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Shawna1 - June 13

I HATE CLOMID!!!! I HATE CLOMID!!!! I am having hot flashes from hell!! This shit is supposed to be over with already! I only get them in the evening and through out the night, so I can't sleep anymore. I fall asleep, have a hot flash, wake up, uncover, cool down and fall back to sleep only to be jolted awake again because I didn't cover back up and now I'm shivering cold! So that's my life right now. Sucks to be me! Kristi, that is great news. I am really looking forward to my dr appt on thursday. I will definitely let you know what happens. Elena, did you get hot fllashes from the fertilaid? I think if this isn't my month, I'm going to switch to fertilaid from clomid. After 4 months on the stuff, you'd think it would work. Elena, I can't remember why you were taking this stuff. Had you stopped ovulating as well? Shauna, I saw your other thread asking for advice on your software. You might want to put up another thread stating what that abbreviation means. If people don't know what that stands for, I doubt they will open your thread. I would go crazy if I was using all that stuff. It seems to me that the little bit of stress I have regarding whether I ovulated or not is a lot smaller than the stress I would have trying to figure all those gadets and software out. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavor! Stepmommel, are you going to take the clomid or the fertilaid? I also read that you shouldn't take the 2 together. I assume you could be at danger of overstimulating your ovaries if you took them both. Let us know what you decide and how everything works. I had some crazy side effects during my first round of clomid, I hope yours works for you! That's it for me. I'll check in later. I also wanted to let you know that I usually don't check in on the weekends so if you don't hear from me for a few days over the weekend, don't worry, I'll be back!


stepmommel - June 13

Good to have everyone back again! Kristi, is this the first time you've o'd since starting clomid? How exciting! Do you know WHEN you o'd and if you timed BD right? I wish I could say the same for me... at least every once in a while! Sorry you're still suffering from the hot flashes Shawna! That must really suck! So what is supposed to be determined at your doctor's appt on THurs? To answer your question, I started taking the Fertilaid last week - when I ordered it I didn't realize you couldn't mix it with Clomid, so I suppose I'm just going to take it until I know for sure that I'll be on the Clomid. If Clomid fails me, I'll fall back on Fertilaid again. If nothing else, it's just giving me peace of mind knowing that there's SOME potential improvement being done until I FINALLY get to start the clomid. Shauan, yes you understood the book. It does say that stress can delay O and that often people assume they miss their AF when in reality they're just incredibly late with O and then therefore late with AF as a result. Make sense? Also talks about how if you're not really Oing, your AF isn't a TRUE AF which surprised me, but I guess it makes sense. I tell ya, that book taught me so much stuff that really should be common knowledge for us! Crazy! As for your software, I too was using both TCOYF and the Fertility Friend and they both seemed to vary. To be honest, I preferred the TCOYF considering it's so in sinc with the book and all I'd just learned and it's much easier to interpret, but I'd already paid for FF, so I didn't want to also pay for TCOYF after my trial period ended. So now I'm back to using just FF and I feel more at ease. Personally, I'd recommend cutting down to just one. You could be overwhelming yourself with too much information and causing yourself more stress than you realize. I know I get that way if I spend too much time trying to analyze and predict and stuff. I hate hearing that I just need to "relax" and not think about it and stuff because it's so hard to do, but in this case I can actually keep it somewhat under control by limiting how much I obsess over temps and CM and cervical positioning, etc. You know?


stepmommel - June 13

Wow. I didn't realize I was rambling so much ... sorry! :)


Elena - June 13

Shawna1 to your question of course I got hot flashes from clomid. We just kept the air on 70 but then I live in Florida so it's hot down here! I have PCOS ( Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome ) which means I don't ovulate and I'm very irregular on my period. I would get my period maybe 3 times a year! It was bad. The fertilaid helps ovulation and for you to get your period on your own. Back on schedule monthly! Remember you are ovulating with your cm ** LOOKS LIKE EGG WHITES CLEAR AND STRETCHY! But another part of the reason why I was not getting pregnant was SCAR TISSUE ON TUBES. So if my doctor never would have done surgery I would be still trying and probably not conceived yet! hope this helps**** baby dust***


Kristi1 - June 13

HI again...stepmommel, no this is not the first month I O'd, I'm pretty sure I O every month, but the progesterone test only works if you take it at a certain time of your cycle, so this is only the second time I have had a dr appt during that time for them to test it. according to my temps, we did bd on the day I O'd, but I dont think it will be my month..... Shawna, I feel for you on the hot flashes, i get them too, especially in the evening and at night!!! anyway, im at work and its time to go home!! will check back tomorrow....


stepmommel - June 14

Kristi, that's great news then! I know you probably don't want to get too overly excited and then get let down, but I'm still going to keep my fingers crossed for you that maybe that bd did the trick! And if not, at least you know you're Oing! That's wonderful! Do keep us posted!


Shauna - June 14

YAHHHH!!!!! It was a setting on the software. I changed one little button and now it is showing the O....I am soooo happy but I am still on CD35 so I am a bit confused on that as according to both charts now I am on 16DPO today (tues). So if I go too much longer than I may have found my problem...too long after O. Ok I need to go to bed now as I was up till 1am last night making cookies for preschool kids. Love you all...stepmommel thank you for being patient with me on the book stuff.


Shauna - June 14

Hello Ladies. I am on CD1 today...I have never been soooo happy to see AF. I just didn't want to go too long between O and AF. This way I have a fighting chance at not having to go on any drugs. Shawna...do you see a specialist in Saskatoo? If so who? I am seeing Dr. Davidson (OB/GYN) at Wall street, but not sure I want to keep her. I want to stay in Saskatoon for my GYNO as my family doctor is in Saskatoon too. Well gotta go and start some supper a brewing. TTYL


stepmommel - June 15

Well, it's always nice when we can be excited for AF's arrival! I know the feeling. It somehow makes me feel like I may not be so "broken" after all when she arrives! Sad, but true. So, I went and splurged and bought myself the Clearblue Fertility Monitor.. yet another Ebay find. Let's just hope this seller moves a little more quickly than the last one! Do you ladies have experience with the monitor? I don't recall now.


Shauna - June 15

No not me stepmommel. But good luck with it. How much was it?


stepmommel - June 15

It was quite a struggle to actually win a bid - they are pretty popular items, but somehow I came away with paying only $91 after shipping. Not bad, considering I've seen them as high as $199 elsewhere!


Shawna1 - June 15

Hi Girls, I'm just back from my dr appt and it looks promising. If I get my period next week, I have to call in and schedule an hsg to check for any blockages and Taylor has to do a semen analysis, which he doesn't know about yet! So I am really happy we have a back up plan! Shauna, I see Dr. Sheridan on Pacific Ave which is just across the parking lot from your dr. He is really good, a bit blunt at times, but he tells it like it is and you have to respect that. Elena, did you get hot flashes from the fertilaid? I told my dr that I am not taking clomid anymore because I hate it and he just laughed at me! So things are looking positive. I just hope we don't even have to do all that stuff because there's a little bun in the oven already, but that is wishful thinking! Take care everyone!


stepmommel - June 16

Well that's exciting news Shawna! I will hope that AF stays away, but if she shows, at least you've got some exciting stuff in the works! I guess I always assume that anyone on meds like Clomid must've already had an HSG and things of the sort done already. This is your first? I wonder if I can request to get one done early on? A good friend of mine had been trying for about a yr and couldn't conceive and then she had an HSG done and got pregnant the next week!!! So, how's your DH going to react to having a SA done? I'm curious how mine will react if it gets to that. I had to do one with my ex yrs ago and it was harder on me than him because I was the one who had to bring it in to the busy lab while he just kicked back at home! Speaking of SA.... I thought I saw some in the HPT isle at the store. I wonder if that could be used? Have you guys heard of those?


Kristi1 - June 16

Shawna, looks like you and I are really are on the same cycles, I will do the HSG if AF comes this month as well....and looks like she is about here, I have been spotting for a few days. So I figure I will be having the HSG next week. David had to do a SA first thing when we started trying back last Sept, it was really no big deal - well at least not for me ;-) But considering that is the extent of what they have to do compared to what we women have to go through, it really is no big deal!! Are you nervouse about the HSG? I hear they are not very pleasant, but I have two friends who also got pg the month they had thier HSG's so I guess we will see! Stemommel I have never seen an SA over the counter, so I have no idea about those things.... Well good luck to everyone and happy bding ;-)


Kristi1 - June 19

Hello ladies....I have a question for stemmommel and whoever else is keeping thier temps....has your temps fell below your cover line before AF comes? I spot for 3-4 days before AF comes and my temps are always still above my coverline while I am spotting, then the day AF really begins to flow is the day my temps fall below my coverline...well, this month my temp dropped on Friday but AF did not come on till yesterday (Sunday), so was just wondering if that has happened to any of you who are temping.... Anyway, AF did arrive, so will have my HSG either the end of this week or beginning of next week....I figure probably next Monday. Shawna, did the dr tell you what days they would do the HSG? I think mine said they do it between cd 7-10 but I am not sure. Anyway, hope everyone had a great weekend and will check back later!


stepmommel - June 19

Kristi, that's a tough one for me to answer for a few different reasons, but I'll try. 1) I have yet to O while charting which means my temps are all over the chart and I don't ever have a cover line (whatever the software gives me it takes away a few days later). 2) any AF I have had that was really AF and not sluffing (sp?) is drug induced and therefore my temps probably wouldn't be reliable for you anyway. All I can say for sure is that my temps typically stay leveled out DURING AF and then afterwards start flipping out from day to day. I do have one chart that looks like I had a temp dip just prior to AF, but the other months I don't, so.... I'm sorry I can't be of more help! Sorry AF came, but then again, I am hopeful for the HSG resulting in the BFP for you ladies too, so... As for me, the day is finally here for my last labs before supposedly getting to start my Clomid so we'll see. Have a great day ladies!



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