry about that on top of the whole "am I pregnant or not stuff" and Shawna1 I HATE allergies and hope you feel better soon. And regarding Tayler (your DH I'm assuming), my DH is getting frustrated as well, which doesn't make it any easier on me. Can be a vicious cycle. Just try not to let it get to you too much, and be there for each other! Will keep you in my thoughts! Thanks again ladies!


SaraLynn - May 5

Thanks to all of you. Elena, I'm glad to hear you are doing so well with baby. That makes me feel a lot better about last night. I plan on testing tomorrow morning. I don't know how to explain it, I've just got this feeling deep in my gut that this is my month. Thanks again for all of your support. Shawna1, it's hard hearing that from DH, but you know what? It's even harder hearing it from his family. One of my DH's aunts asked me that a few months ago. It just blew me away. I haven't talked to her since. So at least it's someone close to you. Just remember, they don't understand, they never will until we can get them pregnant! ;-) Baby dust to all!


Shauna - May 5

Shawna1: You are right, it does say tread (as in tire tread) I am SOOOOO sorry everybody. I guess I was so excited that you asked me to do it that I didn't catch the mistake. Do you forgive me? : ) I bought myself a BBT thermometer today so I am happy. I am CD30 today and I have no idea how many CDs I have. Welcome SaraLynn and Stepmommel. We ARE very welcoming and friendly....but some of us are dyslexic. Saralynn don't worry about the worry...lol I found out I was pg with my son and then found out his dad was pg with my friend. I was with his dad for 4 1/2 years. I had EXTREME stress for my entire pgy and my son is wonderfully healthy. Dont worry anymore and I hope that whatever you were 'having it out' about can be resolved. Good LUCK with the BFP.



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