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Shawna1 - June 7

Here is the new thread. Any new visitors? Check out our old thread, with the same title, to find out more about us!


Shauna - June 7

Hey all. Was confused for a moment when saw the thread two times...lol Well not much new here just lots of news about the terrorists in Ontario and how there were going to behead the Prime Minister of Canada. I personally don't like the PM so....jk. I would never wish that on anyone. If that is not bad enough, the news on the radio this morning was about the PM then in other news....blah blah blah and then the announcer says also today 'heads with roll' when...Then she said something that I didn't catch but I think they should have worded that differently considering the PMs head was also on the news...so sad...I wonder if anybody else noticed it!? Stepmommel...are you POed about the thermometre or are not one to be too upset...I would be POed big time. Shawna...Hello did you go to the rider game last weekend? How was it? Hope everyone is well. I am CD29 today so it shouldn't be too long now till AF shows up and I am not really upset about it...I am happy learning about myself first. Hee Hee


stepmommel - June 8

that's better! I was getting tired of all that scrolling! And I see you fixed the typo too Shawna, that's funny! So, I forgot to update you guys on one thing. I decided since I'm having to still wait for Clomid, I would give Elena's suggestion a shot in the meantime, and I've ordered a two month supply of Fertilaid. Can't hurt, right? And I'll bet it gets here before my thermometer does! Shauna, I am very definitely POed... I just don't want to vent too much and make you guys sick of hearing me bitch all the time! Besides, I can't really hound the guy or he won't work with me, so I try not to be too upset all the time about it or I'll rip him a new one and NEVER see it! At least he's agreed to send it again and not charge me twice... though I still haven't seen anything. Should he be all talk I'll go through EBay and get my money back somehow. But I'm still trying to be positive and hope he'll come through. Glad to hear you're enjoying that book. I found it incredibly fascinating, and quite helpful too. I wish I knew so much about my body when I was younger! Sorry I can't be of any help on the Clomid questions Shawna, but I can at least tell you I hear a lot that hot flashes are quite common. Have a great night all, and we'll talk soon....


Shauna - June 8

Not much to report today...I hope the fertilaid works for you stepmommel. It is rainy and miserable today. I am so not looking forward to picking up the kids from pre-K today. I will be soaked carrying two babies through the pouring rain and then back out of school with two more kids...at least the ones at school walk well. lol. Well my son is up ( home sick today with migraine) so I better go tend to him now... TTYL


stepmommel - June 8

Shauna, how much extra did the guy charge for your thermometer? Now he's telling me to send another $5.00 for priority mail. I'm thinking it's intentional since it's twice now that he's pulled this - once with you and once with me. Not sure what I'm going to do.


Shauna - June 8

Postage was $10 total to Canada.


stepmommel - June 9

Good news. I got my Fertilaid last night and took my first one this morning! Sad that something so little could be so exciting in this whole TTC thing, huh? I'd much rather be reporting a BFP, but hey, this sort of babysteps are better than none at all! Weird - I read on the bottle that you shouldn't take the Fertilaid if taking Clomid or a few other meds so I guess I'm safe for now at least. Have you guys heard of this before? I'm wondering what the reason is - what the danger is.


Kristi1 - June 9

Hi ladies!! Well, went to Dr this morn, she took blood to test my progesterone to see if I ovulated and stuff, will probably not hear back on those till next week. If I do start AF this month - which should be around the 20-23, then they will do the HSG on cd 7 or 8. That is where they shoot the dye in the tubes to see if they are blocked. Anyway, thats about the extent of my visit...100mg Clomid again if I start as well. Stepmommel, I know nothing about Fertilaid, sorry...hope is works out for you though! Shawna, I also have been getting horrible hot flashes on the Clomid, its worse on the higher dosage, and they still come after you finish taking the pills.... Well, I have alot of work to do today, will get back with you soon....Baby dust to all!!


stepmommel - June 9

WOOHOOOOOOO my thermometer came! JUST in time too, because I'd emailed the guy this morning to say I might go ahead and pay more shipping just to try one more time, but I hadn't paid yet! I'm so happy! No more flashlight to blind me at 5:00 in the morning any more! :) Krisit, you'll have to let us know what your labs tell you about whether or not you're o'ing. I've been meaning to ask those of you on the Clomid if you have been definitely o'ing and just not gotten the BFP yet, or are you not o'ing at all still?
Well, have a good weekend to all of you and good luck with any BD efforts! If nothing else, HAVE FUN!
talk to you soon...


Shauna - June 10

Yah Stepmommel, I know the feeling girl. The thermometre beeps tho so you DH will be sooooo happy about that. lol. Mine covers his head with the pillow for like 2 minutes until it is over....hee heee heeeee. To bad grumpy gus....lol. Have a great rest of the weekend.


Shauna - June 12

Bumpity bump bump....Hello ladies...where is everybody...stepmommel must be having a litlle tooo much fun with the new thermometre...hehehe. Shawna... hows it going? Kristi... let us know when you get the progestrone tests back...been thinking about that all weekend to come on and remind you to stay in touch about it...My fert. friend says that I ovulated but my TCOYF software doesn't look so promising. I know there are others but they havent posted for some time now so I hope they look for the new and correctly spelled thread...Well I am CD34 today...but it feels like I will be changing that to CD1 later today....lol....On top of that I am getting a cold. yahhhhh!!!!!! Baby dust and tummy rubs to you all.


stepmommel - June 12

Shauna, I'm starting to think this is turning in to our own private thread! I hope everyone else is ok. Sorry to hear that AF is on her way. I AM enjoying the thermometer, though that beep is rather loud at 5:00 am when I'm so groggy! Fertility friend told me all week that I'd O'd and then again changed it's mind this morning, so it's still the same ol routine for me, and I'm still so anxious to start Clomid as a result. Still have to wait until 6/19 labs are done though. Keep us posted Kristi!!


Elena - June 13

Hi girls, to stepmommel I never really questioned the fertilaid with clomid I just did not take both. I think it my screw something up inside to much meds or something like that! I only used 1/2 of my bottle before I found out that I was pregnant! I know it got me pregnant! Good luck with it. It helps ovualtion out alot!! What I did was have sex days 10-25 after my af every other day! and relaxed no stress! I hope everyone else is doing good! nothing new to report same old thing!! baby dust**


stepmommel - June 13

Thanks for the info Elena. I'll have to remember that. BTW, when is your baby due? I don't recall now.


Kristi1 - June 13

Hi ladies! Not much going on here, just busy as usual. My progesterone levels were at 11.1 which means that I DID ovulate, but that is about all I know ;-) I am just waiting till next week and see what happens. Nothing else to really talk about I guess.... When do you start clomid stepmommel? Well, good luck to everyone, will check back later!


Shauna - June 13

Great news Kristi. Now you just have to have a bd fest and take advantage of it. lol. I am CD35 today and last month was CD33 so now I am really interested in what is going on. According to my TCOYF book it says that stress can make you O later and therefore your cycle is longer? Was I understanding that right? I am new to all of this....I have so far charted almost 2 full cycles. I am not 'up' on all the 'normals' of stuff so I am so glad to come on here and start to understand why a 35+ cycle is normal for me...etc. Anywho, I am off to check out the girls on my other thread. CU later


Shawna1 - June 13

I HATE CLOMID!!!! I HATE CLOMID!!!! I am having hot flashes from hell!! This shit is supposed to be over with already! I only get them in the evening and through out the night, so I can't sleep anymore. I fall asleep, have a hot flash, wake up, uncover, cool down and fall back to sleep only to be jolted awake again because I didn't cover back up and now I'm shivering cold! So that's my life right now. Sucks to be me! Kristi, that is great news. I am really looking forward to my dr appt on thursday. I will definitely let you know what happens. Elena, did you get hot fllashes from the fertilaid? I think if this isn't my month, I'm going to switch to fertilaid from clomid. After 4 months on the stuff, you'd think it would work. Elena, I can't remember why you were taking this stuff. Had you stopped ovulating as well? Shauna, I saw your other thread asking for advice on your software. You might want to put up another thread stating what that abbreviation means. If people don't know what that stands for, I doubt they will open your thread. I would go crazy if I was using all that stuff. It seems to me that the little bit of stress I have regarding whether I ovulated or not is a lot smaller than the stress I would have trying to figure all those gadets and software out. I wish you the best of luck with your endeavor! Stepmommel, are you going to take the clomid or the fertilaid? I also read that you shouldn't take the 2 together. I assume you could be at danger of overstimulating your ovaries if you took them both. Let us know what you decide and how everything works. I had some crazy side effects during my first round of clomid, I hope yours works for you! That's it for me. I'll check in later. I also wanted to let you know that I usually don't check in on the weekends so if you don't hear from me for a few days over the weekend, don't worry, I'll be back!



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