???success after surgery
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Dorene - June 27

Hi Im new and I am scheduled for laproscopic surgery tomorrow. I was wondering if anyone has had success after? if how long did it take?


Dreama - June 28

Well I had my Lap Nov. 24th and nothing yet. AF may not show this month, who knows.... But I just made an appt. to see my doc again and follow up. He told me to wait until 6-12 months before following up to see if we need another lap. Wish me luck and Take care :)


kc - June 28

When ttc my daughter it took two years. I had laparoscopic surgery to take care on endo. 6 months later I conceived my daughter. The surgery was not bad. I fully recuped in a few days. You will have pain in you neck and shoulders from the left over gas they fill your stomach with. I hope this helps.



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